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Herbal Solutions celebrates first anniversary

For those of us who want to look our best, Eid and the following wedding season is extra special. But look no further, Herbal Solutions Day Spa & Beauty Studio is celebrating their first anniversary on Friday, September 15. The first Spa in Bangladesh, Herbal Solutions caters to every skin and hair type. So whether you want a customised facial, a relaxing aroma massage, a fancy haircut or a sophisticated French manicure, Herbal Solutions is the place to be. To celebrate their first anniversary, Herbal Solutions has organised day long festivities offering 10% discounts on all services, free henna with every service, free manicure with a purchase of a platinum membership card, attractive raffle prizes, mouth watering snacks, personal consultations and even a Jamdani and block saree exhibition. So spend a lazy Friday pampering yourself and indulging your soul. Herbal Solutions is located at Apt B3, 22k Park Road, Baridhara.

Flower power

Be it to add that special touch to your home or to win a woman's heart, flowers are just the things you can never go wrong with. All the more so if the flowers in question are exotic beauties that are a welcome change from the usual local varieties we are used to. Dhaka has been a treat in recent years, providing its inhabitants with a range of foreign flair to choose from. One such opportunity not be missed is the orchid show to be held on 15 and 16 September at CENC C-2, Road Number 95, Gulshan2. Organised by the Orchid Society the show will be held from 9am-6pm on both days with a large variety of orchids available for both show and sale. So make way to this unique extravaganza and see mother nature at her very best!

Discount eats

With the heat, rain and work pressure rising, the longer hours without meals at work, it's not unusual to catch ourselves looking in those eatery windows, fancying the stuff on the shelves! If you're dying to eat out but afraid to spend too much, Bithika and Italia Bar and Bistro at Dhaka Sheraton have just the offer to make you smile. They are offering everything on the menu at a 50% discount rate… that is everything but the beverages and breakfast items. It does sound like something, doesn't it? Go treat yourselves.

-LS Desk

Shop talk

Fishing…the idea that never caught on
Ideas come and go. Some ideas are discarded, while others are developed for future use. But there are some ideas that never materialise. Know what I am talking about? When was the last time you thought of, or heard someone else think of spending some leisure time fishing? Sure, many consider it quite boring, but then again, I find cricket boring, but its still one of the most popular games in the world. So for the niche segment of the population who thinks of taking up fishing to spend some quality time with nature, here is some quick info on where to get what for you to start fishing.

Fishing Rods
Fishing rods enable you to cast out lures, work baits, and haul in the fish- once it's caught. Fishing rods come in different varieties and sizes, which can be used in a number of fishing techniques like deep jigging, bottom fishing, pitch bait, live baiting, heavy duty bridge fishing, and casting plugs. Each type of fishing rod has its own unique construction and hence different prices. The different fishing rods that are available are priced between Tk150-4200. It is advisable not to opt for the lower priced fishing rods available, because of the few people that I talked to about their quality and construction, none hesitated to tell me about the hundreds of flaws it had. The higher priced ones, inevitably, are of better quality and can handle quite a lot of load without giving any serious backlash.

Fishing Reels
If you are viewing a fishing rod for the first time, you will find that a fishing rod has a tip on one end and a manual handle on the other. Adjacent to the handle is a place where you can mount the fishing reel. The reel is an essential part in hauling the fish, since it gives the necessary torque to get the fish out of the water, that also against its wish. The reel, being the most essential part, is priced even more than the fishing rod itself. The high end of the prices reach up to a staggering Tk5000, while the lower end can get as low as Tk150. Reels are available for different uses, depending on whether you want to use them in deep water, salt water or fresh water. This is because salt water can generate more friction when hauling a fish as compared to fresh water. So make sure you buy the right reel for the right purpose.

Fishing Lines
Now we move on to the fishing line. The fishing reel's drum, which is the compartment where the fishing line resides, has a long fishing line which passes through a set of guides along the rod and comes out through the last guide at the tip of the rod. When you turn the manual crank on the reel connected to the drum, the drum rotates and you can wind in the fishing line after a catch. Fishing lines are quite important because you don't want to be hauling a catfish with a flimsy line; neither would you want to have a very strong fishing line to haul fish out of your overflowing drains (which is how I used to fish as a child). Fishing lines are available in various degrees of strength and length, which are priced between Tk550-700.

Fishing Needles
Now all the above would be a complete waste if you don't have the fishing needles. After all, you do need something to actually pierce into the fish to haul it out of the water. Fishing needles are, once again, of various size and strength and are priced between Tk5-50.

Fishing Bait
A fish would never go out of its way to get itself pierced to a needle so that it can be the gourmet delight for someone. Bait is anything that can lure the fish to its untimely death. It can be artificial imitations of other small fish, an ant's egg or anything that gets hold of the fish's attention. There are various kinds of bait, with prices starting from Tk700 to Tk4000 per kg.

The five things mentioned above are the essential equipments that you need for fishing. Miss any of them, and its staring out at the open water wondering where you went wrong. All this and more is available at Chalkbazaar and Fakirapool, although you have to ask around a bit to go to these specific stores.

47 Fakirapool D.I.T. Extension road, Dhaka (Mob - 01711831791)
131 Fakirapool road (near the water tank)
35 Chokbazaar More
8 Tipu Sultan Road, Bongshal

By Asifur Rahman Khan

On the cover

Phones, tones and exotic zones. Flip to page 6 for the story on Nokia’s new fashion phone.
Photo: Nokia


Powerless against power failures

The report is due tomorrow and your boss is not exactly the most sympathetic of men. Just when you are on your last sentence… Bzzz…the electricity fails enveloping you in the two things you hate the most- darkness and misery. Your whole day's efforts, your whole seemingly perfect life crumbles within a second.

This is exactly what life is like in Dhaka city. With life falling back on us like brick walls every day, one may easily question whether we have anything to live for at all. There seems to be a pretty straightforward equation for it: take life. Add power failure and subtract the precious hours that could have been so well utilised. Needless to say, the equation does have its pains.

No power means no electricity. You have to postpone office work and children have to put off their homework till the electricity comes back on. So they are forced to go to bed late and often end up dosing off in morning classes. And of course there's the heat. These "lapses" make us realise how much we take our air conditioners and electric fans for granted. Frowning and sweating, we reach out for folded newspapers and manually operated fans. Then there is the constant irritation of dripping candles- the wax trickles down and falls on the floor… or worse, our hands.

Although there seems to be no way around these problems (if you plan to circumvent them, you might as well leave the country), there are a few things that you could do to minimise your misery. The best solution would be to get an IPS (Instant Power Supply). This can provide power for sometime even after the electricity fails. Sadly, this is also the most expensive of solutions. For those whose existence depends on computers, get into the habit of saving your work every ten seconds. It may sound like an unwelcome interruption, but after a few days, it solidifies into a habit- you will end up pressing the Ctrl+S button subconsciously.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky



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