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furnishing a guest room

Guest bedrooms require creative adaptable design. When friends are not visiting, the room should be a useful part of the home. Space is a luxury, but if you are clever, an extra guest room can keep both you and your guests in utmost comfort. A guestroom often doubles as a home office or reading zone, den, play room or even ideal storage for winter closet. So, it can be a multi purpose room.

This week, we take a look at a well-furnished guestroom. The apartment in question is a 3-bedroom affair, comprising almost 2800sft., situated in Gulshan Avenue-2. The living, dining and family rooms are spacious, but the flat lacks an exclusive reading area or closet room for extra storage. With a spare guestroom available, we thought the problem could be remedied through a versatile approach to space utilisation in this third bedroom.

We placed a semi double bed against the west wall. This bed has a contemporary design, with a curved headboard and two attached bedside tables. Prepped up with pretty bed linens and pillows, this lends a comfy and inviting touch to the room.

A compact workstation was created with a sleek three-door cabinet with corner bookshelves, with provision for a personal computer and its basic accessories. In addition to this, a reading table and chair were placed close to the adjoining veranda, and before a window (for maximum utilisation of natural light). With the shelves stocked with books, and a music system and small TV set installed in the cabinet, this area becomes a versatile space that can be used for reading, entertainment, and small official tasks.

The furniture was kept to a minimum to allow for proper circulation, and this is why, instead of a dressing table, we placed a long mirror behind the door. A cabinet basin and a mirror in the attractive attached bathroom completes the user's dressing requirements.

The colour scheme was kept light and airy, with beige walls, and complementary drapes and soft furnishings. The floor is made of porcelain tiles, bounded by an attractive floor border.

The result is a cozy, comfortable multipurpose room the owners can be proud of. If you happen to have such a room, and are expecting visitors, welcome them with a few extras like fresh flowers, clean towels in the bathroom, extra pillows and throws, and a perky welcome note on the writing table.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks to Mrs. Farzana Azim



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