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Stone style

Continuing their efforts to highlight the trends, traditions and craftsmanship of rural Bengal, Mayasir presents their latest line of stone jewellery. Available is a range of earrings, toe-rings, rings, bracelets, bangles, tikli, anklets and necklaces of precious and semi-precious stones such as garnet, sapphire, jade, black onyx, coral tourmaline and gold-stone. The ornaments are all completely handmade by local craftsmen and are available within a price range of Taka 80-6500. So add a little Mayasir magic to your outfits.

Mayasir is located at House 76, Road 127, Gulshan

Photo: Mayasir

Calzone at Sheraton

Calzone, an Italian treat, is now being promoted at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel from August 5 to 12. It is the new hype in the city this week.

One of the finest joys associated with any dining experience is the discovery of something new and for this very reason, the staff from the Italia Bar & Bistro at the Sheraton rolls out this classic recipe, the calzone. Visit Sheraton to spend an evening during the week and sample the yummy treat by trying out any combination of filling to stuff inside this folded pizza while enjoying a complimentary bowl of Minestrone soup with each order of calzone.

For all connoisseurs of Italian food and also for all those die hard Seinfied fans here's a chance to try George's calzone, well almost exactly like the ones his boss chief of Yankees fell for.For more information call Dhaka Sheraton at 833 0001 Ext 4215.

Rume's launch

August 3rd marked the beginning of Rume's Beauty Care at Gulshan 2 (House- D121, Road 44). The unisex salon boasts modern hair care and healthcare facilities. The salon also features a boutique corner for the female clientele. Customers will get a 30% discount for the first week. So do check it out.

Explore Fashion Talent 2007

If you're a fashion student or aspiring designer, Nitya Upahar's Explore Fashion Talent 2007 might just be the break you need. Applications and portfolios can be submitted between August 4, 2007 and August 11, 2007.
Twenty selected participants will be chosen to take part in an orientation class and workshop. Of these twenty, six designers will get prizes and an opportunity to work with Nitya Upahar. Other participants will also receive gift hampers. For more information contact Nitya Upahar at Aziz Super Market (3rd Floor), Shahbagh, 8629039.

-LS Desk

Soul food

Creativity unleashed

Jk Rowling apparated into the literary scene in 1997, and the world was never the same again. For the ten years that followed, millions of readers across the world allowed themselves to be swept away by the magic of Harry Potter, and as the incredible saga ended with the seventh book, a generation of readers has a decade of enchantment to cherish forever.

So what is it that made the Potter books so irresistible? Everyone has a theory; and one of them is that it's so full of possibility. It defies the confines of the mundane real world and brings to life amazing adventures only possible in dreams. While the map-reading cats and the flying broomsticks tickled the imaginations of children, the appeal of the books for the adult reader lay in its ability to revive a lost childhood, one that was, as one author puts it, 'bursting with creativity and ideas, alive with what's possible'.

As we grow up and shrug off the mantle of childhood, we leave behind that ability to spring new ideas. Blame it on busy schedules, fast-paced lifestyles and lack of practice in exercising the imagination. Why is it important, you ask? In the previous part of this series, we talked about getting unstuck, and one way to do so is to be able to explore other possibilities than the one before you, and unless you can flex those creative muscles, you won't be able to jump over your obstacles. So if you want to get moving, revv up your think-tank and get cracking on coming up with new ideas. There are three phases to this brainstorming session:

Phase 1: The Setting
Take a moment, even if it's just five minutes, and shift away from your workplace, even if it means just getting up from in front of your PC and taking a walk. The idea is to snap out of 'work' mode and get ready for 'playtime', so creating an environment that allows your mind to run free is important. This is different for different people, so choose a setting that works for you. Some people think best when they're working out; others require absolute silence, and still others are inspired by music. It helps to keep the cell-phone turned off, though, and minimise distraction.

Phase 2: Generating genius
Once your setting is ready, grab a pen and paper and just jot down whatever comes to mind. Set a minimum target of ideas that you're going to come up with; and don't settle for any less. While you're at it, slam the brakes on logic and reason, and ignore that little voice in your head that tells you you're not creative enough to come up with so many ideas. As Henry Ford puts it, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right."

Your ideas could be related to anything, from planning a party, to coming up with an ad campaign, to choosing a career. Suspend the possibility of failure and try to envision what you would be doing. Indulge in your most outrageous impulses, and jot them down. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Phase 3: Polish and plan
When you've got yourself a list, it's time to screen the ideas. Pick out the best ones and then work out how you can go about achieving them. Don't get too critical; sometimes crazy ideas end up as big winners. Going back to JK Rowling, when she initially submitted her manuscript for the first Harry Potter book, the publishers' response was lukewarm; after all, who would want to bank on an unknown author? And yet, seven best-selling novels, and film rights later, here she is, a multi-billionaire, read and loved across the world.

So break those barriers, and connect with your inner child, and you may be on your way to writing your own success story!

By Sabrina F Ahmad


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