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Reader’s Chit

Talking to the Dead

With the blessings of science, human beings have seen the concurrence of the imagination and reality. Science has inspired the human race to look into matters that mystify and question reason. And probably the most inexplicable ambiguity is the concern of “life after death”. One question that is ever baffling to us all is whether death is an end or a beginning to something else. Despite all efforts this particular and probably the most important query of all, remains unanswered. Religions depict the tall tales of heaven and hell but they too leave the end hanging.

Recently, scientists seem to have found recently that demise may not be the end after all. But can it really be true? Even though it might freak some folks out, there is really a way for those who wish to try. In response to such spiritual urges, human beings have tried to contact the deceased but the processes used were mostly intuitive. The idea may be bizarre but the experience of your deceased loved one's presence may make it all worthwhile. Electro Magnetic Phenomenon (EVP) is a process in which the application of science leads to this mystical experience, something that sets it apart from other forms of “séance”.

Eerie though it may seem, EVP is basically a way to communicate with spirits. This phenomena occurs when the voices of a spirit interrupts an Electro Magnetic Field, “E.M.F”. Apparently paranormal sonic events of unknown origin, EVP can sometimes be heard (and captured in recordings) on various types of electronic apparatus. Some believe what they hear to be voices of demonic or satanic origin. Others postulate that they are extraterrestrial attempts at communication while sceptics declare it as being a simple form of radio interference.

In EVP, the voices take on diverse forms -some appear to be speaking in tongues (polyglot), interrupt standard radio broadcasts, call on by name and speak directly to researchers while some make themselves heard over telephone, during television broadcasts and as anomalous interference on tape recordings.

Whether or not EVP is a spiritual experience is still debatable. Science remains sceptical and its practitioners try to explain this experience as being upshots of interference from a nearby CB operator or cross modulation. Scientists also argue that “voices” are most likely people creating meaning out of random noise, a kind of auditory pareidolita or apophenia. Scientific explanations suggest that EVP is a psychosomatic perception where brains try to find patterns which are simply guided in part by what the investigator expects to hear. There is a natural human inclination to project meaning onto otherwise innocent phenomena and many tend to do this with EVP. The human imagination tries to impose meaning on what appear to be intelligent sounds on the tapes and this notion leads to the act that if no sense can be made of the sound, then an idea will be invented and/or introduced to support what we want to hear. The human mind has a tendency to “fill in the blanks”, which can be applied in EVP accounts. As far as human physiology is concerned, human beings can at will hear anything they want to hear once they have heard something enough times.

Indeed this unsettled yet chilling spree of voices from the “other side” is spooky enough to rattle anyone. It has been said that Thomas Edison was working on an EVP device that would make the communication between the two worlds more “credible”! In a 1920 interview, Edison, a man of science expressed his opinion regarding EVP and fascinated the world by saying, “our personalities pass on to another existence or sphere but it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and raps and ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purported to be the only means of communication”.

Although EVP began to be accepted as a legitimate form of paranormal research from the late 1960's, it remained controversial throughout time. This is simply due to the fragmentation of messages and sounds that require hours of listening to be comprehended. However, it is still highly interesting as anyone can experiment with it due to the simple technologies that require conducting such mystical exercise. All it takes is a tape recorder, microphone, headphones, loudspeakers with graphic equalizers and a sound source that is a frequency between stations on an AM/FM radio. It is advised not to expect instant results since the most important apparatus of all for this practice is patience.

In spite of all these developments, the masses are still divided. Many view this as another paranormal hoax while others devotedly live out these spiritual encounters with the emissaries of the other-side. Whether truth or make believe, creepy or witty, EVP is indeed surrounded by mystery even now. The only way to see through this mist may be the conviction of afterlife or simply a personal attempt to see if there are really any voices to be heard from beyond the reach of Time and Place.

By Obaidur Rahman

Chasing after love

Every youngster has a girlfriend or boyfriend nowadays. In a group of friends people who are not in romantic relationships become outcasts of sorts. The individuals are often grilled with various questions as to why they are still single. Sometimes they are even laughed at, rebuked and labelled gay. Being single seems to have become a stigma among modern day youths. If you are young, trendy and popular, it's a given that you must have a partner!

There is always a hunt to discover that special person, a quest to fall in love and a dream to show off that valuable creature to all foes and friends. Having a beauty (with or without brains) by your side brings you a social status and makes you part of a class apart. Guys want good looking girlfriends and girls look for guys with cool, high quality cars. Sounds superficial? It is true! (There are exceptions of course).

Single guys and girls become desperate to have partners and many a time they end up in disastrous and unhappy relationships. The situation is worse for those who have had a break up or 'got ditched'. These people use the Internet day and night to chat or roam around the blog-o-sphere, in search of love. They are ready to do anything just to get into a relationship. A young man very close to my heart went through such an ordeal. After getting dumped by the “beautiful belle” he went into a separation anxiety, sitting in his room all day doing nothing, saying nothing, staring at nothing. Today, he has recovered from his loss, but he is more desperate then ever to find yet another “dazzling damsel”. Ask him and the poor chap will tell you that he is extremely lonely both mentally and physically, and he just must have somebody.

Things would be much smoother if these young men and women learnt to relax and let time to do the job, instead of getting all worked up and desperate. There is no shame or disgrace in not being in a relationship. Give a deaf ear to what people say or think. It's your decision if you want to be single or double (or even triple). And if you do happen to find someone let the person know about your likes and dislikes. You don't always have to dance to the other person's tunes. For long-lasting relationships, it is important that both the parties know and understand each other well. It's better not to rush into things. So just stop fretting and chasing after love! Be calm and confident and love will come to you.

By Syeda Shamin Mortada



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