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For the sake of security

When it comes to our home and our family, we probably can't seem to stop thinking about how best to protect them. And with the past few years of instability in the country, worrying may have become a constant companion for most of us. Although the current situation of the country may be somewhat better than before, still, one can never be too safe. Which is why, this week, we have brought together a collection of appliances and items that will take you one step closer to making your home safe!

Burglar Alarms
You've probably seen one of these a million times in movies and TV shows and now you can have one set up at your home too! The more sophisticated name for these little life-savers is 'Motion Detector' and you can come across them at stores that sell office and household security items such as Pyranex, which is situated in Kakrail. The price range of these burglar alarms start from Tk- 800 to Tk- 8000. The store also provides service installation kits that range from Tk- 45000 to Tk-75000. This is definitely the first step to a safer home!

Acces Control System/Mechanical Codelock
This particular item is used on doors or entrances only. As the name suggests, there is a mechanical code involved that allows only those who know that code to pass through, thus ensuring your family's safety. This entry-level lock provides a comprehensive range of functions and light duty entry control for inner doors. The price range for the Access Control System starts from Tk- 5900 to Tk- 32000.

Circuit Camera TV System (CCTV)
Also known as surveillance cameras, the CCTV has become a vital part of security today? You can see them almost anywhere, from shopping malls to offices, and even schools! It is undoubtedly the most efficient way to keep track of who is entering your house and when. You can have one of these installed at the unique price of Tk- 3900 only, which, you have to admit is more than reasonable since you can't put a price on safety!

For more information on the above items and more, please visit their showroom at the address below:

Red Office Supplies Limited, Flash Marketing Team, Eastern Commercial Complex, 73 Kakrail, 7th floor, Suite# 12, Ramna-1000.

Or, you can just check out their website and shop online, in the comforts of your own home: www.rosl.biz

By Farina Noireet



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