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from corridor to reading zone

Bookshelves are like money; most of us never have enough. The storage space they provide is eagerly claimed but seldom relinquished. In the chaos of modern living a quiet corner for concentration is essential for maintaining sanity and order. This 'corner' may be used for reading or hanging memorable old pictures. Since it is a private retreat, it is also a good place to display awards that would remind us of all those personal moments that motivate us to pursue our goals.

Our featured house this week is almost 3000sft, and located in Gulshan-2. There are three spacious bedrooms, so there is no space left for a small study or a home office, but we made personal study corners in the children's room and guest room and divided the books between the two. Our client still had many books, albums, encyclopedia left and none of this was disposable. So we turned our attention to the corridor for a solution. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have spacious corridors in our homes. Most of the time, corridors are narrow and neglected parts of the house. Mostly these are used as connecting spaces between rooms but with a little taste and planning, they can be made into attractive zones for various activities.

In the case of this house, we decided to move the wall of the corridor 1-6” feet backward creating a wider, more spacious space that also looked more inviting. We fitted it with a custom- made Burma teak board, wood and molding beat showcase for books and decoration pieces, with a modern open cabinet. The cabinet is also very sleek, just wide enough to accommodate books and albums. This was the only major piece of furniture for this space so we also used glass sections inside it for displaying decor items. As the homeowner is a good collector, there was no shortage of appropriate pieces.

The main attraction of this area is the lighted false ceiling. We used a Burma teak false ceiling throughout the room, but for this section, we installed white board and Burma teak in different layers. We also installed a curved wooden louver and added spotlights. Lighting can be used to open up a space and create a welcoming environment for visitors.

Another focal point in our featured corridor is its textured wall and reading zone. Smooth or rough, hard or soft, polished or unpolished, texture makes a room visually unique and invites you to linger in it. We used a soft pastel shade on the wall and striped painting with deep ash and beige tones. Wall lights were used to further highlight these walls. The lights are picture lights and used specially to highlight paintings. Once the wall was done, we placed against it a console table and two custom-made chairs. These were placed opposite the bookshelves, making a gorgeous, cozy reading area. Since the study is a more personal or family retreat, the display of private collections, hobby items, family memorabilia and personal awards are most appropriate for display in this corner. The resulting space is more than just a thoroughfare for the house- it's a welcoming area for reading books and newspapers or reminiscing over old photographs, etc.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks : Mrs Farzana Azim



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