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tick-tock, tick-tock

In 1868 when Patek Philippe made the first wrist watch he probably didn't know that a hundred and thirty-nine years later, he'd have competitors like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Mont Blac, Cartier, and Longines (to name a few) beating down the door. He probably didn't know that Swiss watches would become a class of their own. And for sure, he didn't realise that watches would soon come to make their own style statement.

The kind of watch you wear says a lot about your individual style. Watches have become such an important part of one's ensemble that as they say, a watch can make or break the deal. There's a fine line between Pavarotti and P. Diddy and a watch often makes that fine distinction. So what does your watch say about you?

Right or left
There has been a time old debate about whether to wear a watch on the right hand or the left hand. There is no right answer, that is, either hand is fine. The logic is that if you're a southpaw, you wear it on the right hand and if you're a righty, wear it on the left. After all it does make more sense especially when it comes to adjusting the time.

That one timeless piece
While a watch with an enormous dial or hot pink band may catch one's fancy, it is always good have a watch that goes no matter what you wear. Something elegant, simple and not-too-out-there should do the trick. Such pieces save you the trouble of trying to match what you're wearing and you can never go wrong with understated elegance.

Too casual
For people fortunate enough to have multiple watches, don't confuse the sports watches with the dress watches. Yes there is a distinction. Ignored it maybe, but the distinction is that a dress watch is generally small and discreet while a sports watch tends to catch your eye at 300 meters and is glow-in-the-dark. Each decade has had its own style statement and this decade's statement seems to be non-conformity. It's probably why people no longer pay attention to this distinction. Nonetheless it is prudent to match the watch according to the outfit. After all a Cartier would seriously look wrong with a wet suit no matter how water proof it is.

All that glitters
Whenever one thinks of gold, Dubai seems to come to mind. Similarly whenever one thinks of gold watches, the term “Dubai-walla” seems to come to mind. And if it isn't Dubai-walla, it is definitely some other walla like “Daruwalla”, “Tyrewalla” or even “Batliwalla”. The point is gold watches are a genre on their own, and a rare bunch of people, that is menfolk, carry it off without looking too glitzy. Women, however have it easier, although they too should wear not-too-large gold pieces either.

Tasteful versus tacky
We all go through a phase of wearing out-there time pieces. It's inherent and natural and even forgivable fashion law wise as long as one keeps in mind that the overall effect of wearing the out-there watch is pleasant. To be quite honest, a Powerpuff Girl watch would look ridiculous with a DKNY suit. So why wear it? While it might give people a glimpse of your “la-la” side, is it really worth it?

The right band
Every aspect of your watch counts as far as your overall get up. So make sure that the watchband works with the rest of your ensemble. Leather bands while classy in their material, tend to absorb sweat and give off an odour. In such cases it is wise to go for a metallic or nylon watchband.

While brand names are important because they have a certain degree of guarantee not to mention name-dropping potency, no matter what the label, it is the watch itself that reflects your individual style. Sure Brad Pitt might look great in a Tag Heuer but the bigger question is do you? And if your wondering why most watches show 10:10 in watch advertises, you'll be surprised to know that it's to make the watch look like it's smiling at you. Pretty neat right?

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob
Photo: Tanvir Ahmed


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