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From Centrefold


We've ranted about them, used them on our covers and given them enough material and information to last three lifetimes. But there should be a limit no? If you're still wondering who the them in question is then wonder no more….it is everyone who falls under the banner of young, slim, trim and trendy. As much attention as they do deserve, we thought it would be more than apt to address another group of equally ravishing women in this our final issue before the big day-middle-aged working women who run the show both at home and at work.

So you've had two kids, slaved your way up the corporate ladder and reached the dreaded 'dark ages' and you think the only thing to do about fashion is chuck it into the bin, right? Wrong! Let go of all reserve and forget the hackneyed guidelines of wearing bland colours, subtle make-up, lifeless hairdos and everything else that comes hand-in-hand with maintaining a low fashion profile. This Eid, go all out and pamper yourself with professional skin treatment, fancy hairstyles, dressy clothes and any sort and shade of make-up that you deem best. There are no rules ladies…only look as you please because you deserve it!

By Subhi Shama Reehu
Photo Credit:Iqbal Ahmed
Make-up, styling, hair by Farzana Shakil
Model: Shimul, Chandan,Shahin, Sharoni


By Subhi Shama Reehu
Photo: Munem Wasif



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