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children's room

A child's room is a reflection on the child that occupies it. As such, it should grow with the child, accommodating his/her changing needs, allowing room for free play and self-expression.

This week, we feature a seven year old girl's room, which belongs to a house in the Old Airport Road that was built in the 60's. As such, the room is fairly simple, with wall plastering and window grilles, and the owners didn't want to change any of the basic structural elements, which posed a challenge.

The furniture selection was kept simple and functional. A single bed was placed at the center, with a bold checkered print for the cover. On one side of the bed, a small study table and a space-saving wardrobe was placed against the wall.

The little girls soft toy collection was piled up in a display on the bed's headboard, and what couldn't be stored on the headboard was placed on the table and even on top of the wardrobe.

Once your child starts school, the room will have a dual purpose of being the bedroom and study area. We placed a red board on the wall opposite of the bed. Actually this is a punch from the next room, which used to have a pitch board covering. We changed the colour, so that the red board looks really vibrant. This board then becomes a springboard for all the child's artwork, saving the cost and hassle of framing the painting and finding wall space to display them.

Children's rooms must have sufficient place for playing and painting. We placed a carpet beside the bed for playing and arranged a small low corner sitting at the corner of this room. The floor is an important part of any child's room. Try to make as much room on the floor for your child to play happily. Our featured room is very old. The floor has simple neat finishing. So, we placed a beautiful attractive, colourful carpet for playing.

Colour can also be used to transform an old room into something bold and vibrant. We used pink all over the room. The wall's colours are soft pink. Cool pinks can be clear and bright and look fresh when combined with white, creating soft, feminine spaces, so that it acquires a dreamy fairytale look.

Window treatments help to define the décor of a room, especially for children's rooms. You can buy some fabric as per your room's shades, and even pick your own combination of colours, patterns and prints. We chose a floral-printed fabric with solid sugary pink georgette, the single curtain panel with colourful ribbons added a creative touch to the window.

The bold colour scheme, coupled with toys and paintings makes this room a real fantasy room for the girl.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat



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