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Shop Special
style 'O bath- New Bathroom Conception

Imagine a day without having to step inside a washroom. Utterly impossible, right? Maybe that is why we humans spend thousands and even lakhs of taka to adorn this very important cubicle in the house.

A new addition to the line-up of local sanitary stores is style 'O bath located at House # 59, Road # 17, Block # C, Banani, Dhaka. style 'O bath is a small world of high class bathroom ware ranging from shower enclosures to cabinets.

The colourful interior of the store with its stylish décor will instantly tempt you to think about refurbishing your own bathroom. Eye-catching cabinets and basins of different colours and designs imported from China will indeed give your bathroom a face-lift. Vanity basins set on artificial marble shelves are one of the unique features of the bathroom sets available here. Shades of the cabinets range from brown and pale green to yellow and black.

According to style 'O bath, bathrooms are becoming one of the main focus areas of expansion in modern households. Simple shapes, contemporary designs and fine materials are the highlights of the collection of this store. Each bathroom set has its own unique name- Bulun, Bersa, Mogus, Tony and so forth! The price of a bathroom set furnished with a master cabinet, sub cabinets and/or layer brackets, a sink and a mirror will cost between Tk.30,000 and Tk.60,000 depending on its outline, outlook and the number of cabinets and layer brackets. The sets in the higher price brackets come with twin hand basins and mirrors.

Although shower enclosures are not common features of Bangladeshi bathrooms, with changes in lifestyle and income we can now think of incorporating them with our other bathroom equipment. The traditional idea of furnishing a bathroom with only a toilet, a hand basin and faucets is coming to an end. The high number of stores selling bathroom furnishings on Green Road also reflects the same notion. It is expected that shower enclosures will become a fairly widespread feature of upper and upper-middle class bathrooms in the future. A wide range of stylish, high quality corner shower enclosures with trays and sliding doors are available at style 'O bath. While some are square, others are triangular and some are also adjustable in shape. The minimum price of a shower enclosure will be around Tk.21,000 at style 'O bath.

Bathrooms of the future will be a place for relaxation. Shower enclosures, jacuzzis and comfy lighting will make the bathroom a perfect place to loosen up at the end of the day.

By Wara Karim

Retro Raves

The ageless old-timers

It has been quite a while since LS has reviewed some music. Music is the fuel that keeps our blood pulsating through our veins. And it is natural that our readers share a similar line of passion. So, we plan to take up the time (and some of the column space) to celebrate those records and bands, which have been on our shelves for ages, and yet have not gathered dust (metaphorically!).

While the charts had been set ablaze by these music moghuls, they have not scaled up just for the mere hype of it. When we say that these people are big, we mean BIG.

Queen- the bohemian royale

If you have not yet heard “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it is high time that you have a 'Musically Retarded' sign dangling from your neck and retreat to the darkness of ostracism. The speciality of Queen is that their vocals are extremely supple- flowing from sugary ballads to high-pitched opera to incoherent beltings. Their videos are also bordering on the outrage (remember, 'I Want to Break Free', with Freddy Mercury flaunting his feminine side?).

The Doors- lighting morrison's fire

Hail to the 'Lizard King'- Jim Morrison. Talk about controversy: the drugs, the “lewd” live acts, the leather pants and to top it off, the mysterious death. To prove their artistry and showmanship, The Doors pulled out one hit single after the other- “Light My Fire” (remember the uncensored version?), “The End”, “Love Me Two Times” and “Moonlight Drive”. For the rock rebel of the 60s, this is it. There are also several experimental runs- for example, the 1969 album, “The Soft Parade” which alienated them further from underground music (although it was one of their less intriguing efforts- with the arrangement religiously bordering on the “Vegas” pop)

Def Leppard- down the hysteria lane

Throw in some heavy metal and glam rock with melodious vocals and you have Def Leppard. Their “break-in” into the music industry was not remarkable (with singles like 'Bringing On the Heartbreak', which was later brought into public attention by Mariah Carey). With the evolution of “Deaf Leopard” to “Def Leppard”, life was looking up for the band. Albums like “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” followed. “Hysteria” pulled out chart-toppers like “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, “Love bites” and “Animal”. A DL Trivia: Def Leppard were good friends with Iron Maiden and in the mid-1980's they twice played a yearly soccer match versus each other. Each band won one and lost one. (Source: Wikipedia).

