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the feel good factor

After a month of abstinence and self-discipline, the last thing you want to do during Eid is worry about how you're looking. Eid is about celebration, and feeling happy, so you want to relax and just enjoy being you. Unless you feel good from within, it's no use looking fab outside. Young or evergreen, svelte and slender or buxom and blooming, you can be beautiful if you feel beautiful from within. Just know what works for you and go for it.

Having said that, here are a few looks suggested by beautician Farzana Shakil, which you could try out this festive season.

Magnificent Manes
Hair is feminine and flowing this season. The stiff, stick-straight look has been elbowed out with waves, curls and natural waves.

For those with short hair, you have the option of creating loose, limpid curls with a funky fringe in the front. The fan-sweep is also making a splash. This is appropriate for girls with straight and fine hair, and flows downwards and outwards in a fan-like curve. Team it with asymmetrical bangs, or make a side parting.

For the long-haired ladies, you can wear it straight and long with a cute fringe, or tease it into large and loose curls, using a curling iron. Try avoiding the typecast layers and steps; those have been done to death. If you want to sport a shorter hairstyle without sacrificing those lovely tresses, tuck it in and bundle it out of the way using a hair net.

Other fun options you can have for medium-length to long hair is to simply blow-dry it into natural waves, or you can pile it up into a high bun, or a French knot. If your hair is already cut in layers, you can primp them into soft curls and leave the top open for a cute, fresh look. For those who have re-bonded hair, pull it into a simple, no fuss ponytail, which you can wear high or low, or even on the side, as your fancy takes you. You can also experiment with combinations of braids, pin-ups and embellish with flowers. Play with your hair, and go with what makes you feel good.

Face Fashion
Let's face it; even if 'natural' is all the rage now, Eid is a time for bright, festive colours. Young girls, in particular, would want to strut their stuff in bold, bright hues. Keep it under control, though, by focusing on one aspect of your face; we recommend the eyes. Dabble with bright eye-shadow in exciting combinations, and skip the liner, and just pump out your peepers with a sweep of the mascara wand. Lipstick should be light, no gloss, and stick to powdery make up, with soft, subtle blushes. Basically, keep the overall tone natural, and during the day, keep it simple.

This season, give comfort a priority over trends; wear what makes you feel good about yourself, play up your assets, and knock them dead by being beautiful…your way.

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photo Credit: Munem Wasif & David Barikdar
Make-up, styling, hair and apparel by Farzana Shakil
Models: Jui, Autoshi, Bobby, Bonna, Tumpa, Lita, Nina, & Nuzhat




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