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Confessions of women scorned

Dear Diary,
Why are men so insufferable? Why do they always start charging us with the crimes of frailty, weakness, confusion and infidelity, when it is they who fail to decide, fail to have faith and never try to understand our state of mind?

When I fell in love, it was with a man named Devdas. He was my friend, my companion and unknowing to him, my love. He was a man's man. Supposedly carefree and independent. Yet when I professed my feelings to him, gone were his self-assuredness, his will to decide for himself. Instead he thrust away all my hopes and dreams by succumbing to the will of his dominating father. And then he delivered the final blow, when unable to make up for his own cowardice, he left a permanent mark on me, that too on the day of my wedding, as a reminder of his cowardice and as a token of my folly for loving him…

Dear Diary,
I was leading my life secluded, going on with my spiritual life. Everything was peaceful as I tried to attain absolute spirituality. But then everything changed.

Everything changed when he entered my life. Srikanto. His was a wandering spirit. Free from any bounds and constricting chains. He did not want to be tied down and I never asked to be bound to him. I wanted him for what he was. I knew he was this saviour on a road to spiritual atonement. What I didn't know was that in my ever-binding love for him, he would never be fully content with just spiritual love.

It was too late when I realised that he was two-timing me with another woman. At first I did not understand why he went to her when I gave him my spirit. And then I realised that she gave him the one thing that he could not do without. The one thing I could not give him. She gave him herself…

Dear Diary,
I was independent, free-spirited. I enjoyed being on my own. I did not want to be caught in the brambles of entrapment. An entrapment known as marriage. But alas! That was not acceptable. Not acceptable to my father, to society and ironically, even to my sister Bianca.

I was paraded in front of countless men like some piece of meat. And the finally, one chose me. A blackguard named Petruchio. He came, he married and he tamed. Or that is what I hear they say these days.

But ask me how I felt to be traded from the hands of one man to those of another. Ask me how I felt to be humiliated in front of one and all. Ask me how it felt to have my spirit broken, my self-respect ground to grains of dust…

Dear Diary,
Why must we give and give and never get anything in return? Why must each and every innocent move we make be speculated on, analysed and twisted till they take up an evil meaning of their own?

I don't remember when I fell in love with Othello. What I do remember was that I was colour blind to the ebony of his skin. What I do remember was that when I fell in love with him, the world fell out of love with me. The world I could do without. But my father? My own flesh and blood? How could he be so vindictive as to go to the extent of planting the seeds of distrust in the very man I love.

And Othello? How could he become blind to my love and devotion? How could he forget that I chose to be an outcast to be with him? Why didn't he come to me? Why couldn't he have some faith in me? Instead he believed in the slander of slandered men. He presumed rather than asked.

I realised he was lost to me when he finally confronted me. By then he was too far gone to hear the voice of reason. And by the time he realised his own folly, it was I who was lost…

Dear Diary,
I gave my heart to him freely. I loved him and Hamlet loved me. Things were peaceful and everything was beautiful. And then all hell broke lose. He was betrayed. No, no! It wasn't I who betrayed him. It was his own mother.

“Frailty thy name is woman,” he chastised from then on. He bullied and delivered blows. Oh not physically. Never physically. But with words. Words sharper than a rapier, more deadly than hemlock. And then he banished me from his thoughts. Such was his disdain for his mother's folly that he gave up on us. He ranted and raved on about women's infidelities. But his fury blinded him from seeing my faithfulness. And without a further glance, he banished me from his heart…

Dear Diary,
I was very troubled today when I came across some old pages torn out of some diaries. I was most disturbed when I read the woes of these women. What were they thinking trying to tailor themselves to needs of such self- absorbed, chauvinistic men?

Dear Diary,
I just finished reading the works of Shakespeare and Sharat Chandra. As much as I appreciated their mastery in words, I was enraged by their treatment of women.

What were those two old goats thinking?

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Check It Out

The food junction

On account of the insanely increasing number of eateries and boutiques in Dhaka, preamble to introduce new additions to either has run severely dry. However a decent catering service is a rare find and it is with adequate zeal that we recommend ‘The Food Junction’ located on Road # 13, House # 7, Baridhara. The restaurant has quite an elaborate Thai menu for both single dining and family meals as well. For meals eaten alone, appetizers and soups include spring rolls, fried chicken, vegetable soup and so on and range between Tk25-50. The main course items in beef and chicken are priced along similar amounts and on offer are beef and chicken with basil leaf, chicken with pepper and garlic and beef with oyster sauce. As concerns rice, noodles and vegetables, the usuals such as fried rice with egg, chicken and beef, mixed fried rice and fried green vegetables comprise the menu.

The special Thai family menu, with a minimum order for 5 people consists of more exclusive items such as mixed seafood salad (Tk 325), sweet and sour red snapper with garlic and pepper (Tk 500), fried cuttle fish and grilled whole crab costing Tk 350 and Tk 300 respectively. The 'junction' also has special economy and executive lunch boxes that serve 1 containing one piece fried chicken, chicken or beef with basil leaf, fried green vegetables and egg fried rice or noodles with chicken or beef. The economy lunch box costs around Taka 70-75 while the executive one asks for an excess of about 30 taka.

The owner, Mr Arif Iftikhar Ali also mentions that private barbeque parties for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 35 people can be arranged with items such as parata, chicken tikka, grilled chicken, beef or mutton chaap and sheekh kabab. Orders can also be placed for biriyani or murgh polao.

Drop by The Food Junction for a scrumptious, reasonably priced meal and if you live in Baridhara and cannot find the time to go there physically, give them a call at 8831273 for free home delivery.

By Subhi Shama Reehu


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