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Chronicles Of Sam Q

Dearest Diary,

What can I say? I am so pathetic. In this day and age of e-mails, spell checks and computers, I am still in favour of letter writing, the original way. The computer scares me. Actually anything electrical scares me. You can say I am not techno savvy at all. So diary, today as I am sitting in my new office cum shrine, which previously was my son's bedroom, listening to Habib's soulful "Jaduu" in the background with my son's pictures in front of me, weeping copiously, I feel like writing a letter to him, in the old fashioned way, with an ink pen, on a crisp white paper, with all my unchecked hormonal emotions laid out for him to read and maybe get embarrassed. But what the heck, I am a mom. I am supposed to embarrass my teenage child. So here goes ....

Dearest son of mine,

Today, first let me tell you the day I was introduced to you. You arrived in my life one fine morning after a couple of hard puffs and a whoosh, which left me wondering, "Was that it?"

I saw you all calm, looking unflinchingly at me, with a question in your coal black eyes, as if asking me, "So, now what?"

I am sorry to admit that it wasn't a love at first sight situation for me. But I think I made up for it real fast. Over your toddler years I loved and spoilt you rotten, but however hard I tried, you sort of favoured your Baba more. Not that I resent him for that, but I tried nevertheless. I remember once both of us were all set to go to a birthday party and when you realised your dad wasn't invited, you promptly decided that no party was worth going to if they hadn't invited the "Baba".

So off I went to the kiddie party, present and all, without the kid. You were all of five then. My career as a teacher also depended on your choice of schools. On your first day at Shatin International, I followed the bus to school and then ultimately became the most hands-on-mom volunteer for your class. Then from Sunbeams, to Aga Khan & finally to B.I.T, I followed you as a teacher. Felt good going to school with you and coming back with you, with a few after school lunches in between.

Loved going grocery shopping with you and buying your favourite treats and your hair paraphernalia (gel, mousse, shampoo etc). Then slowly you graduated from watching cartoons to watching Friends, Raymond and Fraiser with me.

Monday nights were our bonding nights.

I loved how you tried to appear so nonchalant when mushy scenes came on screen.

Then as you turned sixteen, finally for the first time I felt your focus shifting from mommy world to the outside world. Friends, going out, tutors and fast food got to be more your thing.

Still, the late night chats which you me and Baba shared will always be my most cherished memories of us. How I miss our arguments which Baba tried so hard to diffuse. And on our non-argumentative nights, how we both snuggled up to you as you enveloped us in your Popeye muscles.

Son, I miss your droll sense of humour, your amazing maturity, your calming presence and mostly your physical presence. The void which you have left in our lives is just too big to fill.

Baby, be happy, be a good person, fulfill your dreams, be safe and come back home soon.

I miss you
Love Mom.

Fish Fillet Burger

10 gm fish fillet
10 gm flour
1 egg
A pinch of mustard
20 ml lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste
50 gm bread crumbs
50 ml oil
50 gm mayonnaise
1 burger bun
20 gm lettuce
20 gm tomato, sliced


1) Marinate the fish fillet with flour, egg, mustard, salt, pepper and half of the lemon juice. Coat the fish with bread crumbs.

2) Deep fry the fish fillet in oil until it is golden brown.

3) Slit the burger bun. Spread mayo, place lettuce and tomato.

4) Place the fish fillet on burger bun and serve.
French fries optional.

Pop Up


egg whites before
Beating them for cakes, ice creams or puddings for fluffier results.





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