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Shop Special

Catering for all needs-Jalalabad Cane Furnishers Ltd

Tired of age-old high expense low fashion wooden furniture? Wrought iron every second man's choice these days? Let it be…and welcome to the world of cane.

Fashion gurus the world over have manoeuvred us into a phase where everything light, casual and breezy is in vogue. Expectantly, this trend has crept its way into the furniture world as well and to live up to it, one of the best places in the city is Jalalabad Cane Furnishers Ltd. Situated in Banani, is their neat and compact showroom that displays a wide variety of sofa sets, beds, dining tables and accessories.

The owner, Mr Mohammad Hafiz Uddin, is looking after the business that his father started more than three decades ago in 1974. Always being fascinated by the trade, he has received training and degrees in similar fields from Australia and Singapore. 'All our raw materials are imported from Indonesia after which they are used for production in our factory on Bishwa Road. Designs are created by our personal designers who then transfer them for finishing to our Banani outlet.', explains Mr Hafiz. Customers need not, however settle for the designs on the shop catalogues, because they specialise in making customised furniture, exactly to their clients' demands. In addition, the firm also undertakes complete interior designing work, from redecorating to providing furniture and all kinds of accessories such as cushions, lamps, bedspreads, curtains and carpets.

Although elegant, the furniture may seem slightly over-priced to some with teak tables ranging from Tk 48 000-120 000. For living room arrangements a cane loveseat, two single sofas and one coffee table would cost from Tk 30 000 upwards. Bedroom furniture ranges between Tk 18 000-60 000 in cane and Tk 28 000-120 000 in wood. With the engulfing trend of settling into apartments, economising on space is a top priority and buying less space-consuming furniture is just the place to start. Cane being one of the best solutions to the problem, pay a quick visit to Jalalabad Cane Furnishers at House# 67D (1st Floor), Road# 11/12, Block E, Banani.

By Subhi Shama

News flash

Deals for an August bride

It's the biggest day in any girl's life and understandably she wants to look nothing short of perfect. We have for you a silencing answer to all those who asked what you would get out of an August wedding. Fret not to-be brides! Farzana Shakil is offering an exclusive bridal package this August, where for one whole month the salon will be decorated like a wedding venue and the staff will be attired fit to attend the best of ceremonies.

To add to the whole wedding ambience, make up is completely free if it is done by any of the specially trained make up staff with free hair styling for two friends or relatives within one month of getting the bridal make up done. If however the make up is done by Farzana Shakil, there is the unique offer of having a free post-marriage facial within a month of the wedding. So waste time no more and take advantage of the best make up facilities in town! For more information please contact 9116057.


Sparsho brings out monsoon collection

More on monsoon rage. Fashion house Sparsho just decorated their line up with a monsoon collection. To soothe your eyes and skin they've chosen light colours and fabrics. Their colour scheme includes yellow, blue, orange, white and light pink. In addition they offer party outfits as well. Salwar Kamiz, Lehenga, Sari for the ladies and Panjabi sherwani, in chiffon, raw silk, and crepe are special attractions of the collection. .

Sparsho, stepped into the fashion world in 1986 as a sister concern of Shakti- a charitable private organisation for destitute women in Ramrail, Bahmanbaria. The organisation trains women in various fields and their work is sold at Sparsho's outlet. Sparsho devotes major portions of its profit for the welfare of disadvantaged women.

While you are there check out their main products, household items including handmade as well as machine embroidery on linen, table cloths, handbags, scarves, bed covers, bed sheets napkins, basket wall hangings and cushion covers. Sparsho's most attractive special items are their wedding outfits and accessories. Sparsho is situated at house no 31, road no 55, Gulshan 2.


Praise for curry kings

Britain's best Asian chefs showcased their culinary talents at the Red Fort in London before taking their creations to the Indian sub-continent for the third International British Fusion Food Festival.

Four of the country's top chefs have produced a range of new dishes giving a spicy twist to traditional Anglo-Indian meals.

MP Keith Vaz, MEP Robert Evans, London Assebly Member Murad Qureshi and Chief Executive of Immigration Advisory Service, Keith Best are some of the first VIPs to tuck into the new dishes, which include Shatkora Lamb, Kodu Chana and most favourites British invention Chicken Tikka Masala.

Vaz said “The UK's love affair with curry has come a long way. The Indian restaurants in the UK make a colourful culinary contribution to the food industry as well as raise awareness and understanding of Britain's Asian communities.

"The festival is a fantastic initiative to promote the British curry industry and I congratulate Curry Life Magazine for organising this festival.”

Rober Evans MEP said, "The curry has become the British way of life. There is no life without curry in Britain. The British curry business already expanded to continental Europe and now with this fantastic promotion by British Fusion Food Festival, British curry business is heading for India and Bangladesh. I support this idea and hope this will be a success."

The festival celebrates the success of the sub-continent's ex-patriot cooking community, which has created a multi-billion pound curry industry with outlets in every major town and city in the world.

Londoners' love of curry means the capital now has more Indian restaurants than both Bombay and New Delhi combined.

The chefs will go on to serve up their new dishes at two five star hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kolkata, India as part of the third international British Fusion Food Festival on Aug 26-29 and Sept 1-4, 2006.

- LS Desk

On the cover

A beautiful bride never fails to inspire. Now you can set poets clucking away too. Take a look at the latest offer from Farzana Shakil's Hair and Beauty Salon and get ready to set hearts aflame.
Photo: Farzana Shakil Hair & Beauty Salon
Make-up and styling: Farzana Shakil
Model: Suzanne


Clogged up water pipes and an inadequate sewerage mechanism have taken water-related problems to a whole new dimension in Bangladesh. This has been all the more acute given the endowments of the Monsoon. Rain has caused water levels to rise in some areas, while paradoxically no water is available through the taps. Even where water does issue from the taps, it is murky and not exactly the most appetizing sight.

Many people (I would say, most!) do not believe in the environment friendly methods of removing waste. The roads tend to be littered with soda cans, plastic cups, empty bags of crisps, etc. There are even households that simply dump their garbage out the window. Even in the presence of domestic garbage pails and communal dumpsters, why this is done escapes my comprehension.

This is seen by many as a cost of heavy urbanisation. Construction work has given way for more dirt and muck for water to mingle with. Water on the road finds its way to the formal water supply system through uncovered manholes and cracks in the pipes. Furthermore, continued road reconstructions often debilitate the underground piping network.

To Dos…
Unsurprisingly, we do have a large role to play in contributing to this problem. And thus, we also hold the power to solve it. It would be best to use less of small- non-biodegradable products (such as polythene) that cannot be broken down by nature, unlike biodegradable ones (such as jute). So, the use of greater biodegradable goods can promote natural recycling. Less plastic and polythene would mean less risk of pipes being blocked.

Also, proper waste management can be encouraged. But whatever the measure, bear in mind that it has to start with YOU. If you throw trash where it belongs (in other words, the bin), people will follow the queue.

In many parts of the City (like Gulshan, Baridhara and Dhanmondi), people are forming local committees to deal with similar environmental issues. As the saying goes, two heads (and hearts!) are better than one.

As a final note, it is undoubtedly crucial to keep the domestic water system free from pollutants and prevent clogging. There are many things you can do so get your taps flowing…

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky



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