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Shop Special
Treasure trove

If you appreciate funky jewellery, Zaman Crafts is the place for you. Zaman Crafts is situated on the second floor of Genetic Plaza on Dhanmondi Road 27. It has more than one outlet on the same floor along with other shops like Ornate that cater to the same type of jewellery. The shops are very well lit with no less than three walls adorned with all sorts of beautiful jewellery.

There’s a variety of jewellery to choose from. You can simply buy a pair of earrings or a necklace or opt for both as a set. For a very African look, there is a variety of beaded necklaces. These cost around Taka 250 to Taka 300. These are quite chunky and come with a pair of matching earrings. Such pieces when teamed up with a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt will look fabulous or when coordinated with a sari will look stunning too. Metallic bangles are quite a steal at Taka 60 each. They also have wooden and glass bangles with the latter coming` in different colours. Some have glitter while others are studded with stones.

For an authentic Indian feel a “Mangalsutra” at Taka 350 is the perfect piece. These look just like the real ones and both stores have other stone-studded jewellery to match. They also have antique “kundan” sets that are mostly set on gold coloured metal in a multitude of shapes with various coloured stones.

The stores also sell a variety of finger rings. Beautiful rings set with big solitaire stones are instant eye-catchers. They also have plain faux silver rings that cost from Taka 15 to Taka 20 and the stone ones vary from Taka 20 to Taka 25, depending on the style of the ring.

All these are mainly flown in from India and some are brought in from Thailand and Korea as well. Even though all these products are brought from abroad, the stores charge a reasonable price. Big hoops cost only Taka 60 and smaller ones cost just Taka 40. Earrings in various sizes and styles cost between Taka 110 and Taka 250. Bracelets on the other hand cost Taka 180. These shops have an assortment of all these trinkets.

There is something to suit each individual's style and taste. So if you're in the mood to blow some money on bling but within reasonable limits, check out both Ornate and Zaman Crafts at Genetic Plaza.

By Fahreen Faree

Shop Talk

Bringing nature inside
Living in an age when well-ventilated spaces and large windows are a luxury and you can scarcely see any green even in the greenest of countries, indoor plants may be our only saviours. While almost anybody knows the basics of placing plants in the home and office- watering them everyday, putting them out in the sun at least once a week, etc- we don't always know how much the different varieties cost and where they can be found.

Except for some late bloomers, the radhachuras in town are already out. But if you can wait awhile for a bloom, go ahead and buy one for your veranda and make the neighbours jealous. They cost only Taka150 per plant.

The most common and best-loved varieties of the patabahar can be found at prices as low as Taka100 to 150 at the best nurseries. Even cheaper varieties can be found at local nurseries. These make for a great way to add colour and make believe texture to a space. They come in different colours among which reds and greens are most popular and also in different shapes. They can be used in living spaces.

These yellow flowers are in bloom this season and if they can survive the heat they can survive almost anything! They are widely available at Taka 150 and can be used in colour coordinated rooms or monochromatic ones to create a dramatic effect.

While the actual names of plants in this category are unknown, they are locally called decinas. They are closely related to patabahars in appearance and come in many different varieties, which serve the same purpose as the patabahars. They cost between Taka 100 and 250.

Small sized varieties of these can be added to entrances, spaces or reception areas for a more formal but serene atmosphere. Erica palms cost about Taka 100, Nolena palms Taka 700 and Taal palms Taka 150.

Made popular again by Arnob's “Tomar Jonno” and also blooming all over town, kaatgolaps are timeless. They need much less water than other plants and have an overwhelming smell that can make any space feel cosy and comfy. They cost between Taka 300 to 400 depending on the size.

These are the little reddish flowers that children tear to suck out the nectar from within. They are part of most official gardens in Dhaka city and can make great additions to verandas. They come at about Taka 150 each.

These need no intro and at Taka 150 can be added to gardens and verandas for visual and olfactory pleasures.

All the plants mentioned do need some sun and care but can change the spaces deep within buildings, bringing light and life into them. They are available at all nurseries at the approximate prices mentioned but if you want to know names and find better varieties try the bigger nurseries like BRAC nursery.

By Diya

News Flash

Sonargaon: A Call for Humanity

Pan Pacific Sonargoan Dhaka and the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society jointly organised a blood donation program “Help Save Life”. It was a part of Corporate Social Responsibility program from the hotel. A total of 120 bags of blood were collected in the daylong program.

Honourable Advisor for the Ministry of Health major General (Ret.) Dr. A S M Matiur Rahman in his address in the occasion thanked the hotel management for taking such humanitarian step towards the community in conjunction with BRCS. He added that it is not only a corporate social responsibility but also a religious and great moral act. “Importance of donating blood to the needy and its overall significance to the society cannot be expressed in terms of words”, he added. He thanked all the real heroes- the donors for such a great act.

Sheraton: Vintage corporate lunch

If your work requires you to arrange small or medium business lunches, one of the best options to try out is the affordable, three-course meal in an antique laced ambience at the Vintage Restaurant, Sheraton. To start with, feast on some Paprika Scented Tiger Prawns one of the house specialties, the Norwegian Smoked Salmon with a roasted pepper bilini and crème fraiche. For a main course, try the signature dish, the mixed grill showcasing tender imported Australian meats. For a lighter bite, sample one of the many local fish on the menu or indulge in a whole lobster prepared just the way you want. Vintage is open for dinner only but also available for group business lunches. For more information please call 833 0001 Ext 4220.

-LS Desk

On The Cover

As the weather blows hot and cold by raining one moment and then blasting us with death-rays of heat, fight its flights of fancy by dressing sensibly, drinking loads of water and keeping an umbrella at hand. The important thing is to be comfortable.

Model: Asif Azim
Photo Courtesy : Asif Azim


Packing prudence
If you or one of your kids is off to college in another town or maybe even another country, a little prudence while packing will take you a long way. In one's caution to not forget anything or leave anything behind, people often take with them a lot of unnecessary things or things that are readily available everywhere. So plan ahead and save yourself a lot of excess baggage.

According to destination
It all usually always depends on where you're going. If you're going to a different town, things are generally easier to pack because you can take a car full of stuff and just drive up or down there. But if you're going abroad, it's a whole other ball game. If you're flying, you can only take a fixed number of suitcases and at a fixed weight each. So assess where you're going and how many people are travelling and pack accordingly.

According to importance
If you have money to spare, often times, you can go abroad with only one suitcase and buy everything else once you get there. But most people don't have that luxury. Nonetheless, packing prudently will save you more money in the long run. Start with clothes, accessories, music, and memories and thus pack according to importance.

According to availability
Never take things like notebooks, toiletries, blankets, pillows and heavy objects. You'll find all your college supplies and bedding needs for a limited cost at a local department store when you get there. So don't bother lugging these items around. The key is to take things that you aren't likely to find where you're going.

Often times the college will provide you with a checklist of things to take along and this really comes in handy. Doing a little Internet searching to see what stores that particular place has will also give you a good idea of where to go to buy things.

A little planning will take you a long way. So pack accordingly.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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