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individual flair

Add a touch of personality to your room ...

A Personal bedroom is a place in which to get away from the household clamour and enjoy precious moments of solitude. It must, therefore offer not just privacy, but also intimacy, comfort and personal taste. This room has an individual flavour which is not conventional like the other five rooms. Express yourself in this room so it reflects your personality and taste.

The colours we choose for a room immediately establish its mood. In a bedroom, colour, especially on the walls, can mean the difference between a tranquil sleeping space, a romantic boudoir, or a vibrant morning room. The concept of colour is part of classical feng shui. It is used according to the Chinese five-element theory. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood with each having specific colours associated with it. Fire is represented by red and purple. Earth is represented by the earthy hues of yellow, chocolate, brown, ochre, fawn, and beige. Metal is denoted by silver, gold and white. Water is represented by black, like the murky depths of the ocean to the clear blue of a fresh spring or brook. Wood's colours are the green hues of living plants.

When selecting colour for bedrooms don't worry about rules. Each of us has an innate sense of colour, rooted in personal age, style and taste. Trust your instincts. This week, we discuss a dominantly black room. The room belongs to a young music enthusiast, who loves black and brown.

Black and brown come from water and earth. We designed a low simple bed at almost the floor level. A black reading table and shelves are also arranged for his study. Cream and brown are the combination of the curtains. The colour scheme for the room is cream and brown but black hues dominate the furniture. Black is popular in fashion, conveying a stylish and timeless ambience. Always a dramatic colour, when used wisely black exudes elegance and class. The bedcover is also black and brown.

The most attractive part is the personal temperament of the user. Our client is a music lover. He has two beautiful guitars and an extensive audio and video collection. The music system has been placed in the shelves. These are also black. The poster display is another focal point. Various trendy posters are displayed on the back of the door and on the wall. The black and brown is an attractive combination.

Today our focus is on individualism. So, if you are single, you can transform your space as per your taste and desire, your favourite colours or collectibles such as books, candles or photographs, paintings, musical instrument for display. Sometimes, your own collection and reflection could be a great design.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Abdullah Shihab



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