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This season's ticket grabbers

Summer is the hottest season in Bangladesh, when not only do exams for students come to an end but working adults also want to get out of their hectic household and office regimes. This summer many airlines have special offers to whisk you away from your stressful life and help you plan a vacation that will give you just the break you need. Here are some of the hot deals the season has to offer:

Thai International Airways
On the occasion of their 47th anniversary, Thai Airways has announced new fares that are cheaper by approximately 12% on all economy class flights from Dhaka. The offer is valid till June 30, 2007.

For more information contact Thai Airways at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, 1, Minto Road, Dhaka.
Telephone- 8314711-18, 8914343. Airport office telephone- 8914351. Fax- 8312984.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways, an Abu Dhabi based Airlines is offering the lowest possible fares for economy class flights from Dhaka to New York and back at US $999 plus all local taxes. The offer is valid till June 30, 2007.

For more information contact Etihad Airways at Moly Capita Centre 7th floor, house 4, road 127 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. Telephone- 01713094668, 01715954724.

GMG & Vantage Tours and Travels Agency
GMG Airlines and Vantage Tours and Travels agency in Bangladesh jointly announced a Holiday Package for Bangkok for a minimum of two people at Taka 22,000 per person inclusive of airline tickets. The package includes airport transport to and from a hotel at Bangkok with three nights and four days hotel stay, breakfast and one half-day floating market tour.

GMG Airlines and Vantage Tours and Travels are also offering another package deal for a Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur combo trip for a minimum of two people at Taka 42, 000 per person, inclusive of airline tickets. The package includes airport transport to and from hotels at both Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur with a stay of four nights and five days, breakfast, a half-day floating market tour in Bangkok and one half-day sightseeing inclusive of a dinner in Kuala Lumpur. The plane's seat booking will all be at economy class.

Both the packages are valid till June 30, 2007.
For more information contact GMG Airlines at ABC House, 9th Floor, Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani, Dhaka. Telephone- 8825845-9. Airport office telephone- 8920548. Or contact Vantage Tours and Travels at Pan Pacific Sonargoan Hotel, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. Telephone- 8117134-39.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has a package named “A Singapore Experience” for three days and two nights stay at US $421 per person with a minimum of two people inclusive of airline tickets. The package includes the ticket, daily breakfast and airport transport to and from a hotel. The plane's seat booking will be at economy class. The offer is valid till March 31, 2008.

Singapore Airlines is also celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with a special offer to thirteen destinations. The destinations are Bali-Bangkok at US $260; Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City at US $360; Seoul-Taipei at US $460; Colombo at US $460; Adelaide-Brisbane costing at US $560 and Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka-Fukuoka costing at US $560. Prices given are per person on economy class for a minimum of two passengers travelling together out of and back to Dhaka. Tickets will be available from May 27, 2007 to June 16, 2007 and customers must travel from June 1, 2007 to July 31, 2007.

For more information contact Singapore Airlines at Gulshan Tower, 7th floor, 31, North Gulshan Dhaka. Telephone- 8811504-7, 9883259. Airport office telephone- 8911928. Chittagong office telephone- 712120 (Saturday to Thursday 9pm to 5pm).

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysian Airline's “Golden Holidays” have announced a new Holiday Package for all over Malaysia. The package for Kuala Lumpur costs US $418 per person with a minimum of two people inclusive of airline tickets. It includes a three days and two nights stay, two people sharing a room and breakfast. Airport transfer to and from a hotel is also included. All bookings are for economy class. The offer is valid till June 31, 2007.

For more information contact Malaysian Airlines at Plot SW (I)-425, Gulshan Avenue-1, Dhaka. Telephone -9888211-20. Airport office telephone- 8916953.

British Airways
British Airways is offering a New York to Dhaka and return trip at US $985 including additional taxes. The plane's seat booking will at World Traveller economy class.

For more information contact British Airways at Star Centre, 1st floor, Plot 2A, Block SE (C) Road 138, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. Telephone- 8815111, Airport office telephone- 8914410.

All fares mentioned above are without any local airports and governmental surcharges.

By Tashmia Zaman

News Flash

Charka’s 6th round

Charka is having a hot summer sale with 50% off on all their summer clothing. Their collection includes outfits in cotton, handloom and georgette materials, all in light colours. This offer lasts till May 31, 2007. So check out Charka at Anam Rangs Plaza, Dhanmondi for this hot offer!

Charka has also just opened its doors to the sixth batch of students participating in their Fashion Design workshop conducted by their chief designer Javed Kamal in collaboration with the head of faculty at NIFD, Mr. Jahangir Karim. The admission fee is Taka 500 and the workshop will touch all aspects of fashion designing. All work done during the course of the workshop will be shown in an exhibition when it ends.

-LS Desk

Discount offer at ETC and Book Express

Books express, a concern of Etcetera Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. has launched a discount offer at its Gulshan and Banani outlets. The offer has been running from the 18th of May and will carry on until June 2nd. By collecting a free voucher from any of Coffee World's six outlets, one can enjoy discounts of 15% on books, 10% on gift items, toys and music and 5% on stationery.

Etcetera's (ETC.) RAK Tower outlet has also launched a month-long discount offer which will run until 14 June where one can enjoy a reduced rate on ETC's different items such as 15% on books, clothing, music, toys, gift items 10% on stationery, cosmetics and 5% on perfume. This offer can also be availed by collecting a voucher from ETC's RAK tower outlet, Coffee World and Pizza Corner in same building or from Pizza Corner in the Dhanmondi Nilu Square outlet.

-LS Desk

By The Way

If you're on a weight loss regime, know that you shouldn't rely too much on the sauna. While the sauna temporarily makes you lose some weight through sweating, it's only water weight that is soon regained with the consumption of food and water. Instead follow a well proportioned diet, exercise regularly and use the sauna to help relax your body and reinvigorate your skin cells.

On The Cover

On the cover
Explore the scintillating sights this summer at home and abroad as we bring you the lowest rates, the hottest spots and more. Splash on to the CentreFold for the deals and steals.

Location: Boga Lake, Bandarbans

Photo: Hasan Imam Shiplu


Get organised!
Ever feel like you're under a blizzard and you can't find anything? Well if you invest a little time in getting things into order, it will save you a lot of time in the long run. It's all about the right storage, right placement and determining what you need and don't need.

The right storage
Be it stationery, clothing, documents or jewellery, the right storage unit is the key. Instead of randomly buying things, assess what you need storage for and then make the buy. Instead of getting shelves, if you need to sort and categorise documents, invest in a filing cabinet. Instead of buying a million jewellery boxes, invest in one or two big ones that store all your pieces. The key is to find a storage unit that is versatile and meets most if not all the requirements.

The right place
We often don't find things because we tend to put them in places where we can't find them later. Why leave your documents under the coffee table junk when they really need to be in the study? Why leave your jewellery in the bathroom when they should be in the vanity drawers? Leaving things in the wrong places will create an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” situation.

The right things to keep
The average human has a pack rat tendency that makes him or her incapable of throwing things out or giving them away, whether s/he needs them or not. Don't keep random letters from ten years ago if you don't really need them. Get rid of all those socks with holes in them. Throw out those cracked and chipped coffee mugs if you have ones in good condition. The “less is” more theory will always keep you more clutter free.

Clutter in your house tends to clutter your mind. And when it gets too bad, the claustrophobia kicks in. So invest some time in getting organised.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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