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dine decor

The dining room is a natural place to try out different combinations because necessary accessories alter its palette almost daily, depending on the event, the menu, flowers or the season. Dress the dining table with the colours you love, whether muted or bold. Build a collection of table linens, dishes, glassware and centrepieces in your favourite hues. The table is the focus of a dining room and changing the colour scheme of this space is easier and more affordable than doing so with almost any other space in the house.

Generally, to decorate a dining room, divide it into two parts: the table settings and the room at large. Our focal point is the table, with its table linens, dishes, glassware, cutlery and a centrepiece. There are various types of table settings that vary with country, culture and style but people now commonly use easy maintenance table accessories irrespective of their intended look for the table. Next to contemporary or traditional styles, cutlery, flowers, place cards, napkins, glassware and dinnerware play a huge role in the look of a table setting.

Contemporary: Our contemporary table was created with the idea of modern simplicity and a casual air in its theme.

Traditional: Events like Christmas or Pohela Boishakh demand a different style. Combining occasion-specific foods and drinks with traditional cutlery and tableware such as a clay pot or clay vase as a centrepiece gives the table a festive look. For Christmas, red candles or wine glasses on the table do the trick.

Cutlery: The cutlery should be sleek, silver or gold, white crystal or silver and wood. Organic shapes and naturally aesthetic pieces should be the focus of a contemporary table.

Colour and flowers: Flowers also influence the atmosphere of a particular space. Red is proven to stimulate appetite and conversation. Pink is said to flatter and offer a sense of security. Orange is warn and lively. So a red or orange rose or a sunflower will go hand in hand with the essence of a dining table while adding some more colour and a touch of the outdoors.

Place cards: Place cards are starting to come into vogue nowadays. They can be made using materials such as paper or even be fabricated out of harder materials such as wood or silver.

Napkins: Napkin colours should work with the overall colour scheme and as accent pieces to reflect the colours of the floral arrangement or dinnerware. Using folded napkins as opposed to fancy fan shaped arrangements are far more effective in adding colour and working with the overall setting.

Glass and dinnerware: Long and elegant yet thick pieces always have a timeless quality and tend to last longer. The dinnerware also has a great impact on the look of the table. Sometimes an irregular-shaped, colourful dish is more successful in creating an attraction for the meal rather than a classic piece.

Everyone wants to sit down to a table replete with dishes, glassware, centrepieces, and linens that indulge the senses. Therefore whenever you plan on setting the dining room table, consider the type of look you want to go for and choose materials accordingly to set a table that will catch the eye and beckon dinners to come and eat.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat


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