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Patio: A breath of fresh air

If you want to create a little haven in your home, look for a space that can be transformed into an indoor garden. An enclosed sun porch is generally the ideal place, but any space with light and ventilation is suitable for a little patch of green.

Lets take a look at a lakeside apartment at Gulshan 1. The lake was once beautiful but has now dried out. But nonetheless, lakeside apartments generally have a greater advantage over their counterparts because of their open view.

In this particular apartment the tiny patio is shaped like a piano. It is right beside the family living room. And the two spaces have one element that links them, the wide, wooden, glass-inlaid doors. This is an ideal setting to start off with some green in the patio, and to let it flow into the living room.

To create a difference between the two spaces, rustic tiles were used for the patio floor. Rustic tiles create a natural mood and are thus ideal for verandas and terraces. Drawing from the colour of the tiles, orange (an ideal colour for such a space) was used on the west wall. For adornment, two decorative chairs and a round table were placed in front of this wall.

To bring in a Zen flavour, small potted plants and a little fountain were placed in the other corner of the patio. According to Feng Shui, the plants' curved green leaves will hopefully relieve financial worries. And the fountain's gurgling water creates a soothing melody. Combined, these two elements add the perfect touch of harmony to this space. To give this patio a personal touch and tie all the elements together, a terracotta painting by artist Kazi Iqbal was hung on the orange wall as well.

In today's busy lifestyle, creating a little harmonious space in one's house will allow for a breath of fresh air. Unifying a patio with colours, pattern, texture and using some simple furniture will successfully create a perfect place for a little respite.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks: Mrs. Nusrat Noor Nowaz


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