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Shop Special
Matrix Solutions: Solutions for your lifestyle…

With a label that reads “Lifestyle Store”, Matrix Solutions- a new store in Dhanmondi- is all geared up to cater to the lifestyle-hungry people. Shakhawat Alam Rano, the Chief Operations Officer, believes that it will act as a barometer of changing trends, evolving patterns and fusion of cultures.

The product line includes, among others, men's wear, women's wear, jewellery, fragrances, gismos and gadgets and toiletries. For men's wear, the focus is primarily on casuals. The clothes are branded as 'Sports Casuals from Matrix', and are mostly a mix of easy wear and heavy-duty apparels. Women's clothes are imported from India, including saris and salwar-kameezes. “We plan to bring to our customers the designs that are happening in the market,” says Mr. Rano, “As buyers, they have every right to be in touch with the current trends.”

Matrix also has a line of pearl jewellery, 'Pearl from Matrix'. This range offers adornments carved out of local pearls. And pearls of various types and cuts are available. Matrix also keeps a line of branded perfumes such as Kenzo and Paul Smith.

As for the gismos and the gadgets, the store is an authorised retailer for Apple. So it sells iPods. In the near future, it plans to bring in Mac Books and laptops to add to its gadget collection.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Check It Out
From passion to perfection

For the love of diversity and for the sake of making an allowance for appreciation where it is due, this week we bring to you a review slightly different in content by incorporating into our line-up food for the soul. For readers that have peaked interest in art, this week we call to attention quite welcome additions to the usuals of shop reviews, event coverages and boutique and restaurant inaugurations. Without further ado and elongated stabs at introduction, let's venture right into the world of strokes, sketches and palettes.

Although her inclination towards art developed from a very early age, it is only after 1993 that Nasrin Sultana Chowdhury (Dancy) took formal training in watercolours, oil paintings and free hand sketches. However, despite being well trained in the best known types of art, from 2000 onwards, she has changed the medium of her work to something entirely out of the ordinary and concentrates now on a wide range of mixed materials such as paper and gum to produce a genre of art that even she cannot distinctly categorise.

She uniformly maintains a central theme of flowers in all her work with variations being brought about by the kind of flora being portrayed and opting for starkly differing colour schemes. In conversation with the artist, Dancy proudly mentions that she does not take orders or specifications because her artwork is a product of her own free will; nor does she make multiple copies of any one piece of art.

Her work has received recognition in the United Kingdom where she held exhibitions during the three years that she lived there and after moving back to Bangladesh, her art was regularly showcased by Shezan Art Gallery in Banani.

Dancy is currently pursuing her full-time career at a private school and it is in keeping up with her job and maintaining a family that she cannot dedicate the majority of her time to her artistic interests. Each of her works takes an average of 15 days to complete and ranges between a price range of Taka 15000 to Taka 20 000.

For pursuing her interests and transforming a mere tender-age fancy into a form of art refreshingly uncommon with such commitment, we can but hold her high in regard.

By Subhi Shama Reehu

Wedding packages by the Pan Pacific Sonargaon

Pan Pacific Sonargaon is participating in the AKTEL Dhaka Travel Mart 2007, highlighting its latest Wedding Packages with attractive price offers for the fair.

The packages include a complimentary stay at the Honeymoon Suite, breakfast in bed, wedding cake, wedding album, complimentary bridal makeup at Savvy, Mercedes car drop and much more.

The hotel will also be holding a raffle draw on April 28, 2007- the concluding day of the exhibition- where the winner will be awarded a complimentary one night's stay with breakfast.

-Ls Desk

Toe-tally trendy

Toe rings will make your summer way more fun with customised, hand carved toe & thumb rings.

Toe-rings have become a must for summer feet-especially in solid gold. Have your feet treated by a chiropodist, then give them a perfect pedicure. Remember to exfoliate your heels and soles, and moisturise your cuticles before applying a shimmering nail varnish for that finishing touch.

A toe ring is a ring made out of various metals and non-metals worn on any of the toes. It is almost exclusively worn by women but is becoming more popular with men.

The second toe of either foot is where they are worn most commonly. In most western countries they are a relatively new fashion accessory. Wearing of toe rings is an old practice in India. You can find them in Aarong, Mayasir, any of the Archies branches and in Purple Haze in Gulshan. Prices vary according to the metal from which the ring is made; gold will naturally ask for a high budget while silver and imitation toe rings come in a more reasonable price range.

-Ls Desk

On The Cover

The mercury's rising, but don't lose your cool. Take a break from the grind and sashay on to the centre as we show you how to let your hair down

Model: Emi
Photo: Zahidul I khan


If the shoe fits
As clichéd as it may sound, women and shoes generally go hand in hand. Maybe it has something to do with genetics. But setting aside the clichés and the stereotypes, regardless of age or gender, everyone needs a few pairs of decent shoes to suit various needs. And regardless of age or gender, everyone generally tends to buy shoes that are more pleasing to look at than to wear. So the next time you head out to buy a pair, stop yourself then and there and take some pre-shoe-shopping measures.

The right fit
Different shoe stores have different size charts. Europeans and Americans follow different size charts. So make sure you know the right size on both systems. Sometimes your feet might vary a tad bit in size to each other, so be prepared for that as well. And last but not the least, if you have wide feet, search the racks for wide sizes or ask the sales personnel.

The right time
The best time to shop for shoes is when your feet are dead tired, swollen and sore to the touch. Why? Because any shoe that is comfortable to wear at that time is the right pair to buy. When your feet are all relaxed and strain-free they tend to conform to whatever you jam them into. This in turn doesn't allow you to properly gauze how your feet will behave in them a couple of hours later. So the next time you go shoe shopping, do it at the end of a really long, hard day.

Jack of all trades
Instead of wasting money on shoes that only go with one outfit, buy shoes that fulfil various needs. So invest in eternally in-vogue styles in basic colours like black and tan. And for all you ladies out there, having pairs in white and multi-colour should fulfil all your needs.

Shoe-shopping can be addictive or agitating depending on who's doing the shopping. To save yourself the misery or confusion the next time, decide on the priority and then take out your wallet.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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