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theme parties

Hangin' in the club, sippin' on some bub, or a dinner and dance at the latest swank hotel? Ho hum…been there, done that. Does it feel like your New Year celebrations are on permanent rerun mode? Make some memories this year by hosting your own party, and try out these fun themes that are guaranteed to make you a hit!

Retro Revival
Didn't we all love the seventies? The disco era, with the funky clothes; it was one of the coolest decades of the past century. Revive the good times with a 70's theme party.

The set-up: Backlights/colourful party lights, movie posters of Farah Fawcett, Sholay, Rongbaz, The Godfather, Elvis, Grease, etc, streamers made from smileys, and a disco ball if you can find one. The colours should be loud, proud and psychadelic.

Push back the furniture to create room for dancing, because the rocking music you'll be playing is bound to get people's toes tapping. In fact, if possible, for one night only, banish the chairs and sofas from the party room in favour of big cushions or bean-bags.

The get-up: Big elaborate up-do's, sexy choli blouses, kohl-lined feline eyes, bell bottoms, fake (or real) Afros, platforms, clog heels, and lots and lots of body glitter. Drawing inspiration from both the East and the West, you have a whole variety of costume options. Don't forget to emphasise to your invitees the importance of the costume - dressing up is more than half the fun!

The menu: Food isn't the focus of this party, but all that dancing around will get people in the mood for munchies, so stock up on your appetisers. We recommend chips and dips, sausage wraps, and fruit punch.

Activities: We said this party would be different from the usual dinner and dance, right? Take some time to be kids again, and get your guests involved in some fun activities. From trivia games, to 70's-only Antakshari, to identifying and enacting movie sequences, the prospects are endless.

Music: 70s is literally synonymous to a music revolution. Think along the lines of Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, the Scissor Sisters and Donna Summer. You would need something to gyrate your hips to and simply shake your booty. So here is a sample play list…but mind you, 70s offer the widest range of disco songs (For god's sake, it was the Disco era). So, go wild and make the play list of your dreams…

1. Heatwave- Dianna Ross and the Supremes
2. Musicology- Prince
3. Hot Stuff- Donna Summer
4. Money, money- ABBA
5. I Waant to Break Free- Queen
6. Yeh Mera Dil Pyar Ka Diwana- Don
7. She Je Keno Elona- Rangbaj soundtrack

The Garden/Rooftop party
Winter is the best time to take advantage of the world outside your four walls, and with this party theme, you won't even have to venture out too far to experience the elements. You can get the party started right out on your garden (if you have one, you lucky thing!) or your rooftop.

The set-up: Give your rooftop/garden a good clean, and arrange for seating. You could either go with the quick n' dirty plastic chair/folding chairs brought over from the decorators (good luck getting a decent price in the wedding season!) or you can spread some sheetol pati on the ground and throw in some rugs, cushions and bean bags for everyone to sit on. Make sure you have plenty of mosquito coils placed out evenly, but unobtrusively over your party area, because this season is also party time for those little bloodsuckers.

Lighting is an important consideration. We recommend lighting up a small bonfire, as it creates a wonderful atmosphere. You can also string fairy lights over your plants, or place floating candles in large earthenware bowls.

The food area should be covered, though. Most modern apartment houses have a small all-purpose spare room, where you could serve the goodies, or you could put up a small temporary food hut in one corner. A barbecue spit is a great addition, but not mandatory.

The get-up: This being an outdoor party in the cold season, everyone should be dressed warmly, but otherwise, this is pretty much a casual, come-as-you are event.

Menu: B-b-q! Whether pre-grilled or cooked on the spit, this party calls for some burnt meat, roast potatoes, fresh salads and hot, hot salsa sauce.

Activities: There's nothing like an open fire for story-telling and sing alongs. Tell that musically talented friend of yours to bring that guitar along, or get the joker in your pack of pals to do that all-time favourite stand-up comedy routine. The focus of this party is on the conversations and the connections, and it doesn't require too many frills.

Music: Make the music loud. Garden parties do not make much of dancing. But as you go around with your platter piled with food and socialize, the music should be an element that sets the rhythm right. Maybe something you can rock yourself to slowly. Go on with loud music, but make sure it is not so loud as to act as a distraction.

1.Rock the Party- Bob Sinclair
2.Shokhi Kunjo Shajao- Anusheh
3.Harano Podochchap-Disciples
4.Esho Brishti Namai- Habib
5.Scream- Michael Jackson feat Janet Jackson
6.It's Like that- Mariah Carey
7.Tere Bin- Atif Aslam
8.Bheegi Bheegi- James

Photo: Munem Wasif
Make-up and styling: Farzana Shakil, from her show at Dhaka Club.



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