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Shop Special
All that art

In a recent movement in the local fashion scene where everyone is trying to express their culture through their clothing, another new store has joined in. Yogi (pronounced Jogi) is a new clothing store that has opened to cater to the needs of culture and tradition-conscious consumers.

Yogi is the brain-child of eight artistic individuals, most of who are graduates of the Institute of Fine Arts. And in the true tradition of artists turned clothing stylists, Yogi's young creators have focused on the use of screen prints, hand paint and graphics to embellish their wear.

As a starting out venture they have focused on fatuas and short kameezes for women (priced between Taka 300 and Taka 600) and T-shirts (Taka 190), fatuas (between Taka 400 and Taka 550), stylish shirts (between Taka 400 and Taka 650) and formal shirts (Taka 900) for men.

Commercial cotton is the primary choice of fabric and everything is produced at a rented site in Mirpur which they hope to own in the very near future. Of all their products, the T-shirts are the most eye-catching because these sport caricatures and showcase the artwork of young budding art students.

While the Dhaka University locale is generally the preferred choice among such art-based clothing stores, Yogi has broken away from the expected and nested itself on the second floor of Capital Market in Dhanmondi Road 8.

So if you're into all that art and all the culture, check out Yogi- it might just be the right store for you.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob
Photo: Yogi

News Flash
“Secret Kitchen of Tommy Miah”: The launch

Last Monday, April 30 saw the launch of Tommy Miah's book: “Secret Kitchen of Tommy Miah”. The book was launched at his restaurant, Heritage in Gulshan 2. While numerous luminaries flanked the event, it was ultimately the book that held people's attention. As a matter of opinion, the cookbook was one which one wouldn't expect to be published in Bangladesh. Furthermore, the photographs that grace the cover and the pages of the book are sights to behold.

Among the distinguished guests were His Excellency the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Mr. Anwar Chowdhury, and the popular novelist and filmmaker Dr. Humayun Ahmed. Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, the Honourable Adviser in-charge of Ministries of Industries, Textiles & Jute, Social Welfare and Women & Children Affairs, was to be the chief guest of the ceremony but could not attend the event.

Interestingly, the book is written in both Bangla and English to accommodate both local and foreign readers. It concocts recipes from all over the world, and brings in many different dishes: beef, mutton, fish, vegetable, soups and appetizers among many.

Tommy Miah has gained much fame in taking Bangladeshi cooking to the global level, and this book will continue to engage readers and the amateur DIY cooks in the international market.

To note, the publication of the book was assisted by Trix, a popular brand by Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Ltd.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Do It Yourself
Sweet surprise

Mother's Day is probably one of the most universally observed occasions and its commonality of purpose means it is a day we can all identify with. While we don't prescribe that flaunting and unnecessary financial and media hype be made about it, we do suggest that you make an effort, large or small, to make the day special. Luckily, with women being the ones to shop for, it should not be too difficult; come Father's Day, that's when we have ourselves a cause for concern!

Starting off with simple gestures, sneak in a cake and a card the evening before Mother's Day and get the celebrations rolling right at the stroke of twelve. Pay no heed to broken slumber or much needed rest and wake her up and cut the cake together (with siblings if any). This is usually easier for children who are still living with their parents but even if you're living apart but still in Dhaka, it's a small city and at that time of the night, the trip will only ask a couple of minutes.

Coming to the day itself, Mother's Day surprises need not be strictly material only (and no, gifts are not being shunned). Since the framework of most Bangladeshi households is such that mothers are responsible for cooking or at least in charge of seeing to the choice and preparation of meals, give her a break from a job done one too many times. Even if you step into your kitchen every leap year, make this day the exception. If you regularly cook, then you're all set without much needed to be said but if you don't, get yourself a cookbook and lay out a simple meal either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, cooking can prove to be too big a hassle for a lot of people but since it's a special day, the main idea is to have at least one meal together. Pick any (actually pick her favourite if she has one) of the ever multiplying number of restaurants our city has to offer and try and arrange for your siblings and other close or immediate family members to join you. If you want to put intimate time-spending on a hold this year, make plans with other people who are celebrating-cousins, family friends, colleagues-and gather all the mothers together at one place and celebrate as a group.

Lastly, we come to the gifts. Because women are always the easier sex to shop for, options are aplenty. From jewellery (which can be further sub-divided into categories) to clothing (more sub-divisions) to accessories to books, the list is endless. All you have to do is keep your mother's taste in mind (and a sister, wife, friend or daughter in meter's length if you are male for better choice), and check out what most stores have lined up especially for the occasion. As for parting words of advice, go for something unorthodox this year. If you usually lean towards giving saris, opt for jewellery; if you always add to her locker, get her a book; if you have already done that in years before, try out cologne this time around.

The aim this year is to take her by surprise but if your track record precedes you and she expects all of this anyway (like my mother will), then let the weight of expectation deliver. Surprised or not, the idea is to make her feel special and that being done, nothing else is of consequence.

By Subhi Shama Reehu
Photo: Aarong

On The Cover

We're celebrating those special women in our lives this week. Click to page2 and page4 for some heart-warming tales

Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Mrs Rifat Huda &
Shabbir Huda


The milky way
For most people it seems to be human nature to avoid milk, be it as a child or as an adult. Some on the other hand can't imagine their daily diet without a dose of milk. Either way, milk is an essential part of nutrition and the sooner people learn to adapt to it, the less prone they will be to various health problems somewhere down the line.

A potion of goodness
Eight ounces of milk-a standard serving provides a combination of nine very important nutrients. It is what you may call nutrient-saturated and consequently in comparison to its calories, it provides a high level of nutrients that is very essential. A standard serving of milk provides 10% or more of the recommended daily intake for calcium, vitamin D (if fortified), protein, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin and phosphorus.

The shield
Because of all the essential goodies it packs in, milk can fortify the body and shield it from developing various maladies. Osteoporosis tops the list of maladies that drinking milk can avoid. The calcium in milk helps prevent this. Studies have also shown that those who include milk regularly in their diet have a lesser chance of contracting colon cancer. A US research also showed that combining fruits and vegetables with low fat dairy products lowers blood pressure more than just the greens themselves. Hence the list of maladies is endless, but there's only one preventative cure: milk.

The right kind
Milk is available in many flavours and in many modified versions. For growing children, milk in its purest un-modified form is probably the way to go. But for weight-conscious adults, non-fat milk is the perfect substitute. Whatever the form, whatever the age, milk is essential. So don't forget to add it to your diet.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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