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Shop Special

Nabagata's niche

Starting on May 15, 2007 Debashish Chakma's design studio Debashis Nabagata will be offering a 10% discount on made-to-measure, tailored garments. This two month long event that ends on July 15, 2007 will allow customers to design their own outfits in fabrics of their choice with embellishments. So check out Debashish Nabagata at House 42, Block A, Banani, (designerdn@yahoo.com).

If you are looking forward to looking trendy and hot, not just this summer but all year round, checkout Debashis Nabagata's design studio. The collection of clothes at this place is different from all the other clothing outlets in Dhaka. What makes the studio unique is its collection of indigenous textiles. Ladies wear for both regular and party use like jackets, evening gowns, skirts, tops, wrappers, etc are all available here under the same roof. Mr. Nabagata specialises in women's clothing and all his efforts are towards converting indigenous textiles into western wear. Both tailor-made and ready-to-wear outfits are available at this design studio.

The textiles are chemically dyed and hand woven. They come in bright colours in the true tradition of the indigenous people of our country. Nabagata is from an indigenous community himself and strives to preserve this tradition. The textiles used by the Chakmas, Marma, Mru, Tanchaya and Bawn of Chittagong and Garo of Mymensingh are used to make these clothes.

The clothes are tailored according to the taste of foreigners who are the main customers. The studio is publicised through word-of-mouth among embassies and foreign organisations. The price range can be a little high for many ranging from Tk-1000-8000 with cotton being at the lower end of the range. Nabagata explains that this is because the fabric is handmade.

This brand was launched on September 17, 2005 at an exclusive corner of Arannya. Recently it relocated to House 42, Road 18, Block A, Bananai. Nabagata's designs have adorned local runways to foreign audiences. The label also found a place in London's prestigious “Expo Bangladesh”.

Nabagata believes that the indigenous community of Bangladesh is an integral part of this country. He claims that his products are design products rather than crafts for sale. He designs the clothes himself and supervises the women in Chittagong who work for him. A graduate of Bangladesh Institute of Design, he has been working relentlessly in this line since 1999. He gathered experience from working for local brands like Altamira, Dressydale, Shatapdi, Grameen Check and Travel Craft Emporium. His design also won the 1st prize in Altamira's young designers' competition.

He has dreams and aspirations for himself and his design studio. The small-scale set-up and production is a major hindrance for export.

From next month he will launch a new product line. Bags for women of all ages will be displayed for sale. These brightly coloured bags will be decorated with beads, buttons and other embellishments. In winter other items like shoes and handmade blankets will also be available.

Nabagata also aspires to work with vegetable dye that has become almost extinct even in the indigenous community. He also hopes to take up work with nakshi katha, silk, jamdani, hand paint, embroidery and take these to new levels.

Taking the products of the indigenous communities to the international market will not only give Bangladesh a new image but also help people at the grassroots level. It can act as a bond for the indigenous community and the Bengali community and also earn foreign exchange for the whole country.

By Nazia Atique

News Flash

Rupahali's summer sale

As of the 25th of April this year, Rupahali Center at Gulshan 2 has announced a 'Hot Summer Sale' offering special discounts on their local and foreign clothes. The range of discounts starts from 10% up to 50% on their popular brands of clothing including saris, three piece salwar kameez sets and lehengas for the brides and sherwanis, panjabis and turbans for the grooms. Also available on sale are stitched and unstitched handbags and sandals. The discount will be effective until the 31st of May at this branch of Rupahali only which is open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. So make it a point to drop by their outlet at Rangs Arcade 153/A, North Gulshan, Gulshan 2 or contact them at 9862953.

Kalamkari at Nogordola

Although general dissatisfaction is usually expressed about the daily mushrooming number of fashion houses in the city, this expanding trend does have certain upsides; one of which is the stiff market conditions under which they have to operate. To counter the competition that they are all obliged to face, boutiques strive to incorporate innovation and variety into their lines. Likewise, from the 11th of May 2007, Nogordola has inaugurated a month-long exhibition in commemoration of the ancient design form, Kalamkari.

The word Kalamkari literally translates to 'pen-work' and is an intricate form of art using vegetable dyes that has been popularly used in India and Persia for over 3000 years. With Kalamkari as inspiration, Nogordola offers cotton saris and cotton-voil salwar kameez sets, and skirts for women while they have in stock open collar Hawaii shirts for men in five colours. The Kalamkari exhibition was inaugurated by eminent artist Quaiyum Chowdhury and also present were popular singer Samina Chowdhury and Kazi Rafiqul Islam, President of the Ahsania Mission.

-LS Desk

On The Cover

The season is strutting about flaunting its best ware. Flip to the centre for all that fruity 411.

Photo: Zahedul I. Khan


If buying presents brings a tremor to your heart, know that gift-giving is truly an art form and it takes a certain amount of perception and observation to decide on the perfect gift. But rest assured all you faint-hearted gift givers. A few simple tricks and in no time everyone will love what you give them.

Rely on those eyes and ears
It doesn't matter when someone's birthday or anniversary or house warming party is. It is always good to take a quick but good look at someone's appearance and listen when they talk. The appearance gives you a clue about their style while what they say will often key you into their interests and inadvertently what they like or need. So if you see someone who's always wearing bracelets, key in on that. Or if your friend tells you about how he needs a huge CD album, keep that in mind.

Fall backs
If you have to gift hunt for someone you have no clue about, there's a set of standard “safe” gifts you can always try out. Chocolates are universally safe gifts; but if you know absolutely nothing about the person, steer clear, s/he might be diabetic. DVDs generally fall into the safe category. Generally even the busiest person on the planet gets around to watching movies once in a while. Cologne generally works for men and photo albums for women. After all what's better than smelling nice and there has to be a place for all those photos. Right?

Absolute no no's
There's a right gift and there's a wrong one. Please refrain from giving home décor pieces unless they are candles or you know a person's house really well. After all what does one do with a hideous ceramic vase with ugly fruits carved on it? And unless you know someone's size and style, try to avoid giving clothing or jewellery.

It's not about the price. Presents are always about the amount of thought you put into to them. So the next time you go gift shopping, put some effort into it and show that you really care.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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