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Shop Special

Radio-cobwebs and memories

Located in Dhanmondi, the B151 Leisure Lounge (B151LL) is one of the newest additions to the long list of restaurants and food-corners of the city. Featuring an innovative food line and containing a mixture of local and contemporary international cuisines, it provides a welcome place of relaxation for the city's bustling crowds when they decide to take time out from their busy daily routines.

The layout of the lounge is simple. It is divided into two parts. One that looks out for the non-smoking, mostly familial and domestic populace and the other part focusing on smoking clients, offering a variety of Sheeshaa flavours.

As co-founder Anwarul Huq Tushan puts it, the lounge's main focus rests on attracting mostly the mid-age crowd. “There aren't too many places where the mid-age people may go and stay awhile, enjoying good food and experiencing a leisurely environment.” B151 strives to provide exactly that especially to the people of Dhanmondi who till now have all been rushing towards Gulshan, the only other part of the city that focuses on such endowments and concepts.”

For a lounge, décor is very important and B151 does not disappoint. Leather sofas and cushioned sitting statures, with sets of marbled round tables and each set of seating arrangement just a little different than the other adding that extra bit of charm. “You will find that not all the tables are at the same height from the ground,” stated Tushan, referring to how the lounge concentrates on meeting all demands from its crowd. “Some people like food close to their chest level, while the others might want to attend a laptop while eating, thus the latter may prefer a lower platform or table, so to say.”

Sulyman Rashid Monty, the co-founder, who spent more than 6 years in the United States, first came up with the idea of this lounge.

The theme of the lounge is relaxation as aforementioned and Tushar guarantees that anyone who steps foot into B151LL will fall prey to its charms. At the end of a customer’s time here the stressful day shall be a distant memory.

So what about the food?
The main course is comprised of delicious appetizers, munchies and salads. Its all good till you hit the continental house main dishes, which serve a whole queue of American style continental and seafoods, and steaks. For real steak-lovers there really won't be a better place. B151LL serves three varieties of steak dishes, including pepper-steak, rib-eyed steak and the T-bone steak. “You also may choose to add up to your appetite of steak by ordering the side-dish of premium steaks and the three side orders for some extra.” There are also several unique items unexplored by the city-dwellers included in the menu, namely, the Uncle Moe'z Potato Skins, the Stuffed Green Pepper, Roasted Potatoes, Corn Cobs, etc. Great emphasis is placed upon putting on an even display of fish, meat and veggie items. B151LL also serves set lunch menus for a mere Tk. 130 to 150.

As regards drinks and coffee you can enjoy a warm cappuccino or refreshing herbal tea in the cosy lounge area. And at the coffee bar you will find a wide variety of delicious coffee and tea drinks made to order.

All in all therefore, B151LL is almost another must-visit. Such lounges are just beginning to find a way into the lifestyle of the average Bangladeshi and if the owners statements are anything to go by, then a visit to B151LL shall only endear one more to this culture.

So if you are stressed or tired or simply need to relax, make sure you drop by B151LL.

By Ridwan A Kabir

Shop Talk

Lip lustre
One of the first signs of approaching winter, longer, drier, colder days is when our lips start SOS-ing for help! Even if you are just looking to add a dash of style to them, this is the season to get about it.

Lip gloss
There are several hundred different lip glosses to choose from depending on exactly what you want. Glosses keep your lips moisturised and give them a nude, shimmering look. You can apply silver or gold shimmer over other lipstick colours to enhance the effect. Among other brands, Lancome's Juicy Tubes are highly recommended. The shades are muted and give your lips a natural and full appearance without making you look too dressed up. These are available at local cosmetic stores in Dhaka although the prices vary from place to place.

Lip line fixer
This one's a must have product these days when we're always in a hurry while doing our makeup. It is a retractable lip pencil that draws a soft invisible line around your lips that keeps lipstick and gloss from leaking into the rest of the face. It also moisturises your lips. You can find these at stores that sell The Body Shop products which may be a little harder on your wallet but definitely

Lip liner
Lip liners have been around a while and everyone knows how important they can be. If you are not applying them to outline your lips you are using them all over the lips for the matte look. Either way, you can't live without them. However, certain brands of lip liners are so dry they can make your skin peel. So it's best to go with known brands like The Body Shop, Lancome, Revlon, etc, all available at stores like Almas and Priyo and come at a variety of prices.

Lip plumper or enhancer
These can be a little scary as they give you a tingling, slightly painful feel when you apply them, and some say they make your lip cells burst to make them look swollen and luscious! However, the companies that produce them say that they not only make your lips swell, but also give them shape and moisturize and reduce lip wrinkles as well. Some companies say they simply re-hydrate your lips and restore their original shape and size. Either way one of these can give you that cute or hideous little pout (depending on your mood) for up to a few hours and are available from brands like Sovage and Phat lips. They claim to have gone through dermatological testing, so if you are up for it, give them a try. They will be harder to find in Dhaka as they have not hit all the shops yet, but keep looking anyway.

By Diya

On the cover

'Khachaar Bhetor Ochin Pakhi, Kamne Ashe Jae'… this week we unleash the Lalon splendour on iridescent images. Go to back Page.
Photo: Amirul Rajiv

Photos: Amirul Rajiv


Who needs TV sitcoms when you can have all the entertainment you want, unfolding all around you in the city we all love and hate? Young or old, and whatever your political affiliations may be…even if you normally don't care about that sort of thing, the events of the past few weeks have been an inescapable reality for all of us. So while the top brass are fighting it out as to who gets to preside over the Elections, here's a look at life for the laymen.

Reality TV has a new face
Forget AXN. Forget Travel & Living. As the political drama unfolded, and continues to unfold, all television sets are tuned into one thing: local news. From raging political debates to unspeakable violence on the streets, to surprise takeovers, whether it is drama one is looking for, or comedy, or suspense, you'd find it on the streets of Dhaka. Sometimes, reality is grislier and more unbelievable than fiction.

Students in confusion
Hartal means holiday, which means make-up classes on weekends. The prospect of genjam on the streets means cancellation of field trips, and postponement of exams and so on. The end result? Total chaos and confusion for the 'future leaders of tomorrow'. It's worse for the public university students, as the prospect of a session jam would mean that they miss as much as a year of studies, and furthermore, things get really hairy when the student political wings swing into action.

Road trippin'
Commuting to the heart of the city has become akin to playing Russian roulette for most people. The post-Eid violence, and the recent EC siege, combined with the unease over what's to come has made venturing out to the streets a very risky business indeed. For the few brave or desperate enough to take such a risk, be prepared to face the prospect of long walks as the availability of transport becomes uncertain in such situations.

Storm in a teacup
Walk in on any adda right now, and ten to one, you'll find politics the topic of discussion. Will there be a hartal tomorrow? Will there be martial law? Why doesn't the CEC step down? What stunt will the President pull next? These are questions that fly over cups of tea as the public helplessly awaits a new twist in the drama.
So when you see one of the big leaders talking about jonogoner iccha, you have to wonder exactly who they're actually talking about.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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