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News Flash
Three new packages launched by Farzana Shakil

There are names that enter certain lines of trade and peter out into obscurity in a year or two, others that run consistently after breaking even, and others yet that catapult to the heights of becoming synonymous to the very industries in which they operate. Such was the fate of Farzana Shakil's venture into the beauty industry of Bangladesh and as is the case with any undertaking of this stature, innovation is what keeps the show running.

In a press brief held in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel's Chameli Hall on the evening of the 4th of July, Farzana Shakil Makeover Salon Limited (FSMSL) launched three new and interesting packages for their well-varied range of clients. To expand the emphasis of beauty beyond just face value, the six-step FS Concept has been inaugurated. Under this programme, an entire month each, will be dedicated individually to the six aspects of body care, hairstyles and care, skin care, makeover, bridal packages and manicures and pedicures. Hence the programme will run for six months. In this thirty day period, three days will be set aside for clients to attend mini workshops held by Farzana Shakil during which they can learn about the respective concern of the month, voice their queries or questions and avail discounts for treatment done regarding that month's issue.The second prospect launched is entitled Teen Time, although it is not restricted strictly to that age bracket. A programme intended for teens as well as those in their early twenties, special beauty care requirements of the youth will be catered to from the 13th to the 19th of every month. And of the clients who choose to opt for this benefit, one customer will be chosen to be the brand ambassador of the FSMSL Teen Time for the whole month.Lastly, a special package was also introduced for another streamlined sect of clients that entitles the wives of all cricketers free membership and associated privileges at the salon. Among other notable guests, cricketers Rokibul Hasan, Athar Ali Khan, Aminul Islam Bulbul, Khaled Mahmud Shujon and their spouses were present at the launch.

By Subhi Shama Reehu
Photo: Rashed Ahmed

International Food Festival at Dhaka Regency

Give a man a table stretching the length of half a room offering culinary delights like the forbidden fruit, and it is hardly a turndown. Give him more dishes to choose from, wider variety to fuss over and he is happier still. So it is, and is particularly so where a cuisine of motley of international dishes are concerned.

Thursday, July 5, 2007, was the opening of the Grandiose Restaurant in Dhaka Regency. The promotion schemes proudly announce the restaurant as the largest and the first 24 hours restaurant in Bangladesh. And what better way to put it on gear than launch a food festival? From the said date, Grandiose began hosting an International Food Festival that will last till July 13, 2007.M. S. A. Shohag, the Front Office Manager of Dhaka Regency said, “This is going to be something for everyone to come and enjoy. The restaurant is big- 8000 square feet, a lot of space. There will be food from all over the world and of course, live entertainment.”Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Honourable Advisor of the caretaker government was the chief guest for the opening. Reportedly, from July 5 to July 13, that is to say the duration of the Festival, each night will be flanked with celebrities.“The last night of the festival will be something to look forward to,” said Mr. Shohag, “There will be a concert, and we will have Shakila Zafar as a guest.”The International Food Festival is in the form of a buffet dinner priced at Taka 650 per person. The range of food encompasses French, Italian, Arabic, Continental and Thai gourmets among many others. The Festival opens every night at 7:00 pm, and there are 50 to 70 items every night. So make a point to swing by, give your stomach a cruise through the globe and eat to your heart's content. Bon appetite.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky

Shop Talk

The word "cha" (tea) began to be used some three thousand years ago in China as an elixir. It would not be an exaggeration then, to say that the tea that is so basic to our daily drinking customs today is the very tea whose origins date back to antiquity. We have all tried tea at least once in our lives even if out of curiosity, like sipping from our parents' cups when we were infants. Nowadays tea comes in different flavours in both local and imported brands.

Green Tea
Green tea, which is considered to be one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world today, has only been recently discovered by the world to have a lot of nutritional benefits.

Green tea has a lot of different advantages, most of which are health-related. Researchers have found that consumption of green tea can help in the prevention of certain diseases and ailments, as well as benefit the body's overall well-being. Ispahani Tea Company produces green tea costing around Tk71 and Finlay, a multinational company, also produces green tea costing around Tk51. Both are easily available in most local supermarkets.Organic Tea
Organic tea came into being because of the philosophical views of Rudolf Steiner and later Lady Eve Balfour, who in the 1930s founded the Soil Association and encouraged the culture of organic tea and beverages in developing countries. Furthering this initiation, organic tea cultivation started worldwide. In Bangladesh, Kazi and Kazi Tea group's organic tea costing only around Tk65 can be found in the markets.
Flavoured Tea
Flavours like Blackcurrant, Roseship, Apricot, Passion fruit, Peppermint and many others are found in the market that make the taste of tea diversified and refreshing. These delicious infusions combine all the healthy properties of tea with the juicy flavour of fruits to create delightful and complementary blends. Brands like 1001flowers (imported by Marzan) and Twinings Infusions are available in large supermarkets. Prices range between Tk125 to 430.
Slimming Tea
This is an all-natural product with no chemicals or caffeine and non-habit forming tea that can help you reduce body weight naturally. This fragrant and soothing herbal drink is a smart alternative to strenuous exercise, monotonous diets, expensive slimming programmes and appetite-suppressing drugs. You do not have to change your eating habits drastically. Just maintain a well-balanced and normal diet, sit back and relax, while having a delicious cup of after meal tea. But it is best to ask a doctor or check for more information online before having this tea. It is a Chinese product and comes in different brands and you can even look for it in a drug store. It costs around Tk300.

By Tashmia Zaman

On The Cover

For styles that fly in rain or shine, Aarong is the place to look to. Try out their crepe silk saris and stay trendy. (Story on page 2)
Photo: Aarong


Moving on
A new home, a new house and a new place all bring with them a sense of excitement. New walls to decorate, empty floors to cover, and new pictures to hang up. But before all the fun of decorating comes the gruesome task of moving. And there's no sugar-coating it. Moving is a daunting, exhausting and cumbersome feat. But a few simple pre-moving activities can make your overall move a lot easier.
Before you reach for the bubble-wrap, try to gauge the furniture to space ratio of the new place. It is crucial to see if it will all fit. Once that hurdle is over, try to sketch out the furniture placement in each room. This will make it much easier for whoever is doing the heavy lifting at the new place. Then chalk out a plan for the order in which you'll move. Try to move on days when the whole family is free so that things go faster.
Rather than packing by items, pack by room. You can sub-divide into items in each room. This makes it easier to “move” a room from one location to another without things getting lost. And don't start sorting things before the move. You can do that once you're in the new house and putting things into place. If you're planning to use your existing furniture, instead of clearing out chest of drawers, pull out the drawers with whatever they hold. Send the chest frame with the movers, but load up the drawers in your car. That way you won't have to pack and then unpack stuff all over again.
In trying to set up the perfect lounge, we forget that rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom are much more crucial than the lounge. So focus on setting up at least the kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom before moving on to the other rooms. Instead of bringing everything all together and then trying to set things up, do a room a day. This is much less mind-boggling and works faster in the long run.
Do away with those age-old moving tricks. They only create more work for you. Instead plan ahead, take one-step at a time and work your way through a careful moving strategy…and you'll wake up one fine morning to see that you're all settled at your new place!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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