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Shop Special
Celebrating Cooper's

Birthdays are always incomplete without cakes. Be small or big, it always feels good to make a wish and blow the candles. Presents, games, luscious foods make up a perfect birthday party.

Today we have plenty of bakeries, which cater to scrumptious cakes. They have the ready-made ones, which are very handy when you don't have time to order and when you do have the time, you can always go for something special and alter the decoration and size.

One of the renowned shops for birthday cakes is Cooper's, which was founded in 1984 on Mirpur road (now opposite to Ferns ‘n’ Petals). It was the pioneer of fast food shops in Dhaka. It not only catered to beautiful decorated cakes but also to other mouth-watering delicacies. One of my personal favourites is Queen's Laurence and that huge sub-way sandwich. When it was inaugurated there weren't many shops that catered to decorated birthday cakes. Yousuf and Purbani were a few names to be had.

Now Cooper's has the highest number of Disney cartoon characters, 70 plus, which you can choose from to adorn the cake. You can get Cinderella, Snow White, Tweety, and much more. Besides cartoon characters they have an array of over 50 different decorated cakes. They come in all sizes- round, rectangular, square- you name it and they have it. Cooper's has a cake fit for every occasion. Even though we consider cakes to be cut only on our birthdays they alsohave elegant cakes decorated for weddings, anniversaries, etc.

At present one of their specialities to become a favourite is Tia Maria. It is named after a well-known coffee liqueur Tia Maria. This liqueur gives the cake its flavour. The cake is wrapped in rich chocolate cream with a chunk of solid chocolate with 'Tia Maria' written on it. Apart from mouth-watering Tia Maria they also have dark chocolate, chocolate fudge, vanilla-caramel, strawberry and a new hazelnut cake. The vanilla-caramel cake is remarkable. It is a soft vanilla flavoured cake with solid caramel crispies spread all over the white supple vanilla cream. The cake melts in your mouth and you are left to chew the caramel crispies with the cream. Sounds yummy… doesn't it? Another favourite of mine is the chocolate fudge cake. This is a spongy cake with shredded chocolate on top.

If you want to try a whole cake, there is relief: Cooper's sells pieces of cakes so that a connoisseur, like me, can taste a variety. Alongside the cakes, the shop has scrumptious mousse, éclair, vanilla, pastries, tarts, etc.

Mr. Cooper has given us a superb place to give our taste buds a treat on every visit. Whether they are cakes, pastries, chicken-sandwiches, burgers or hot-dogs, they have it all. Cooper's started as a small fast food shop with one outlet and has now become one of the best in its category. They now have outlets all over Dhaka city from Dhanmondi and Mirpur Road to Gulshan and Uttara. Cooper’s won more than several hearts with its mouth-watering delicacies.

By Fahreen Faree

Shop Talk

Water-proof mascara
With rains that catch you unaware ever so often, you certainly don't want to end up with black patches on your cheeks. Therefore this is a must for girls who can't get out of the house without eye make up. Water-proof mascaras are available at Priyo or Almas. Maybelline costs around Tk 410, Revlon Tk 490 and if you can opt for products in the higher range, then you can always go for Mac which costs around Tk1550. It protects your lashes from getting wet and keeps them perfect even if you get drenched in the rain.

Poor drainage systems mean that streets and pavements here always get submerged in water so you can never be too sure about what you step on. Put your beautiful stilettos and converse back into your shoe-case because I'm sure you don't want a plaster on your leg or a smelly shoe soaked in water. Time has come to take out your flip-flops, thongs or simple sponges. In case you don't have one rush to the nearby store of Almas. They have vibrant colours of slippers with bells on them. They are trendy, go with Eastern and Western clothes and are very affordable. Each pair costs only Tk 200. If you want some good sponge slippers then you can get them at Bata or Elephant Road. Besides these places if you are willing to explore the slimy mud of Chadni Chawk and New Market then you might get these at a more affordable price (depending on how good you can bargain).

Irrespective of season or climatic condition, who doesn't want to smell good? Lightly scented fragrances are always good choices so you go for the likes of Nina Ricci Love in Paris which comes in an 80 ml bottle and costs Tk 3100. Bvlgari Aqva for men costs Tk 3000 and Hugo Boss Soul asks for about Tk 2400. Moonflower from Body Shop is a body mist costing around Tk 600 and Revlon Body Kisses comes in a 250 ml bottle costing Tk 250. Besides perfumes there are various types of scented body lotions, bath gels and body shimmers available in stores like Almas and Priyo. Lacoste shower gel is priced Tk 950 for men and Tk 980 for women.

Short skirts and capris
Short skirts and capris teamed up with loosely fitted t-shirts are all the rage this season. These are available at numerous clothing stores in the city. Shops like Westecs, Ecstasy, Soul Dance, and Yellow cater to trendy western outfits. If you can't find clothes to your liking in these outlets then there are the all-time options of Bongo Bazar or Doja market, more commonly known as the market opposite to Dhaka College. Prices here are variable, depending on how well you can bargain. Minimum ranges for T-shirts start from Tk 50 and pants from Tk 100 and go on until you reach an equilibrium price.

Hair products
Hair straightening seems to be so popular among men these days and people who are interested in doing it by themselves at home can grab a Wella straightening kit which is priced at Tk 350 or alternatively go to Facewash at Dhanmondi Rd 4 and have professionals do it for them. Hair gels and hair spray also come in handy and possible brands are Caring, L'Oreal, Gatsby and Lolane. Caring costs around Tk 300, Gatsby hair spray Tk 250 and L'Oreal studio hair gel around Tk 500. The price of a packet of Garnier hair colour is Tk 150.

By Fahreen Faree

On The Cover

Some trends are so hot, they just keep coming back. Head to the centre for all the fashions you missed that are rocking the catwalks again.

Make-up, wardrobe, accessories: Farzana Shakil
Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Model: Nira


In the bag
For some it's shoes, for some it's bling and for some it's bags. But bags aren't simply perfect little accessories to match prefect little outfits, they are probably the most utilitarian part of any ensemble. But how does one go about getting bags that don't just look good but also serve some purpose?

That one bag
Everyone should have that one bag. The one bag that acts as storage for all daily things important but still looks chic and multi-faceted enough to go with any outfit. This is generally the bag that we take to work and stores our make-up, stationery, cell phone, tissues and hairbrush. This bag should have many pockets to section out various things and be in an eternal colour like black to go with everything.

Bags that serve a purpose
There are certain colours of bags that everyone should have in their closet: black, brown, tan, white, gold and silver. Part of the reason for this is that most outfits can be accessorised with one of these colours. For instance, if you were to wear something pink with silver embellishment, a silver bag would complement it perfectly. Having bags in these colours saves you the trouble of buying a bag to match each outfit.

Bags to last
To keep your bags in good shape, it is imperative that you store them properly. They should be kept in a cool, dry place fortified with insect repellents. The best way to maintain their shape is to store them in the same way the shops do: upright and with lots of paper stuffing. But if you don't have the space for that, hanging them or laying them flat will work too. No matter what, do not fold back the handles-this creases them for life.

It's hard enough trying to come up with the perfect outfit without having to worry about the bag. So save yourself that hassle and make sure you have the right bags in your closet.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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