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While we are on the topic...
If you're living in Dhaka, you're bound to have noticed the increasing frequency of power outages and a glimpse at the newspapers or TV news, or in some cases, a peek out your window would show you the rising furore over this crisis.

This being the ultimate shopping season, though, the malls and shopping complexes have brought out the heavy artillery with spotlights, fairy lights, and the recent trend even includes wrapping the fairy lights around trees that happen to be near the complexes. Similarly, we see the big billboards lighted up throughout the night, consuming huge quantities of electricity.

Apparently, they seem to think that conserving power is not their responsibility.

You would think that with all the power-cuts happening around them, the shop-owners would show a little more sensitivity and civic sense.

As shoppers, we also have a responsibility of giving the business incentive to stop wasting energy, by concluding our shopping for the day at an early hour, instead of stretching it till midnight, and welcoming the government's decision to ration power from the shopping malls after dusk.

mad market medley

Ramadan has almost become synonymous with a mad month-long shopping frenzy that grips the entire city, clogging the streets and malls, depleting the wallets, and sending an adrenaline rush through the eager shoppers as they vie for that perfect buy. This week, we focus on our picks of some shopping outlets and give you a lowdown on their perks and problems

Pink City
Situated next to Wonderland along Gulshan Avenue, this new mall is all the rage! Easy to locate and with loads to offer it easily becomes a hot shopping alternative.-

The layout is simple circular so you go round the whole place and come back exactly where you started. Only two floors have been finished but moving around is easy given the escalators as well as the comfy stairwells.

The place has costume jewellery stores, materials, clothes, shoes, shades and ice cream (Rainbow) on the ground floor and dressy saris, children's clothes @ Good Luck and more jewellery in the first floor. The jewellery stores in the mall are varied and interesting and sell everything from western contemporary jewellery to shell and kundan wear. The place even has a branch of PQS where you can grab your groceries on the way home and Baton Rouge a restaurant with a 101 item buffet on the top floor.

The highlight of the mall is definitely the huge Yellow by Beximco outlet that has baggies, peasant tops, gypsy skirts and much more to keep you begging for more. Everything costs between Tk-500 1500 and the salespeople are smiling and waiting to give you a hand finding the right sizes so really, do check it out.

Matching Fair
For those of you too scared to go all the way to Chandni Chawk to buy those dress materials, this place is a fabulous alternative. Offering everything from cotton and synthetic materials, readymade blouses and three piece shalwar kameez pieces, they'll definitely have a match for your tastes.

If you want any of your gifts wrapped, this is a great place for that. All you have to do is buy the ribbons and wrapping paper and they'll do the wrapping free of charge! And they even have flowers to go with it.

There is a parking lot with space for about 50 cars so please use it! Most people prefer to park on the adjacent road for some strange reason!

Forget those foreign brands and check out the new shoes at Bata. Comfy, trendy or chic, whatever your style Bata has some great stuff to over you this season.

This store needs no introduction for their exquisite embroidery work, but they do have so much more to offer. They have one of the most innovative lines of silver jewellery- earrings, neck gear, rings and bangles and amazing clothes for children. Skirts with little bells tingling, embroidered kamizes and fatuas, these little versions of their sophisticated work make great wears for your little ones. Jamdani saris here come in great colour combinations and designs. Also, the hand bags in this place are cool as well as affordable.

Most people park up front but there is a two layered underground parking lot that you can park in.

Sapura Silk
Situated next to Movenpeck in Gulshan 2, Sapura is no new name in the business of making quality silk and need no occasion to have special deals for everyone to enjoy. They now have a cotton section with ready made clothes in the same building, but the silk is what keeps one going back to the place. The Matka silks come in a variety of stripes and colours, feel almost like thick cotton and cost Tk-200 and above per gauge. If you like the rough feel, endi is also good for you and costs about Tk-250 per gauge. Dupian or smooth silks cost Tk-400 per gauge and are perfect for making those embroidered saris and kamizes with. Between Tk-250-750 you can also find a wide variety of dupattas here in many different colours and textures. Block printed and embroidered silk saris are also available at the store.

Silk Dynasty
This is another good place for silk saris. Brush painted in varied colours, embroidered or just plain for Tk-3000 and above, you can get yourself a great Rajshahi silk sari or give it as a gift to someone you know. Check it out, the store is situated in Gulshan 1 right next to Candyfloss.

Also is Gulshan 1 is this nice place where you can find everything from shoes, to perfume, to saris and shalwars, shirts, ties and accessories albeit at a little more than the usual prices. The coolest things here are these fancy antique coloured bead and stone work purses that cost between Tk-1000 and 6000. The place has a nice décor and the Fashion Café right next door which is great for steaks and also has some amazing iftar deals this time of the year.

By Diya

With all the hype about fashion and food this Ramadan (or every Ramadan), a pleasant respite would be concentrating your energies on another aspect of getting prepared for Eid-home décor. The perfect place to visit in this regard is Kinori-an elegant furniture outlet with two branches in Gulshan and Uttara. With plushly decorated showrooms, Kinori houses a wide range of imported products such as sofa sets, dining tables, mirrors, lamps, vases, cushions, dry flowers and quite surprisingly fire places all under one roof. Although the furniture designs are impressively unique, the price range is nothing shy of exorbitant with sofa sets costing between Tk150 000-250 000, dining tables approximately Tk280 000 and dry flowers Tk200-500 per piece! If you can afford to spend lavishly on your interiors though, Kinori's furniture is definitely worth its cost.

Naboni Jewellery
If the soaring prices of gold have done any good at all, it is solely in terms of business and demand for costume jewellery. One such outlet is Naboni Jewellery in Rapa Plaza and more recently its newest branch in Pink City, Gulshan. This shop provides a varied line of costume jewellery with earings of numerous sizes and designs, bangles and full sets consisting of necklaces, earings and rings. Apart from jewellery, also included in their range of products are bags and saris. Priced reasonably and both branches located conveniently, this is a good option for all who deem costume jewellery a worthy alternative.

By Shubhi Shama Reehu

Banani Rd 11
There's no shopping atmosphere to beat that of New Market, but this sleepless street cuts it pretty close. From one end to the other, it's packed with shops to cater to your every need, and comes with a nice selection of eating places with something for everyone. Here are our recommendations:

For local handloom products, handcrafted gift items and more, there's Banglar Mela, with their comprehensive clothing line which includes saris, shalwar kameez, fotuas and skirts, as well as a men's line, all at reasonable prices. Other than this, there are accessories, home décor items and lots more.

If you're of a more artistic inclination, give Dapper Inc. a shot. Their hand-painted home-décor accessories would make excellent gifts.

Pride Textiles have also recently opened their showroom on this road, offering fabrics and dress materials, saris, jewellery, soft furnishings and more.

If you're shopping for more trendy, casual clothes, you definitely want to make a stop at Trendz, which has an excellent collection of export-quality casuals, Western wear, and executive wear.

Perks of shopping on this road include the sheer joi de vivre in the air. It's always bustling, and there's always something happening. And then there's the food. When the sun goes down and you can get back to eating, there's no dearth of choices for eats. From kebab to continental to confectionary to fast food, there are restaurants, bistros and snack bars to suit every taste.

For the ultimate experience, just head off to Banani Road 11 and let the shop-hopping begin!

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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