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Dhaka Ahsania Mohila Mission-Taat Ghor

If a single time frame had to be pointed out for giving and receiving (more receiving really) and all other sorts of positive emotions it would have to be Ramadan. Hypocritically so for some, but Ramadan nonetheless. Then there is the minority that genuinely feels as everyone should this holy month and the majority that does not feel at all. Despite belonging to three different tiers, one thing the sincere, insincere and the indifferent have in common is largess shown in terms of gifts showered upon one particular group of people-domestic ambassadors, security personnel, chauffeurs and families of all the above. It is amazing how big we feel about ourselves by engaging in such traditions only during Eid, but since once a year (or twice tops) is better than none, shopping tid-bits in this regard are definitely worthy of print.

The Dhaka Ahsania Mohila Mission Taat Ghor is located conveniently in the heart of Dhanmondi, in a lane adjacent to Gano Shastha and this tiny two-roomed shop will save you one or two stressful trips searching for 'appropriate' gifts. The first stocks upon entering are the ever-popular printed saris that are priced reasonably from an approximate Tk155 onwards as well as taat saris for those who wish to opt for slightly better quality or design. There is also an abundant supply of lungis and punjabis in this first room costing a minimum of Tk100 and Tk150 respectively. As goes the second room on the inside, it sports an impressive array of blouses, petticoats and three-piece stitched and unstitched salwar kameez sets. The price range for these sets is between Tk250-1700 and different materials such as cotton and georgette are available. Variety is catered for in terms of design as well, with lower-priced attire concentrating on simple, casual prints and the outfits towards the higher end of the price line boasting brighter and adequately embellished designs.

The products in this store are all guaranteed of lasting colour and quality and are fitting for both Eid gifts and jakaat. Most notable however, is the fact that all revenue earned from this outlet benefits a women's madrasah-providing all the more incentive to pay it a visit. Make sure you drop by for congestion free shopping for the less fortunate but equally important members of your household and of course, to contribute to a noble cause.

By Subhi Shama Reehu

Style files

You don't need a perfect frame to wear fashionable clothes. You may be under the impression that anything you wear makes you look fat. You must believe that there is a style for every woman in every shape. You need to identify your plus-points and take note of your less attractive assets. Accentuate your strengths and conceal your figure flaws. Generally the classic style works well for most people. With a less than perfect build, you need to be careful about your selection. You shouldn't wear things just because they are in vogue. Your hips could be wide or you could be living with thunder thighs. Wear longer A-line kameezes that cover your hips. Wear solid single coloured suits and avoid contrasts. Stripes are good too. Always work with darker bottoms and lighter tops. Mix and match. Keep making interesting combinations and surprise yourself. Bold and interesting accessories are always good for women who wear bigger sizes. Add colour to your accessorise. It will most likely take away interest from your figure which is good.

As you continue to work on your fitness regime, you will see how effectively you are moving from longer blouses to shorter ones, A-line to more form fitted types of clothing, wide-legged to more fitted trousers and longer to shorter fitted salwar suits. It sometimes can be a slow transition but you need to have patience. Make your adjustments as your body changes. You shouldn't have a complex. You are in a winning situation- if you have the will you can achieve wonders with your body.

The final word on wardrobe, whether you are a size 38 or a size 32 is that the outfit should perk your spirits. It should bring out your comfort level and reflect a great sense of freedom.

You are your own master. You need to make a decision as to how to change yourself. You need not get un- realistic. Stick to a plan and make it work. Your clothes should give the illusion that you are slimmer than your actual build. It really shouldn't be the other way round where you have to squeeze yourself in shapes just because you aspire to look good in them. Analyse your body and choose your clothes carefully.

Market barometer

Prices of the items integral to Ramadan have been hitched up. Still this comes as no surprise…

Egg plants- Tk.60/65 per kg
Chick Peas- Tk.64 per kg
Cucumbers- Tk.36/40 per kg
Coriander leaves- Tk.180/200 per kg
Lemons- Tk.18 per kg
Tomatoes- Tk.90 per kg

On the other hand, prices of other items show a downward trend…

Sugar- Tk.45 per kg
Onions- Tk.15 per kg

Prices of certain kitchen items that are less used during Ramadan have remained constant, although are predicted to fall in the near future…

Ginger- Tk.60 per kg
Garlic- Tk.60 per kg

Markets during Ramadan are extremely volatile and prices mentioned in this article are subject to change.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky


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