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Dental Wise

Hello Dr.Khan,
I am a 24-year-old, student of Dhaka University. I have bad breath and I also noticed my gums were bleeding when I brushed my teeth. Are the two related in any way?

Dear Mr Amar,
It seems you have gum disease and probably your bad breath is due to gum infection. Yes there is a strong correlation between gum bleeding and bad breath. Please do dental scaling as early as possible. And brush your teeth in the proper way and during the proper time.

Dear Dr. Mahfuj,
I am 34 years old. I have a dental cavity in my posterior tooth. I had fillings (Silver) done twice but it is not working properly. It seems dislodged and broken. My dentist suggested a cap. What is your opinion? Is there any other treatment option instead of capping?

Dear Mr Hasan,
With due respect to your dentist, I think you can go for inlay (laboratory based filling) instead of making a cap. Inlay is relatively new and a very effective filling. Normal alloy (Silver) filling contains mercury, but inlay contains no mercury and is rather very biocompatible and friendly in an oral environment. For inlay preparations we do not need to reduce the tooth structure, we only take the measurement of the cavity with minimum adjustments.

Dear Dr.Mahfuj,
I will appreciate it if you tell me how I can take care/maintain the prosthetic work I have had done in my mouth.

Dear Mr. Akmal,
Proper oral hygiene, including flossing at least once a day and brushing twice daily, is important to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, along with regular dental hygiene appointments. We recommend avoiding sticky foods like caramels, gum ands toffee, and crunchy foods like hard candy. And please do not chew ice cubes!

Hello Dr.Khan,
I am 18-years-old. I have bad breath till noon and then it feels very fresh. Why is it happening? I have few dental caries. Are the two related?
Nina Alam

Dear Ms Alam
I think there is no relation with your dental health. It seems you have typical morning bad breath (hunger breath). Please drink plenty of water and consult with a gastroenterologist. Yes sometimes there is relation of bad breath with food impaction within cavity (caries). You should also consult with your dental surgeon.

1. What is the purpose of TP (Transaction Profile)?

This is a form that needs to be filled up while opening accounts, under the Anti Money Laundering Circular of BB 2002. TP captures the anticipated transactions to be conducted by a customer in monthly frequencies.

2. Can I operate above TP?

Ideally a customer should not operate above TP declared to the Bank. However, if the trends in the transaction exceed the amount stated in the TP the customer will be asked by the bank to submit a revised TP with justification.

3. How can I purchase a foreign currency draft?

Purchase of a foreign currency draft by a Bangladeshi holding a foreign currency account does not need prior approval of Bangladesh Bank. However, Bangladeshis who are not maintaining FCY accounts are restricted to purchasing drafts for specific cases such as: tuition fees, medical expenses etc.

4. How can I remit my tuition fees abroad?

Students trying to pursue studies abroad and or their guardians can remit tuition fees to the universities/colleges abroad without prior approval of Bangladesh Bank subject to certain documents that are required to be produced by them.

5. What do I do if I lose my cheque book, ATM card and Credit Card.

You immediately notify the bank who will suspend operation in the account and in the credit card account. Once that's taken care of, the bank will re-issue a cheque book/ATM/Credit card. Alternatively open a new account by closing the existing one.

6. Are taxes imposed on credit cards?

Currently AIT, Advance Income Tax is charged when payment falls due on a credit card. AIT has to be paid on the total amount outstanding.

7. How do I nominate a nominee in my account?

It is mandatory for banks to obtain nominee particulars from customers while opening an account. All banks therefore carry the form prescribed by Bangladesh Bank. The form has to be filled in bearing the nominees' signature and photographs attested by the account holder. These are retained by the banks. In the event of a sudden demise of the customer, the claim of the nominee can be settled through the nominee form without hassle and cost.

8. What do I do about an account upon the account holder's demise?

Immediately inform the bank so that any unwarranted transaction in the account does not take place. Next, if there is a nominee in the account then the nominee can start the process of claiming funds from the account.

If on the other hand the account holder had not left a nominee, the heirs have to submit certain papers for obtaining a succession certificate from the court.

Just To Let You Know

Flyover or death trap?

On my way back from Gulshan, I decided to go over the Mohakhali flyover. Once one the flyover, I could not believe what assailed my eyes. For a second I thought I was on the Ghost Train at Shishu Mela. I realized that all the lights on the flyover were off. I don't know if the lights were disconnected or they had been stolen but it looked very eerie.

