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Beauty Talk

I would like to seek some help from you about my hair, which recently started to fall off. I have combination hair, which means my hair is dry and frizzy at the end but fine at the root area. I used hair colour 3 months ago and afterwards I used Lakme shampoo for coloured hair, but my hair is still falling off. I normally use Revlon Flex, Garnier (the one for frizzy hair), Herbal Essences and L'Oreal as conditioners. Please tell me how I can take care of my hair. I want to get blue, gray or pink streaks in my hair and would like to know if I need to bleach my hair before that. If I do, will my hair still retain its natural, reddish brown colour? I don't want to go to a salon to get my hair coloured. Could you please suggest a brand of bleach that I could use and let me know its approximate cost?


Dear Anonna,
For starters get your hair trimmed to get rid of the rough ends. Have a deep conditioning treatment at a salon once a month regularly. After shampoo (any mild shampoo like Herbal Essence or Johnson will do) apply conditioner to the length of the hair only avoiding the scalp. Keep on until you finish your bath and then rinse off. Concentrate on improving the quality of your hair before you streak it and please do not bleach it yourself in the interest of the health of your hair. These things must be left to professionals. Markets today have beautiful hair streaking mascaras in bright shades which you can use whenever you want to. I suggest you use these as they wash off when you shampoo. You can have different shades of streaks on different days of the week!

Dear Sadia Moyeen,
I eagerly want to know the secret to your beauty! What makes your skin so radiant & glowing? Would you care to share your secret?

An Avid Reader

Dear reader,
Thank you for the compliment. My skin is terribly dry and I keep it moisturised constantly and never even go out without sun-block. Other than this I regularly have facials on a monthly basis.

Dear Sadia,
I'm a 13-year-old girl and I have a lot of problems with my hair. My hair is curly, rough and dry. I use a blow drier and hair straightener to iron my hair occasionally. I use Sunsilk Yellow (egg protein) shampoo and Wella conditioner. I have never had dandruff till now and I am losing my hair. Can you please suggest a product to solve my problems? Please do not suggest any home remedies or beauty saloon because I have to go to school and do not get any time. I have problems with my skin too. My skin is oily. I wash my face many times a day but whenever I go out during the day my face gets full of small white pimples at night and they leave dark patches which look very bad. Please give me some suggestions. Homemade skin care remedies are fine by me. Is fade out cream a good option? Please help me.


Dear Nazia
Use Selsun-blue to shampoo your hair until the dandruff disappears then revert to your usual shampoo. Use Nentrogena face wash to wash your face twice a day followed by a facial scrub to be used twice a week. Gently massage it with Apri-scrub in a circular motion. Don't be rough or you might damage your skin.

Dear Sadia
I am a girl of 20 and my skin is very dry and fair. My face looks very pale and that often embarrasses me. I have light brown spots on my nose & cheek. Please tell me a way to get rid of my pale and fair skin.


Massage your face with cream twice a day. Ayur moisturing cream or ponds cold cream will do. Use sun-block with SPF. 25 everyday to protect the skin from freckles which may increase due to sun exposure.

If you feel your skin is too pale use tinted moisturiser or bronzer which come in liquid form to alter the skin tone.

Dear Sadia,
First of all thank you for your wonderful and practical beautification related write-ups. I am a 30 year old banker and mother of a nine months old son. I have a very busy schedule like other working moms. Could you please suggest a beauty routine that can be followed by any working woman? For your information, I have very dry skin. And it tends to get red every now and then, especially after direct sun-exposure. What should I do to prevent this and what would be a good moisturiser or night cream for my skin? Please give me some advice.

Sameera, Dhaka

Thank you very much. I'm happy that you read and enjoy my column. Every morning and night massage your face with cold cream with a few drops of Johnsons baby oil. Wet your hand and massage for 3-4 minutes. Hydrogen Neurocalm by Lancome for dry skin is a great moisturiser. Ayur Almond cold cream can also be used. Never leave home without sun screen (Lancome or Nivea). Avoid using soap to cleanse your skin, use only cream based cleansers.

Beauty Dissected

Q. I had my ears pierced about a year back. After that, I got an infection on the pierced area and then a swelling developed behind my ear lobules. They have expanded and are hard to touch and they look very bad. I can't wear any earrings because of them. What can be done to help me?

A. It sounds like you have developed Keloids behind your ear lobules. These are very hard to treat as they have a tendency to recur if not treated properly. The treatment depends on the size: if they are small some local injection of steroid will help but if they are big then they need to be excised. Excision has to be done by a trained person otherwise the end results are not good. Any trained cosmetic surgeon will be able to help you.

Q. I have small blackish brownish spots on my neck that are growing day by day. They look very bad and I think they are spreading. Do I need surgery or is there some kind of medication I can take?

A. Well your description is not very good. These spots may be moles, warts or some kind of pigmentation. Each has a different kind of treatment. If they are moles or warts then they need excision depending on their size. This can be done by CO2 Laser R.F. cautery or just a proper excision under local anaesthesia. You need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon to get diagnosed and treated.

Q. I am 28 years old. I have a bad scar on my arm which I got when I was younger. I did it myself with a blade. I realise it was very foolish of me. Now I would like to get rid of this scar as it reminds me of those days. Can you help me?

A. First of all the scar needs to be examined to see how big and how deep it is. According to that we can do a scar revision or sometimes skin grafting is required. Sometimes a procedure called dermabrasion can be used. All of these procedures can be done under local anaesthesia.


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