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News Flash

ALL CLEAR MEN comes to town

Men and women differ in most aspects. They have different scalps, different hair and therefore different hair care needs. Men have oilier scalps than women and experience more hair fall. Most importantly, men tend to accumulate more dandruff.

ALL CLEAR, the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brings in ALL CLEAR MEN- the first ever shampoo only for men, which comes in three different variants- the Style-Express, the Active Sport and the Hair Fall Decrease.

Rang celebrates Friendship Day

The glow of friendship is in the air, and with the onset of Friendship Day in August, Rang has come up with a new line. The line includes a gift box of 6 T-shirts of different colours and designs. The underlying motif of the shirts is the 6 seasons of the year, done in screen and brush paint. Alongside, there are special cards, CDs, drinking mugs and other accessories. Keeping in mind the wet weather, Rang has made use of silk and endi fabrics. For more information, check out their retail stores.

Summer sale at ETC

ETC, a pioneer lifestyle store in Bangladesh has organised a summer sale for their valued customers. There will be special offers and up to 70% off in selected departments, including books, stationery and clothing. Maximum discount levels are 40% on books, 70% on clothing, 70% on gifts and 15% on cosmetics. The discounts will be available at the following outlets: ETC Dhanmondi, ETC Uttara, Book Express, Banani and Book Express, Gulshan.

A touch of relaxation @Sheraton

Dhaka Sheraton is introducing a new Spa treatment that seeks to lead the customers to the perfect state of balance and harmony by discovering the wonders of traditional Thai Massage. Thai health care reflexology is effective in treating headaches, shoulder and back tension, joint and soft tissue injuries, poor digestion, insomnia and anxiety. So make a point of rejuvenating yourself at Dhaka Sheraton. The charges and treatment durations are as below:

Aromatherapy massages :Tk 2400 , 60 min. Aromatherapy Body Scrub, Coffee, Orange, Spa Salts, Medicinal Herbs: Tk 1800, 45min. Thai Massage: Tk 2000, 60min. Foot Bath & Scrub: Tk 1200 , 45min, Hand & Shoulder Reflexology: Tk 1200, 45min.

Friendship Day @ Shadakalo

Shadakalo is up and running with its Friendship Day line for both men and women. The line includes saris, salwar kameez sets, fatuas, T-shirts and mugs. Prices: saris Tk.920- 5800, salwar kameez Tk.900- 3200, panjabis Tk. 480- 1280, T-shirts Tk.150- 280, fatuas Tk.420- 550, and much more. So make it a point to swing by their outlets.

International Hallmark in Bangladesh

Cards and gifts have been invaluable items for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. And Hallmark has been one of the most prominent businesses in this field in Bangladesh. This July 27 saw the opening of another Hallmark retail outlet in Dhaka City, this time in Rupayan Golden Age in Gulshan. What’s more, this is unlike any other Hallmark store that has been inaugurated before in the country. Previous Hallmark stores have been franchisees of the Indian Hallmark with the white logo on the red backdrop. But this time around, the store is a direct licensee of the International Hallmark chain. The logo is now different- gold on a plum backdrop. So make a point in dropping by the Rupayan Golden Age outlet, opposite Coffee World and the Grameen service centre in Gulshan Avenue.

-LS Desk

Shop Talk

Vacations are almost over. New uniforms, polished shoes, note books and stationery are waiting to be used for the new school year. It is so exciting to wear a new uniform and read from brand new pages of a book. A new class, new teachers and new school resolutions. Meeting friends after a long time on a daily basis again feels so much better than sitting at home and watching T.V. However, let us also not forget that it's just not about the fun of going back to school to wear new dresses and meet friends. We also have to be more responsible towards our studies. Those who didn't do well last session always have an opportunity to make up for it in the coming new school year. So maintain discipline and have fun!

Bata Shoes
'First to Bata….then to School.' Bata has had this slogan for a long time. There was a time when schools specifically mentioned that their students should buy black shoes from Bata. Now there are a variety of sneakers worn by youngsters because they are just asked to maintain a single colour. However some schools still prefer black shoes and keds from Bata. Bata has brought new sneakers, more commonly known as converse (North Star). Black shoes for both genders cost Taka 600 to Taka 900 while white keds are between Taka 300 to Taka 500.

Shoe polish
There are many brands of shoeshine in the market these days such as Kiwi and Cherry. These are all very easy to apply. They come in the form of sponges with the shine soaked in it. All you have to do is just brush your shoe with it. They also have creams, which need to be applied with brushes and then rubbed with a cloth to wipe out any residue. Kiwi sponge natural shine costs only Taka 70 and it can be applied to any colour shoe to give it a polish. The ones for black shoes are a bit more expensive at Taka 140 and can be found at Almas.

Socks are an important part of an ensemble, especially with formal shoes. You cannot wear shiny black shoes without complementing white socks. Take a look at the shops situated under Longla, which is a panjabi shop located opposite to Fareways Cycle Shop on Road 1, Dhanmondi. Pairs start from Taka 20 each and go up in terms of quality, texture and make.

Water bottle and Tiffin box
These are found in New Market. Enter through the post office gate and you have a choice between fancy cartoon character water bottles and tiffin boxes. These can be found between Taka 150 to Taka 400 depending on the size and quality. A large variety of water bottles can also be purchased in various shapes, costing around Taka 250 to Taka 600. A bottle holding more than 50ml of water comes in semi-transparent colours but without any strap to swing it on your shoulder at Taka 200. They also have thermos flasks, which can store hot and cold liquids. A bottle holding approximately 50ml costs Taka 350.

By Fahreen Faree

On The Cover

Tiffin time, the best part of a school day. For more back to school bytes, flip to the centrefold.

Model: Thea Ariana Mahboob
Photo: Zahedul I Khan


Linen n' things
We all love to look at those fabulously put together beds on television and in hotels. But when it comes to our own beds, it all seems too much work, as does linen storage and cleaning. Yet a few simple steps in organising and arranging are all that is needed to keep your linens in good shape and keep those beds looking fabulous.

Easy access
Access makes or breaks the deal when it comes to bed linens. If you store them in a far off, hard-to-reach place, chances are you'll be more likely to ignore using everything you have. Designate an easy-to-reach cupboard for your linens so that they are at hand whenever the need arises.

Sort by usage
Often times we wear out the same old bedspread because our linen cupboard is too jumbled up for us to change bedding frequently. So organise your linen cupboard in order of usage. Keep the regular sheets and spreads in one pile and the fancy ones in another. This way, you'll know exactly when to use what, and save time because you won't have to worry about sorting.

Less is more
While hotel beds do look wonderful, they only look so because there is a staff that sees to a daily change. Your bed can still look great without all that frill simply by the way you put things together and their placement. Make “linen outfits”- that is match up bedspreads, bed sheets and pillowcases so that they complement each other (unless of course you buy all three in a combo set). And instead of covering up the pillows, put them over the spread, standing upright against the headboard. Have a blanket thrown across the foot of the bed for some added detail. A few simple touches will give you a great bed.

While most daily chores tend to become monotonous, dressing up your bed and putting your linens to good use can be quite and simple and a fun task if you go about doing it the right way. So give it a try and make yourself one superbly made-up bed.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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