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Eid hair and beauty the Ban Thai way

Wow, where did you get that haircut?' Ten to one the answer would be 'Ban Thai'! The salon that started out as part of a group of shops run by Mr. Quazi Quamrul Islam, a certified fashion expert and former designer for Tiffany, is now making waves with the hottest hair and beauty jobs. Islam started this, the first successful unisex salon in the country with just a small room and two chairs but now everybody wants to be in those chairs and the place is like one big studio with large windows overlooking the Mahakhali Road. The most impressive aspect of this establishment is the personalized service it gives you- clients make appointments ahead of time and are always attended to by either of the two experts, Islam himself and Roel Morales, Hair Asia's hair and beauty champion for 2005. Before Morales, Ban Thai had an expert from Loreal working for them. Among their other services, the most popular are re-bonding of hair, hair colour, highlights and of course haircuts. Many clients say that Ban Thai experts somehow pick out a hairdo for you that really suits your face unlike other salons where they just do what you ask them to. The salon is now starting a new hair treatment, 'hair cellophane' which is likely to catch up with the fame of its predecessors. As for the slightly higher prices of their services (500 for haircuts, 900 for pedicure+ manicure, etc), Islam explained how he believes them to be justified. With every job, you get a free service. You get a leg massage while your facial is drying. You get free hair wash and blow dry with haircuts. Your body massage is accompanied by an oxygen shower with sea salt scrub and your re-bonded hair with a nourishment treatment. To top it all, this Eid Ban Thai has a special offer for you. With their package deal that includes pedicures, manicures, haircuts, etc, you get a gift voucher that buys you one free service the next time you visit. They're open from ten to seven in the evening even during pre-Eid weeks, so if you want to get anything done, the earlier you make your appointment the better. Good Luck!

By Diya



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