Suppressing my horror, as I tried to move ahead slowly, another problem seem to literally chase me from behind. A driver was continuously honking and trying to overtake me on what was a not-so-wide road. All things combined, had I been a cardiac patient, I would have had a heart attack.

If this were a foreigner's first trip to Bangladesh, s/he would consider it a memorable ride too. It is no surprise because after all this is a so-called “international route”- the Mohakhali flyover takes people to Zia International Airport.

For me it was a short ride. But there are others who use this route regularly and it is not very safe for them to drive under such circumstances. Thus it is time to raise our voices as good citizens and inform the appropriate authorities to take the necessary steps to solve this problem.

By Farisa Khan

By The Way

After shampooing, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure that you allow it to hang naturally. You may spread it out gently with your fingertips if it's long and needs extra help getting the shampoo out.

On A Different Note

Dealing with the blues

In an evocative poem a friend wrote about “the anguish of days spent in bleak monotones of time.” Her angst was understandable- the children needed her less and less, a yawning gap had crept into her relationship with her husband and her career was at a complete dead end. Indeed, many of us have been hit by the blues at some stage of our lives, be it as children, adolescents, middle or old aged.

The problem begins early. There are the sensitive young ones who are unable to conform to the expectations of their friends or parents- and therefore stand apart. Often they are at the receiving end of subtle or overt bullying. This comes along with a punishing school curriculum that leaves very little joy in the educational process.

On to teenage years, many a boy or girl are at crossroads in their lives, often suffering from an identity crisis and in search of a purpose. Many a time they cross swords with their parents on a range of issues such as their relationship with the opposite sex, extended phone calls, dress codes, late nights. Says a candid teenager, the 15-year-old Karishma Zulaikha Reddy, a student of International School Dhaka, “I face quite a lot of angst which manifests itself in a rage against people and parents in particular. My grouse is that I am not given as much freedom as I want in terms of staying up late or going out.” Eventually, she says, when everyone has simmered down, she discusses the matter over with her parents.

Adolescence is truly a tricky time for both children and parents. Says Shamim F Karim, professor in the Department of Psychology, Dhaka University, “This is the age when sexual attraction with the opposite sex begins. When the girl or boy fails to get the object of attraction, it can lead to sadness. Then there is the parental pressure on them to do well. Taken to an extreme, if the young ones fail to make the grade after SSC some opt for suicide.”

Bereavement after the death of a parent is natural but when it goes together with adolescence it can be a traumatic time. Recalls painter Nazia Andaleeb Preema, consultant web, graphic and electronic art who runs Preema's Atelier, “I hit an all time low at 18 when my father died after a heart attack. My mother, a schoolteacher had to earn to support the family. I experienced an overwhelming loneliness. My therapy was my friends and my art. I believe any passion can drive away the blues. Today when I reach a dead end in my painting I do feel frustrated.”

Another person who believes that a passion or a calling can alleviate the blues is well-known Philip Gain, director of the Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD). In his case his raison d'etre is the environment and human rights. Often when he is sad or frustrated he finds solace in the company of indigenous communities in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), Modhupur, North Bengal, south east Bangladesh and greater Sylhet. “Many a time I think I should have stayed in the US and had a job with security. At that time it is important to stay engaged,” maintains Gain.

And what about the dreaded middle ages? A humorous ditty goes, “Middle age is when you have stopped growing up at both ends and have begun to grow in the middle.” Indeed above 40, the mirror can reveal some discomfiting facts apart from the middle age spread, there is that receding hairline and the first appearance of wrinkles.

Sometimes women get the worse end of the stick. Be it Premenstrual Syndrome, post partum depression, menopause or the Empty Nest Syndrome, they seem to be the hardest hit. True the 'empty nest' phenomenon no longer belongs exclusively to women who were the primary caretakers of the children and those who had no career. Today both men and women may suffer from this because many women work and men are far more involved in their children's lives.

There are some tips to deal with the blues rational discussion with parents, school programmes for students and parents so that they can be acquainted with the changes associated with adolescent children, developing new interests such as art, music and pottery, regular exercise, building a strong social network, the involvement of men in household chores. And most importantly look at the lighter side of your situation.

By Kavita Charanji


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