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News flash

Aqua Style Plus- possibilities made easy!

The logo says it all- Aqua paints have just come up with a magic potion all their own- the Aqua Style Plus glaze portion which, mixed with plastic emulsions can be used to create innovative designs and patterns on interior walls. Easy to mix and apply, this new product is perhaps the first do-it-yourself painting idea to be introduced in the country. After several months of experimentation and fine tuning at their labs, and with financial help from Arab Bangladesh Bank, they successfully launched this intriguing new product this December and invited a host of architects, designers and interested folks to take a look at it. As the excited and helpful Deputy Managing Director Mr. Sajedur Seraj pointed out in his presentation at the launching ceremony, aided by video clips of painters actually applying the product, innovations like this open new doors of possibility, making the once tedious process of decorating walls simple and within reach of anyone with the time and intent to get it done. In their brochures they suggested over 40 different colour combinations and a few techniques like dragging, ragging, sponging on ands off to get you started with but there are endless other ideas one might come up with.

The process of applying the product seemed fairly easy from the demos and also from what Mr. Shawkat Haider, another representative of the company explained. All one has to do is apply a base coat of a neutral colour and then mix another colour or two with the glaze and use sponges, rags and other locally available tools to apply different patterns on the dried base colour. The glaze doesn't dry up for five minutes giving you time to go back and wash off in case you change your mind about a pattern or make mistakes.

Although introduced as a D-I-Y process, Aqua made sure that in case we decided to get our local painters to do the job instead, they would know how to get about it. They held workshops where designers and firms could get their painters registered for being trained in the use of this new product. Not just the glaze, aided by their experts from Thailand and Italy, constantly formulating, experimenting and weather testing, Aqua has plans of launching other new exciting products such as sprayed-on paints with sand or crackle finishes in the near future.

Partially foreign owned big names have always dominated the paint scene in Bangladesh and business has been booming these few years when colourful interiors and fashionably varnished furniture are on every mind. At such an exciting time, it is encouraging to see Aqua Paints a completely Bangladeshi owned company give these people serious competition at least in terms of quality if not everything else.

By Diya

Eid with Nilanjana Polli

For those willing to adorn themselves in jamdani this Eid, Nilanjana Polli may be the answer. Their new fashion line includes sari, salwar-kameez, fatua and panjabi. Also up on sale are items of silk and the famous satranji from Rangpur. You can further get your hands on clay items and decoration pieces. So drop by their outlets in Hatirpul (phone: 9674492) and Dhanmondi (phone: 8144044)


A new handicraft store cum boutique is on its way. Pidim is new to-be addition in the likes of Aarong, Prabartana and the others. With its opening held on December 25, it hosted a press briefing on December 20, 2006.

The prime aim of Pidim is to bring forward the art and the cultural heritage of Bangladesh through its product line. It is geared to taking the concept to a global level as well as penetrate the international market through trade fairs, etc. This, Safina Rahman- the Chairman- suggests would serve a dual purpose: it would highlight the Bangladeshi culture, all the while being useful to the foreign buyers in everyday life. When asked what is so different about the store, Shoibal Shaha- the Program Development Director- states that Pidim provides in-house product development that ensures exclusivity.

Pidim has to offer saris, salwar kameez, fatuas, panjabis, clay and bamboo items, candles and kitches accessories among other things. Address: House-6, Road-32, Gulshan-1. Phone: 8856773.

Kay Kraft's Eid line

On the occasion of Eid Ul Azha and keeping the winter season in mind, Kay Kraft has come up with a new fashion line. It includes saris in endi, cotton, silk, muslin and khadi available in block print, screen print, embroidery, katha stitch, tie and dye and the colour scheme tends towards bright colours like tangerine, feroza, magenta and blue. Prices range from Tk-395-5000. There is also a collection of three- piece salwar kameez sets in cotton, endi, Balaka silk, Joy silk and muslin. They feature unique cuts, embroidery and embellishments and prices range from Tk-850-4000. The line also includes skirts, tops, fatuas for both men and women, children's clothes and attractive panjabis in maroon, blue, bottle green, brick red ranging from Tk-650-4000. Go check them out!

Rang- the Eid Line

Rang is all hyped up for the upcoming Eid. The sari line is available in Dupian silk, Pakwan silk, Quota silk, jamdani, muslin among others with screen print, embroidery, spray block, appliqué and metal lace. Winter is nothing without shawls- there are loom shawls, available in regional fabric. These are done in bold patterns in appliqué, cut work, embroidery, tie-dye, etc. The store also recognises the fact that winter in Bangladesh does not last very long, which is why people end up shucking their warm wear in the closet after a few days. This is why the materials are lighter and simultaneously cozy. Also up on offer are T-shirts, jewelleries, bed cover, cushion cover, CD, bags, bangles and hand-held fans.

The Dreamer Shopnoraaj

Sky is the Limit and Chakra is pumping out their new brand- Shopnoraaj. This, it is said, will cater to the needs of the teenagers. Available are T-shirts imprinted in Concert for Bangladesh, Laal Shobuj Shopno, Picasso, Sultan, Gitara, Fera, Hai Cheel, Kaakbhoj, etc.

The price ranges from Tk.150 to 200. Address: 86, Aziz Super Market (2nd Floor), Shahbag.

Chondon's New Location

Chondon's new shop in Gulshan 1 (House-1/A-2, Road- 7) has many versatile designs to offer- salwar-kameez suits, sarees, fatuas, ornaments in matte gold or stone setting and a wide selection of bags in brocade for all those weddings that are occupying your evenings this season.

These outfits come in all colours and textures with patchwork, embroidery, appliqué and mirror work. Prices range from Taka 450 to Taka 17,000.

On the cover

Yes, yes, we know it's the season for colours, but sometimes a
monochromatic palette makes a bold statement

Photo: Shada Kalo


2007 Fright Night
Come December 31, the party is on... with the usual loud music, pretty girls, booze and some high-strung entertainment. However, bear in mind that everything good comes with a price tag. If you cannot keep yourself safe, parties can get pretty nasty…

Booze Bruise
Religious decrees apart, alcohol becomes an integral aspect of many parties. While avoiding booze altogether is the best, some nonetheless do plan on “social drinking”. I would not need this column to remind you of the undesirable effects, but keep in mind that excessive alcohol loosens the tongue and leads to some unflattering unsocial behaviour. Worse, you may end up throwing up all over the floor (and your girlfriend's new dress!).

So keep the intake to the level where you are sure to be in control of yourself. If need be, politely refuse the second or third shot.

Keep Your Pants On…
New Year's bash can easily go out of hand. Sexual advancements become rather common, with the flashy music and drinks unraveling people's morality. There has even been news of reported rape and physical assaults in the past years.

Stick to your friends and do not stray off with strangers. For men it is important to act responsibly. For women, if you happen to encounter such problems, get away from the offender. If things go out of hands, report to the host or the police immediately.

Thief Trouble
On a final note, keep an eye on your belongings. A New Year's Party is a paradise for thieves and vandals. Wallets, cell phones, watches all need extra attention.

Final word of advice, stay out of trouble and have a great new year!

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky



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