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Style Files

Beyond Eid
Fashion, trend, style, are modes and merely manners by which we present ourselves and approach our clothing needs. It becomes essential and vital for us to wear clothes that reflect our desires and moods. You are what you wear and therefore you should give it some extra thought. Most of you out there do, and are clearly aware of your requirements. You are confident, positive and certainly sure of what looks good on you. You dress up or dress down- it is your prerogative, your choice.

It is the job of the retailers in Dhaka to provide for your fashion needs. This may come in many forms and you do have a wide choice. Looking for unstitched pieces in Chadni Chawk, Gausia, Islampur, plenty of malls around town and many more shopping joints would be good.

You can have a pick from a wide array of designs, with price options to meet your budget. If you are looking for finished ensembles then it does get a little tricky because unless you are a perfect body type prêt clothes will most likely not fit you like a glove. Thus faced with a dilemma, you need to make a decision. My suggestion would be to go with your instinct.

You may agree with me that we are always looking for interesting attires to fuel our fashion needs. It is an ongoing challenge. Our appetite to nourish our aspiration to look good in new styles is always moving forward.

Kids: Our kiddies are looking extremely sharp these days. They are the little midgets, imitating adults. Everything you struggle to wear, they seem to carry off with perfect panache. This season they are going either ethnic or looking suave in western wear. It is great fun to dress up a girl child. She can flounce with her clothing. Floaty skirts, mid or full length, lehenga choli, or short bell bottom suits in bright creyola colours are great. These days little girls like to pick their own styles. Let her think she is smarter than you think or like to admit.

A boy child can look smashing in kurta pajama, panjabi churidar, or a salwar suit. These are traditional ensembles which can be easily comfortable. The boys are looking fruity in bright juicy colours. Like the girls their suits are embellished with layers of mirrors, zari or bead work. It is actually very cheerful. Pick these out for them this season. He will probably be okay with your choice.

Your man could be a metro sexual nightmare. In that case you are in for trouble. No matter what lengths you are willing to go to, it is usually a losing battle. You can never please him. If he falls in the category of simple, plain John, I believe you are okay to make the buy. Colour plays an important role in men's wear. But the emphasis is on cut and design applications rather than overdone embellishments. Colours for men are papaya, indigo, cobalt, jade, and black. White is the non-colour which remains the most wearable shade for men. Aligar, salwar or churidar are all pajamas that work equally well.

Finally your outfit needs to be sorted out. An old adage, a woman can never have everything. There must always be a fabulous new style to acquire. Dhaka is full of style so make a good investment that will last at least a few more seasons. Focus on razor sharp cutting combined with subtle decorative touches. Go for bold yet feminine designs. Check your wardrobe first the new acquisition must compliment your current clothing. It should not stick out like an oddity. It should work well with your other ensembles otherwise chances are you may not get the mileage on the outfit you so desire.

Your level of confidence and individuality should always be reflected in your clothing. Stress on your own judgment, understated or over the top. Stop imitating others and instead pick up from the latest trends and choose carefully.

Beauty Dissected

Dear Dr. Minu,
I am a 28 year old male and am suffering from hair loss. I have been loosing hair for the last 3 years. I have tried a lot of different medication but nothing seems to work. I have almost no hair at the front of my head. Can you help?

A. Yes you can be helped. This is a common problem among young adult males. First of all your hair and scalp need to be examined to see if there are any other problems. If everything is okay and you have a good density of hair on the back part of your head then you can opt for a Hair Transplant, and also to stop fall of the rest of the hair you can enrol in our Hair Restoration program.

Dear Dr. Minu,
My name is Rina and I am 30 years old. I had 2 children in the last 6 years. I have put on a lot of weight since my last pregnancy. I go to the gym regularly but don't seem to be able to reduce around my tummy. What should I do?

A. You are already heading in the right direction by going to the gym. You also need to watch your diet. There are some areas from where loosing fat is tough like around the abdomen. For these areas I'd advice you to go for Liposuction. This is a very common cosmetic surgery and also a fairly safe procedure. It's not a means of weight reduction but a way of reshaping your body and getting rid of fat from those problem areas. Any well-trained and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon will be able to help you.

Dear Dr. Minu,
I am suffering from a very common but difficult problem. I have very bad acne on my face and have tried almost all kinds of treatment available, but nothing seems to help. I am 25 years old. Please can you give some advice?

A. Your skin and the acne spots need to be examined to see if you need any medicine or not. Then to stop the active growth of pimples, Phototherapy is a good treatment. This combined with medicine is a very effective way of treating acne.

By The Way

Before you stop to groom and brush your hair during the day, make a point of doing a quick scalp massage first. Slip your fingers into your hair, and using just the pads of your fingers, massage in small circular motions over your scalp. Using your finger pads will keep you from breaking your hair, scratching your scalp and messing up your style too much. Then restyle, re-spray (if you use it) and go...

Under A Different Sky

By Iffat Nawaz

11s and 13s

That is way too crazy, I said, that is way too crazy. It's a gloomy day and another 11th of another month, English month, American month, fall month and a New York month.

A few minutes back a friend gave me the news. A small airplane crashed into a building in Manhattan, killing two as of this hour. There was no indication of terrorism they said. It was just an accident. And the word accident sounded sweet. A planned attack even if it causes similar casualties sounds so much more vicious, so I was relieved to hear it was an accident.

I called them, the ones who live around that area. They were all fine, woken up from a nap one of them said, “It's only an accident, no worries Iffat!”

So I didn't worry. I just felt a little bubble inside that rose up from my heart and disappeared around my throat. It vanished and I just felt a burst, not painful but uncomfortable.

So none of my plans are cancelled. I will still go to New York, maybe even tonight and spend a nice day tomorrow enjoying a fall morning in Central Park. I will have some tea the same colour as the brown and reddish leaves, a stroll, some food from a street vendor, maybe even a hot dog with more ketchup than mustard. I will look closely at everyone that walks by; all the beautiful people of New York who are busy, busy and busy. I will watch the smoke rising up into the sky, floating away from accidents and from left over planned attacks. Still floating inside busy New York.

So I did. I went and spent a bright New York day. I walked through Central Park and felt the heat and sweat of the streets, the perfect breezes blowing through American rickshawalas hair in Manhattan streets. I saw art- a few unappreciated, over-appreciated and biased loves. I saw designer jewels and clothing; fashion at her best chasing me down the street until I gave in. I saw rice and chicken, homeless mouths and had a delicious and over priced pecan tart sitting on a terrace looking over an almost clear afternoon sky. I overheard chatters about the Yankee player's amateur flying abilities and about limits in the sky. The sky is the limit… and death.

There was no one crying, no one screaming, and a few honks only. The perfect smell of central park, the polluted pond with mice, ducks, turtles and dead squirrels was still beautiful. Nothing remained still- only a few narcissistic moments in my camera with headshots of me in the late afternoon's bright light.

And then a Friday the 13th arrived to wake me up at 5:00 am to put me back on a train from my one day away. I heard about Dr. Yunus through my emails and sms messages. I smiled as the perfect October dawn arrived- completely smokeless with no fog, just cold autumn winds. A micro feeling about something vague disappeared and my existence for a second became sanguine, not just as a Bangladeshi American but as a citizen of the world. And I realized that there is always hope for peace.


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