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Kitchen charisma a better kitchen within a budget

There is something alluring about a kitchen. Regardless of its size or decor, family and guests are often drawn to its warm aromas, bustling activity and cheerful informality. Surrounded by pots, bowls, utensils and heavy appliances, neighbours trade gossip, spouses talk about their day, children call for attention and busy cooks try to go about their job of preparing meals.

Our feature focuses on a small and low budget kitchen. Nowadays people are confined to apartment life for the most part. Most apartments aren't very spacious either. This week, we look at a 2400 square feet apartment in Dhanmondi. The apartment is large, but lacks a storeroom and the kitchen is also small. The homeowner wanted her small kitchen to have a full storage space on the smallest possible budget.

The quick solution for storage space in the kitchen is to get a modular kitchen. There are various types of modular kitchens available nowadays. They are lavish-looking, but also very expensive.

Easy access makes for easy living. That's why it's often so challenging to decorate a small space. In this kitchen we arranged laminated cabinets around the walls. We also re-shifted the door 2 feet to the left of where it used to be. The space we obtained behind the door was turned into a cabinet. The cabinets are made of beach wood laminate board and they are also custom made as per allocated space. The layout structure is a U-shaped format with a worktop of black granite. The straight clean lines of the cabinet offer a sense of balance whereas the black counter top creates contrasts. A concealed burner has been attached to the worktop and a hood was placed over the burner. We also covered the awkward hood pipe with the cabinet.

The tiles are local; we used white tiles on the wall, framed by a border which also runs over the worktop but we used heavy-duty wooden tiles in the floor for durability and easy maintenance.

Windows or natural light is essential for a kitchen. We kept the window area free from cabinets and added a light curtain for privacy. A bunch of green leaves hang in the corner of the windows. Such knick-knacks create a welcoming mood. A spoon holder, some colourful plates, traditional pan pots and crockery can be displayed neatly through the kitchen.

One of the most important decisions you'll need to make is whether to display cooking equipment or to conceal it. Cabinets with wooden or frosted glass doors will give the space a clean, uncluttered appearance and also minimise the need for dusting, especially for busy users. On the other hand cooking equipment that is openly displayed also does double duty, becoming decorative as well as functional.

Sometimes a small change gives us big payoffs. In this kitchen entryway we pasted a three line super teak ply and a colourful fruit bunch. So a whimsical touch can help liven up even the most pint-sized kitchens.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks: Mrs. Ireen Shahid



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