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bringing our crafts back home

The first day of Boishakh remains a holiday in Bangladesh. A festive mood grips the nations, as Boishakhi melas pop up all over the place. People of all ages throng these melas to buy clothes, sweets and handicrafts.

As a designer, I believe that the spirit of Boishakh should be reflected in our homes and lifestyles through the decor of our dwellings. Hence, this week, we feature a host of natural, indigenous materials, which we can use to furnish our home with. Today our focal point is the family living room. When planning the design for a family living room, consider function first. Make a list of the activities for which the room will be used. These may include watching TV, reading, conversation, music, card and games or partying on a larger scale.

The pictures show a very simple and clean house, situated in Dhanmondi-3A. The family living room is placed, beside the formal living area. There is no separating wall or door. The space is open, which is ideal for the medium sized apartment. Only an angular wall demarcates the separate areas. The family room floor is also different from that of the main living area. It is raised a little higher than the common area and made of parquet wood, which looks a little different than tiles or marble.

Due to the wooden floor, the house owner wants to keep the area shoe free. So I suggested a low sitting arrangement, Japanese style, but using our indigenous products. We opted for cottage craft furniture made from natural products such as cane, bamboo, water hyacinths, hogla etc.

Decor Idée is a well-known craft house; they produce different types of furniture, made of hogla, which is the leaf of a type of reed that grows in our coastal belt. Processed hogla furniture is really attractive and very contemporary.

We used a round table and four low square sitters. The complete set is ideal for tea, playing cards or intimate conversation. A woven runner and cute clay pottery with money plant look lovely. We also used handloom orange upholstery for the seats. The entire area is full of indigenous products. A curved bookshelf, ektara and dotara give us nostalgic feelings. We placed a long vase and a hogla magazine holder in a corner. A bunch of dry leaves add colour.

The angular wall and small counter is also functional for parties. A cane table lamp creates ambience. Paintings, books, handicraft, bright cushions, clay pottery and rustic walls all work together to give a colourful, vibrant look.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat
Special thanks to: Mrs. Ivy Anawar


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