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News Flash

Ekushey fervour at Aarong

In honour of 21st February, Aarong has introduced an “Ekushey Collection” depicting the fervour of our linguistic and cultural movement. Aarong's collection highlights the use of Bengali letters and patriotic poetry as well as Chinese scriptures and Egyptian hieroglyphics, capturing the pride and essence of the “International Mother Language Day”. Pristine white, ivory, red, black and earthy brown tones are translated into beautiful Ekushey saris, kameezes and punjabis.

The ensemble consists of cotton, silk and handloom fabrics, Tangail taat, half silks, muslin and jamdani saris with appliquéd, hand-embroidered, block and screen-printed designs. Each design is classic, glorifying the linguistic and cultural diversity of Bangladesh. So make a point and take a look into the Ekushey collection.

Celebrating Ekushey with Pidimm…

Pidimm has put up its Ekushey collection. It has brought about some unique items- the clothes represent a fusion of black and white, with calligraphic and geometric motifs. Salwar kameezes, saris, fatuas, shirts and short panjabis are up for sale. Available at the Pidimm outlet in Gulshan, be sure to take a peek. Address: House-6, Road-32, Gulshan-1 (Behind Shahjalal Bank)

Confidence salt

Picky over salt? The new Confidence 150% Salt may be the right salt for you. It is the first and the only purified, vaccum-evaporated salt in Bangladesh. The corporation has incorporated Swiss technology to achieve its primary objective- quality at an affordable rate. The 700g regular pack is out now at Tk.12 only!

Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft is in full swing with its new Ekushey collection. As a primary backdrop, the colours black, white and red have been used. Alphabets scrawled on the clothing items and other forms of calligraphy make for its motif. You can find saris, salwar kameez, tops, fatuas, T-shirts and panjabi with screen print, block print, tie-dye and machine embroidery. So stop by one of the outlets for a closer scan…

Dressy Dale’s Ekushey

Dressy Dale is up for another Ekushey fashion line. Bright hues of red and green have been used, and the flare of freedom is imminent in its patterns. Moreover, important emphasis has been made of the extreme colours- black and white. There are also traces of calligraphic work here and there. Available from February 10, swing by one of the outlets and check the collection out for yourself…

-LS Desk


Let your hair hang naturally when you wash it; either standing in the shower or with your head leaning over the bath, or in a shampoo sink. Never pile it up on your head to wash.

Wet your hair with warm water (not hot) to prepare it for shampooing. Keep the pressure on the showerhead gentle enough to avoid excess water pressure on your hair.

Check It Out  

Kebab Khazana

A big shout out to all the kebab lovers out there… this piece of news is sure to make your day. There is a kebab festival to look forward to. If sampling tawa hot kebabs and sipping on a glass of chilled Pepsi makes your day, make a rush for Khazana.

Khazana is far from those leagues of restaurants that shy away from exotic nomenclature when the menu is concerned. It is flamboyant in labeling its dishes, providing them with regal-sounding names (such as Chawal-e-Jaffrani). The end result is that the names themselves tantalise the appetite and set the taste buds on fire.

As for the 10 day long Kebab Festival, it is no different. While the labels speak for themselves, the taste of the actual dishes does live up to what the poetic language promises. In celebrating the festival, the restaurant is offering a range of 20 sensational kebabs. Vegetarian kebabs are also available.

On the veg side of the menu, the following will be present: Tandoori Salad, Bharwan Paneer (tandoored Indian cheese stuffed with peanuts, almonds and pistachio), Subz Seekh, Bhutte ke Kebab, Bhune Khule, Tandoori Phool (whole broccoli seasoned with cheese and pomegranate, char grilled), Hazrat Suneri Begum (scooped potatoes with seasonal vegetables, sesame seeds and cream), Mile Jhule Kebab, Matar Tikki and Pachakari Handa. Those in love with meat can turn over to the other end- Chand Ki Resham (boneless chicken with fresh cream and yoghurt), Cheese Chicken (creamy “kebab” of boneless chicken blended with cheese and grilled on a moderately hot tandoor), Chicken Gulabi, Murgh Kali Mirch, Mutton Kakori, Galoti Kebab (mutton patty cooked with Indian spices tawa-ed with pure ghee), Gosht Kebab, Tandoori Gulnar, Hariwali Prawn (king prawn marinated with spinach and yoghurt) and Mahi Peshawari Kebab (fish marinated with mint and yoghurt, sprinkled with kebab masala). Most of the kebabs are done in tawa and tandoor style. These ensure that the items are satisfyingly burnt on charcoal, yet retain their juiciness.

The Kebab Festival also has its “special package”- the Platter. This is an assortment of all the kebabs, so that you can try a bit of everything. An order of the Platter is further accompanied by Roomali Roti (the house specialty), Pepsi and Igloo ice cream. The Festival commenced on the 16th of February and will extend to the 26th of this month.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky
Photos: Amirul Rajiv


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