The Beatles- not “beat-less”

The Beatles rocked the globe like no other band in history. It does not even do justice to say that they were the best-selling band in the history of music. With the charts only rivalled by Mariah Carey and Elvis Presley, these British lads experimented with a range of music genres- psychedelic rock, blues and primarily rock and roll. Thanks to the Beatles, the 1960s saw a radical change in hairstyle, clothes and statements.

Elvis Presley- rockin' the jailhouse

It goes without saying, Elvis is not merely an icon, he is a brand. Famous for his highly energetic performances and the crisp baritone, Elvis drew in an astounding magnitude of audience. Plus, who can forget those flashy sequined shades, tight-fit jumpsuits and the trademark ducktail hairstyle? The legacy of Elvis-ism continues even today, with hoards of impersonators and established musicians who have been influenced. In mid October of 2005, Variety named the top 100 entertainment icons of the 20th century, with Presley landing on the top ten, along with the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, James Dean and Mickey Mouse.

Kiss- of face paints and tongue wriggles

Fear sells. Kiss proves just that. The painted faces, rubber costumes, the bloody tongue wagging all lead up to the Kiss hype. And that was not all to this heavy metal band- the elaborate live performances shot them to superstardom: the fire breathing, the blood spitting, the smoking guitars, the gore, the pyrotechnics. Often their albums incorporated music from their live performances rather than the studio version (remember their version of 'Rock n Roll All Nite”?)

The catchphrase “Old is Gold” rings true when bands and records like these are concerned. Well, the old maybe silver or gold or diamond or anything for that matter. But all that really counts is the fact that these records have amazing staying potentials. Despite the tide of young booty-shaking cleavage-exposing singers like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, they have proved to be the last men standing. So, if you are yet to listen to at least one of the above, hurry up and rush to the nearest store. And for those who are less than abnormal, groove to your records once more…

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

On The Cover

This week, being a drama llama is in! Check out our special story on theatre on the Centrefold

Illustration-Khaled Mahmud/Headoffice
Photography-Munem Wasif


Creating a little sanctuary
Ever since high-rise apartments started invading the city, people have forgotten the feel of the southern breeze through their hair, the sweet melody of a cuckoo's song and most of all the fragrance of fresh flowers and the shade of large green trees. These days it's all about square footage, concrete, more apartments and even more claustrophobia. The only way one can maintain a wispy link with nature is by creating a little garden in the confines of their concrete nest.

Finding the right nook
The most essential aspect of setting up an indoor garden is space. It should be obvious without being obtrusive, so that you neither neglect it nor feel that it is getting in your way. For most apartments the natural choice is the veranda. It is a place that is “supposed to” get natural light. But so damned is this high rise generation, that some apartments don't have a square foot to provide for a veranda. In such cases, it is best to utilise a part of the living room or the dining room. Once you find the right place, you are all geared up to go.

The right plants
Plants are like children. They need nurturing and attention. Assess your knowledge of plants before you go to the store. Determine how much time you'll spend in your niche garden. Some plants need more time than others. Flowering plants need even more attention. Decide if you're well equipped to deal with attention-craving plants. If not, go for the easy ones such as money plants.

If the pot fits
Once you have the place and the plants, all that is left is to plant away. Buy pots according to the growth of your plants. Some plants can grow both in soil and in water. If you have such plants, save yourself the trouble by putting them in water. For small places, plastic pots are more suitable than the clay ones because they are easier to clean, and add colour without having to be painted.

Once your little green sanctuary is set up, give it some TLC. And just ever so often, let your senses be assailed by that little spot of green. Enjoy!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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