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Customising a window

Given that creativity thrives wherever it is encouraged, space-saving storage around a cozy window seat creates an inviting nook for working, reading or daydreaming. “Condense and contain” is the motto of small-space living. If your bedroom needs storage with a bit of style and intimacy, a window seat might be just the solution.

This week's pictures show a simple living bedroom in a simple apartment. In keeping with this theme, we used no-fuss furniture and accessories for this room. This is a small bedroom for a 10-year-old girl who loves light pink, red, maroon and yellow. So, we used a light pink shade in the wall, and furnished the room with a low single bed and Chester drawers.

The window forms the focal point of this airy room. Window treatments help to design the decor of a room. They can be sheer or opaque, light or heavy, classic or casual. As with the pleats and folds of a beautifully draped garment, you can tailor almost any kind of dressing to your windows, to stand out on its own or to reinforce the room's style. Window treatments are a visual filter between indoors and out. Let light come streaming in or great a shelter with a soft wall of texture and color.

Another window is a cozy spot. A window seat is simple to build and furnish; with clever arranging, a nook can be filled with everything you need. A cute cozy sitting placed for two little sisters. We placed a maroon upholstered seat and small attractive cushion for comfort. Under-seat drawers, are good storage. We used a dark maroon curtain as the first layer of this window and lightly embroidered sheers for the second layer. What you get is a flexible window, where you can control the amount of light and heat entering the room. The dark layer ensures extra coolness during summer, while the light layer ensures privacy while still letting the light in.

We placed a maroon carpet in front of wide and long window. That is place is ideal for playing or musical sessions. A clothes hanger in the shape of a bright yellow cartoon figure creates visual interest. In any bedroom, finding artful ways of keeping belongings neat and tidy can be a challenge, especially in rooms where furniture are simple and minimalistic. So, a red bedcover, small tiny cushions, photograph and musical instrument with two little girls sitting at the bay window create a charming picture.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks to: Riyan and Ruman



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