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Style Files

Summer hues

Photo: Dressy Dale

Spring is passing the sceptre down to summer. But in its wake it is leaving behind colours in every shade of marigold, sunflower, saffron, and mustard. Theses are the hues that will brighten your wardrobe. Flowers such as crimson roses, vermilion dahlias, fuchsia flocks and tourmaline calendulas are in full bloom. And just like them, we are in full bloom as well. Thus it is only natural that our clothing explodes with different colours. It is a great way to celebrate summer as well as the month of Boishakh. And the best way to step it up a notch is by accessorising. Bandanas or sun hats and chic shades that are in vogue and in the current fashion colours will do just the trick. Totes or slings in blossoming hues and fun patterns are also great for summer. Footwear should be simple and easy to slip on. Everything is clearly more casual and so you need to take on the right laid back attitude while customising your wardrobe to meet both summer and Boishakh head on. .

Styles you love to flaunt

Photo: Chondon

For the most part we love to look great to please ourselves. Yes, lets be fair: we love to fuel our egos. All that talk about attracting the opposite sex definitely does not apply to a smart woman. Summer has just the perfect weather for you to wear light, layered clothes. You can wear interesting weaves. Use uneven handloom fabrics for classic pieces in your ensemble or for light shawls. Now is the right time to carry off an array of interesting dopattas or scarves with ease this season. You should be bright and cheerful, not dark and sombre. Wear clothes that will elevate your mood and carry you right through the season.

Dressing to kill on all fronts

Today's multi-tasking woman wakes up every single morning and makes decisions on what is best suited for her. Her day probably starts early and ends late. She may be required to change clothes more than once in a day. She is in control no matter where she is and where she goes. Her clothes will definitely reflect her confidence. Therefore she will surely need to put in a little extra effort. Here are a few options to consider provided we know the function, purpose and the intention of clothing.

College: An academic institution demands a certain degree of seriousness. It is not a place where you should be displaying your flair for fashion prowess. But you should wear clothing that suggests you are smart and savvy. Salwar suits are ideal for campus, especially in Bangladesh. I would recommend kurta silhouettes with pockets and short slits paired with short salwars. For short or full-sleeved suits use trimming such as piping, that gives the pieces a good finish. Wear neutral colours. But incorporate bright colours into your accessories this spring. Prints are always good because they are fun but use them sparingly. What you wear should reflect your personality. It is a good tool to make an impression on people.

Home: When you are at home you are its mistress. Try to look the part instead of lounging around in that long raggedy kaftan you have worn out over the past five years. You may not be the queen with an entourage of staff, but if you are like the rest of us, then you are probably required to cook, clean, organise, take care of the baby, take the kids to school and back, and do a hundred other things before the day is over. Be prepared for all the situations that demand your attention. Practical clothing is important. Don't drape your doppatta. Instead tie it around your shoulders and waist. A sleeveless cotton kameez works because you may be sweating it out. Try to keep it clean by putting an apron over it. Style your garment with front openings. To add just a hint of jazz to your home attire, wear stripes and match it with floral dopattas- they are feminine and very summer-y.

Shopping: This is a passion for most shopaholics and a necessity for others. You shop for groceries, clothes, things your children want, and of course gifts. The list goes on and on. The shops in Dhaka are well kept and you should be too. You cannot afford to step out looking unkempt or scruffy because you never know who you are going to bump into on your shopping trip. On a spring day you can wear light to medium weight clothes but in bright colours. Choose warm or even electric hues. Small or large floral prints will give you an added punch. You can match them with chikan cotton suits in solid pastel colours. You can also wear light embroidered or printed suits with even lighter chiffon dopattas. These are easy-to-wear clothes and will keep you in style as you hop in and out of shops.

Work: Women who are working today are extremely conscious about their looks. Whether you are in a corporate environment or in a small private office, in a bank or teaching in an academic institution you have to look professional. This summer, wear neutrals like sand, tan, gunmetal, beige, or shades of forest green. These are the hot summer colours. Pair these with warm shades of papaya, tangerine, fresh watermelon or mango and you are off to a great start. Your suits should be cut well to fit your form. Try long sleeves and medium length kameezes collared with sharp salwars. If you decide to go western wear colourful scarves with your outfits.

Check It Out


If you deck the halls with strings of holly in December, April is definitely the month to deck yourself out in honour of Boishakh. Summer is almost here and the anticipation of Pohela Boishakh is ever present in everyone's minds. And what better way to show your Boishakhi nature than to express yourself through what you wear? So shove those faded outfits and tarnished trinkets out of the way and make room. Boutiques around the town are offering new lines. So don't waste anymore time and check them out!

Photo: Rang

Roam at Rang

To celebrate the upcoming Bengali New Year, Rang has arranged a two-week exhibition called “Boishakher Rang” between April 1 and April 14. This line is geared to reflect the Boishakhi spirit and hence exclusive. But that's not all. If you're in the look-out for some new bling, Rang might have just the type of jewellery you are looking for. They have a series of jewellery made out of an array of materials such as silver, wood, clay and oxidised metal. These trinkets reflect our culture but look in perfect harmony with whatever one chooses to wear. The prices are very reasonable too. So if you're in need for some new bling or just want to get something Boishakh-y, do visit Rang.

Swing by Kay

Kay Kraft is celebrating Boishakh in its own way as well. Kay Kraft's team is decking their stores for the upcoming festivities and brand new clothing. So if you are in the neighbourhood, do visit Kay Kraft and see if anything catches your eye.

Drop into the Dale

DressyDale isn't forgetting Boishakh either. And they are stacking their racks accordingly. So if you are one of those pre-meditating shoppers who loves the variety of a million choices, give yourself some time to check out what DressyDale has to offer. You never know: the perfect outfit might just be waiting there for you.

It's a season and occasion to let your alternate shop-a-holic personality come out. So do explore and do splurge. After all Boishakh comes only once a year!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

By The Way

All that media hype about Boishakh… it is time to let go of all those hypocritical advertisements and promo packages, and fall back on the joy of traditional Boishakh. Over the last decade, the flares of red and white and clothes in alphabet prints have mushroomed in the fashion houses. Mobile phone companies have not lagged behind either, taking advantage of the flamboyance of the season. So, this time, it would be nice for a change to nuzzle back to the conventions.


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