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Shop Talk

It is a widely known fact that the first thing people notice during the first encounter is one's eyes. Whether you're on a job interview or on a first date, it's the eye contact that will most definitely earn you brownie points! According to Professor Ekhard Hess (researcher at the University of Chicago's psychology department), in the February 2007 issue of Reader's Digest, “Eyes are the single most attractive physical attribute”. In many ways, eyes can sometimes say so much; more than even words can express. Therefore, in light of all that, this week we have brought together a few items that will aid in accentuating and caring for those essential icons of beauty and knowledge!

Mysterious beauty

In many parts of the world dark eyes are considered mysterious and beautiful, and there is truly no better way to accentuate them than using kajol. Even a fine outlining of the eyes just after a shower will do wonders! Of course, given the climate and excessive humidity of our country, only a kajol outline may end up in smudges at the corners of the eyes by the end of the day. Therefore, it is always wise to add a few strokes of eyeliner to both the upper and lower eyelids for a darker, neater and more professional all-day look! You can find these items at almost all departmental stores such as Almas and Priyo or brand showrooms such as Jordana, Personi or Nior. Eyeliners are available in different varieties such as in liquid or pen form, and you can further choose between brush-tip and felt-tip liquid eyeliners to suit your needs. The Jordana kajol is priced at Taka 80 and you can get eyeliners starting at Taka 170 and above.

Opt for the dramatic look!

While mascara may not be an essential part of daily make-up, it is most definitely a must-have when getting ready for a fancy party or any other special occasion. A few quick coats of mascara as a finishing touch just before leaving will add volumes to those luscious eyelashes. And it will give you that dramatic look that will turn everyone’s heads! Famous brands such as Revlon, L'Oreal and Maybelline have come up with a new form of mascara which includes a primer- this is to be used before putting on the coat of mascara, to get a heavier look. The Jordana mascara costs around Taka 200 but the more famous brands may cost more.

Kiss those specs goodbye!

For those who wear glasses, it's such a shame to have to always hide behind those hideous spectacles. Fortunately, we have contacts to be grateful for! Although maintaining and wearing contact lenses may seem a bit of a hassle at first, that changes as one gets more used to it. And the fun part is, lenses are not only limited to those who need glasses! Since there are a variety of colours to choose from, one can also buy the powerless one-time-use lenses just for the sake of getting a different look once in a while! Lenses are available at any optical store and the colourless ones with power may cost around Taka 1600, while the coloured ones may cost a little more.

Eye make-up remover

The eye makeup remover is an essential part of eye care. It is mandatory to remove the excess grime, oil and makeup, using either a lotion or astringent based remover, especially so, because the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive, and also because a face wash alone cannot do the job. Eye makeup removers are available at departmental stores such as Almas, under a variety of brands such as Boots, Revlon and L'Oreal. The Boots product is in the form of an unscented lotion which costs Taka 180, while the Revlon and L'Oreal products cost between Taka 300 to Taka 700.

By Farina Noireet
Photo: Chondon


Bolstered for Boishakh

With only four days left for the Bengali New Year and what with all the hustle-bustle of Boishakh-shopping and getting ready for the big celebration, one easily tends to forget the essentials when the first day of the new year arrives. Everyone is so caught up in the music and rally that by the time they realize that they should have been better equipped, it's too late.

Dressed to survive

If you're going to spend the day in a crowded area with the heat bearing down on you, remember to dress accordingly. Yes, yes, do deck yourself in red and white but remember that while you might be getting ready for a cool dawn, the day is definitely going to get hot. So wear your make up accordingly and if you can, opt for clothes that keep you light and fresh.

The survival kit

Boishakh festivities tend to be prolonged and so save yourself a lot of heartache by preparing yourself a little kit that before you head out. Make sure this kit has a folded fan, a pack of tissues, a few headache pills, some mints, pen and paper and a little bottle of water. You never know when you'll need a to create a little breeze, wipe your face, get rid of a headache, freshen your breath, jot down a bumped-into friend's number or quench your thirst. And to make all of it fit, carry a bag accordingly.

Friend in need

On a day like this, water is your best friend. Dehydration will take the fun out of everything and compel you to run for cover. So whenever you get a chance, quench your thirst and don't let the dehydration build up.

Now that you are all set to welcome the Bengali New Year with open arms, all there is left to do is cross of those last three days. So be patient and have a very happy new year.

Shubho Noboborsho!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob


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