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For the lack of better and more innovative ways to introduce each and so many new fashion lines of so many boutiques spread across the city, this year Lifestyle brings you all that is happening in the fashion scene of Dhaka to embrace the Bangla New Year in one large scoop. We hope we have been able to optimise column space, make for better reading, and most importantly dish out due credit and information where it is needed so sift through the fashion houses, if not in person, then at least in print and take your pick!

Another mammoth name, another designer brand and another comprehensive Boishakh collection. KayKraft has left little to be desired when it comes to the sheer number of products they've incorporated into their Bangla new year offer with the usuals of saris, salwar sets, fatuas, skirts, panjabis, and the surplus of children's wear, jewellery, giftable items and household decoratives. This year KayKraft has brought forth a sari and salwar kameez line with their own weaving designs and they have covered a wide range in terms of both price and material ( taat, kota silk, endi, muslin), thus catering to customers of varying tastes and budgets. For their men's collection of fatuas, KayKraft has used vibrant colours such as maroon, red, white and brick red and prices range between Tk 275 and Tk 1250. To increase their clientele, they have also included a line for children aged between two and twelve, offering no less than twenty-five new designs of clothing for both boys and girls.

And in keeping up with the line-up of boutique moghuls, we have the next big name of Shadakalo. Their collection this year is titled 'Patay Patay Boishakh' and true to its name, patterns of leaves and the occasional kalka have been mirrored in their clothes and mugs. Shadakalo's saris cost between Tk 920-5800, panjabis Tk 550-1650 and mugs Tk 180-580.

Apart from the conventions of saris, salwar kameez and fatuas, fashion house Bibiana offers this year an impressive collection of bronze, copper and clay jewellery as well as varied designs of bags made from local materials. Bibiana's affordable price range for all goods has its lower limit on taka 120 for scarves and upper limit on taka 2000 for hand-worked salwar kameez sets. The rest of their products fall comfortably in between the two and they are located at House Number 8, Road Number 5, Dhanmondi.

Only the second of its kind (!), Deshal's boishakh collection this year is interestingly centred around the motif of birds, which has been repeated throughout their line of saris, salwar kameez, and tops. Their main medium of work has been screen print, patch work and applique, beads and sequins and the colour combinations they have used include yellow-white, red-orange, red-yellow and orange-white. Deshal has different branches located at Aziz Co-operative Supermarket, Shahbag, Road Number 11, Block C, Banani and at Metro Shopping Mall in Dhanmondi.

Another boutique sticking to the usual Boishakh flavour is Angeleena with their theme of replications of nature and musical instruments in their collection. Their price range for khadi salwar kameezes starts from Tk 1200 and ends at Tk 2000 while they ask for minimum amounts of Tk 900 and 1500 for their cotton and Rajshahi silk saris respectively. Drop by their showroom at Shop Number 154, Pink City, Gulshan 2.

Like every New Year, Trendz is coming out once again with a new collection for Boishakh. The new collection, created for both sexes, will have fatuas, short Punjabis, T-shirts, polo shirts, tops, skirts, dupattas and much more. For women's wear, they have focused on white and red, while for men, they've used a lot of white. And to top it all off, the prices are very reasonable.

The length of this article is enough verify the full extent of the Boishakh craze that has hit the city and although we have mentioned most of the big names, the essence of Boishakh has seeped into every home, every shop and every fashion line of Dhaka. However big or small, however well-known, our fashion houses have gone all out to set the festive spirit into motion. Aside the above, stop by anything in between Chilekotha, Grameen Poshak, Nipun Crafts Ltd, Labonno, Nabila, or basically any other area of space that sells clothes for the full Boishakh fervour to kick in!

-LS Desk
Photo: Munem Wasif
Wardrobe: Mayasir
Makeup: Farzana Shakil
Model: Ruma

On The Cover

This season Aarong is offering an exciting Boishakhi array of saris and kameezes in all festive hues. The saris come in muslin, kota, silk and cotton in interesting block and screen prints with appliqués and intricate silk embroideries and kantha-stitch - all of which are embellished with beads, sequins and mirrors. From silk to muslin to indigenous handlooms, the salwar kameez collection boasts a wide range of designs using brush batik, cord embroidery, bead work and bold embroidered appliqués.



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