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Creating drama with lampshades

As a determinant of mood, light has no rival. It's the trick-up-the-sleeve of every successful theatrical designer. Decorating with light is more than a matter of choosing lamps and fixtures. Bright light creates an atmosphere of energy and motion. Low light is restful and romantic. Today our focal point is lampshades. The mood of a room can be instantly changed by the addition of the right lampshade, the right light and the right amount of it.

Natural light is changeable through the day, so a lighting plan needs to complement it accordingly. Soft lighting instantly infuses a room with romance. Daylight becomes as shimmering and warm as a sunrise. Lampshades create a soft, dramatic ambience. Individual lamps create an intimate feeling. Commonly used as sources for task-specific lighting, floor, table, wall lamps and their shades can transform the mood of a room. They can be easily updated when it's time for a change, either seasonally or for a fresh look. Generally people take a quick trip to a department store and buy a lampshade that is usually the wrong size for his or her room. So, it's time to give lampshades a thought or two.

Various types of shades are available in the market. There are plenty of shapes to choose from: drums, cylinders, cones of all sorts, from the more open Empire and coolie to the tall narrow chimney, bowed shades with a concave profile, or more solid looking straight sided shades which may be hexagonal or more box like, in the form of a gently tapering square or rectangle.

The lampshade has four parts. The first is the base; the second is the body; the third is the shade itself and the last is the bulb-holder. There are various types of bases and bodies. Some are made of porcelain and others of wood, steel, brass, copper, etc. One thing to note is that if you buy a lamp, you cannot change the base or body but you can change your shades.

A slick wooden, clay or porcelain lampshade is a piece of artwork. So be careful when choosing a lamp for your place. Generally we place lamps on our bedside tables, or on side tables in the living room or on reading tables. Nowadays people are using slick metallic or plastic body table lamps for reading or writing. Bedside table lamps create a cozy, romantic mood. In the West, people use bedside table lamps for bedtime reading. They also use dimmers for convenient lighting. The table lamp is a decor piece- so people use it as an accessory for their living room. At the end of day, late at night or in the evening, if you want a break, put on a lamp and switch off all those other glaring lights to create a wonderful ambience.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant

E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan


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