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flowers in the window

In every living room, verandah, counter and desk- they are everywhere this winter, not just the weary Gladioli, Roses and Rajanigandhas at every bend in the road, but seasonal flowers in every hue and shape and size waiting to greet you and say 'winter is here and so are we'.

This is the season for some of the most fragrant flowers in our culture, such as the Shiuli or Shefali, strewn over entire front and back lawns, porches and verandahs in the mornings, covered in tiny dew drops and spreading their intoxicating fragrance everywhere. These little flowers with tiny orange stems have sneaked their way into our favourite poems and songs and our children and grandparents alike string them together into tiny garlands to decorate our homes, hang over doors or for dolls to get married with during the beloved game of 'putul biye'!

They are worn in our hair as well, like their popular counterpart, the Marigold, or Gada, strung together to make huge garlands for gaye holud ceremonies for the wedding season and to decorate wedding cars and dalas. These too were once grown at home but can now be bought by the hundreds from the local flower sellers along with a bunch of other exotic varieties the season has to offer.

'Gypsy' flowers are among the most popular now whether you are buying from opposite the National Museum or from Kamal Ataturk Avenue and are also the cheapest at about Tk-10-15 per bunch. A handful of these tiny white wild flowers can make any and all bouquets look great and stay fresh for a couple of days as long as you keep changing the water.

Chandramallika is another flower that can brighten up a dull room or bring a smile to a loved one. These cost about Tk-20-25 per small bunch and come in different colours like pink and yellow. Among all other winter flowers that we buy, the little yellow wild flowers that the street florists call 'botam phul' are the most expressive and can really lift spirits this time of the year. They are very affordable at only Tk-20-25 per huge handful and can be thrown together with any flowers or just put in a vase by themselves to make a space complete.

If you want something more exclusive, there's Ferns and Petals who have everything from Eustoma (Tk-100), Lillies (Tk-300-350) and Tulips (Tk-80-100) to Carnations(Tk-30), Roses (Tk-40-50), Chrysanthemums and Zerberas (Tk-25-30). All these winter specials are brought in from China and incorporated into exquisite bouquets and bunches that may even be made to order.

With so many varieties to choose from, this season should keep you very busy flower shopping.

By Diya
Photo: Amirul Rajiv



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