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beige and brown

Colour is energy. It has the power to bring charge, joy, end a sense of both physical and mental well-being into the world. The colours around us also have a profound effect on the way we live and enjoy our homes.

In this week's feature, we will discuss about a family room's colours using a contrasting colour palette of dark browns and light beige.

This is a very huge apartment, almost 4,500 square feet, situated in Gulshan-1, near the Mohakhali Lake. The family room is also a big space, so, we allocated a whole side as a viewing space, for family gatherings. Just beside the family room is another spacious area, which we turned into a lounge. We had a lot of fun with this corner. The wall has a punch-space for a cabinet, but we placed the cabinet on either side of the punch, covering it with clay tiles instead, and leaving it open to create a very non-conventional storage area. The rust-orange tiles and spotlight illumination work together to create an earthy feel. This area, we saved for display purposes, decorating it with pictures and photographs.

A small round glass table was placed at the centre of the room, which creates another focal point. Contrary to popular belief, a table doesn't always have to be functional; it can also be an ideal display platform. We placed a beautiful marble sculpture atop the table, but otherwise kept the décor simple and minimalist. The emphasis is on the colour scheme, which is classic blend of brown and beige tones. Since the furniture is sparse, it's okay to indulge in the striped wall with a custom-made Burma teak moulding beat, which frames the area.

The family lounge is like the spine of the home, lending support to every other room. Deep, warm tones will envelop you the minute you step inside, making you forget the world out side and transporting you to your own private place. A deep brown wall can literally stop you in your tracks as you enter, giving you time to adjust to being inside, and it looks rich and luxurious to boot. However, bright colours need not always be reserved for the wall but can be introduced into the furniture and furnishing instead. Inexpensive work tables, shelving, and seating can be given a new look with a coat of egg shell, or glass paint, white colourful cushions, rugs, and soft furnishing can also create a fun-filled space. Add some good art, like we did by placing Susmita Mizan's paintings in the family lounge, and you have a warm and welcoming space to gather in.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant :Journeyman
Photo credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks : Mizanur Rahman



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