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Check It Out
Nipun's summer collection

Nipun has great news for this summer. Keeping their valued customers in mind, they have stocked all their outlets with summer attires. Pastel coloured handloom materials are on display for all ages. All types of handlooms i.e. vowel, cotton, tat, adi are available in a reasonable price range.

Managing director and successful entrepreneur Ashrafur Rahman has been working relentlessly in this fashion industry since the inception of Bangladesh and he proudly proclaims that “Nipun” is Bangladesh's first and oldest boutique shop. His design studio is located on Panthapath where more than 100 men and women work with innovative ideas. All the designers of Nipun are graduates of Art College. Rahman is striving for a perfect balance between our own heritage and the modern international fashion industry.

Nipun has a diverse range of products ranging from home furnishing to clothes. You can avail a unique collection of bed covers, bed spreads, quilts, mats, cushions, curtains and more. The products are tailored according to the tastes and preferences of both the domestic and international market.

Nipun arranges seasonal exhibitions of its crafts. An exhibition of home decors was successfully arranged in summer. This month another exhibition of fatuas has been arranged.

Lalmatias' show room has now been shifted to 1/2 Lalmatia. The inauguration of this new showroom was held on 3rd June with much vigour and enthusiasm and promises shoppers a new collection. They are offering a handsome 10-15% discount on all their products from 3rd to 18th June on all of their retail outlets in Lalmatia, Bashundhara City, Uttara, Wari and Sylhet. Yet another showroom will be inaugurated at Pink City, Gulshan on 29th June.

Step into any of their outlets to avail the discount and check out Nipun’s collection.

By Nazia Atique
Photo: www.nipun-bd.com

Fashion Barometer

Think pink

There are colours that come and go-colours that have life spans of a season or two and then phase out into obscurity. And then there are colours that literally equate to femininity and speak volumes when it comes to characteristics such as being prim, proper and pretty. With the introduction of the new pink Lux, it is time to pay tribute to the fashion benchmark colour of pink once again. So while you celebrate the oh-so-heavenly pink in the toiletries that you use, let similar tones be reflected in other usables as well because saying it as simply as can be said-Pink is in!

Cell Phones
Mobile phones have long ceased to be communication utility devices and have been raised to the ranks of fashion statements; so if you're one who opts for a phone only if it is good-looking-you're not alone. And by good-looking not just small and slick, but colour consideration brought into play as well. So in our pink promotion crusade, first mention goes to hot pink cell phones. While black, white and silver may work well for sophistication, pink phones speak their own language of spunk and flair. Whether they are phones that originally come in this colour or ones that you get casing for, hot pink mobiles are all the rage this season.

Note Books
If being feminine is something that you thrive on, then you would probably want to see it through to all kinds of accessories that you use inclusive of stationery. If not for core education purposes, then at least for lyrics, quotes, sketches (for the artistically inclined) and the special summation of pages in which you pour your heart out (diary, journal whatever you choose to call it).

After all, who would want to pen down their deepest, darkest feelings in a greasy, tattered, run-of-the-mill khata? So waste time not and allow yourself to be inspired by Reese Witherspoon's furry, frilly pink notebook in Legally Blonde.

Ah yes, wouldn't we all love one of those-pink, blue, red, green, yellow whatever the colour. Okay so maybe not yellow, but hey laptops are laptops. And of course if you are going to get one anyways, why not make it pretty? And since pink is synonymous to pretty, go all out for the glitz factor when it comes to gadgets as well. If you're as technology-retarded as I am, then fancy looks are going to be near about all that will draw you to this product or that.

So let's move on to more everyday products in our bid to let pink seep into as many corners as we can. Gone are the days of using sullen, dull-coloured mugs for your daily dose of tea and caffeine; it's not just what you eat or drink that matters but what you serve in as well.

With recent fashion trends dictating the use of beads in almost everything from self-made jewellery to kameez embellishments to cell phone accessories, you would do well to stock up on your supply of pink beads that will come to use in more ways than one.

Long gone are the days of statements that made claims such as “Black is the new pink” or “Orange is the new pink” because with Lux’s new pink soap, Pink is the new pink!

-LS Desk

On The Cover

It's that time of the year when we celebrate those very important men in our lives. Flip to the back for that fuzzy, warm feeling.

Model: Sufi and Ariana
Photos: Zahedul I Khan




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