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Memorable gifts for memorable occasions

Marriage. A relationship, that deepens with the passage of time. A bond that strengthens as it matures. A unique union of two minds and souls that gradually gets etched in the hearts of two people. And a date that slips off other people's memories with the turning of calendar pages!

In the hustle and bustle of daily lives we quite often tend to forget this special day of our near and dear ones- our relatives, our grandparents, our elder siblings, our friends and mostly our parents. Remembering them on their special day will not only make their day even more special but will also give you a chance to let them know how much they mean to you. A small token of appreciation, of how much of a difference they make in our lives, seems very trifle to express our best wishes for them but is very effective nevertheless.

While choosing an anniversary gift, try to keep in mind that the occasion is in honour of two people, and one should therefore not choose a gift that targets just one of them. Of course you could opt for something for him as well as something for her, but it is better to stick to something that would be special to both of them. Thus sidestepping clichéd gifts such as a cologne for him and jewellery for her, let us introduce you to a whole new range of new and innovative anniversary gift ideas.

Photographs are a great way of preserving memories, and a photo frame containing a picture, capturing a special moment would be a cherished gift for someone. If you can collect pictures of different stages of their lives, then you can compile them in an album and make a memory book for your parents or siblings. For friends, you can make a photo collage of friends or family or people who are special to them and adorn it nicely with accessories and funny messages and quotes. For formal anniversary gifts, you can chose from a variety of photo frames of different sizes and shapes and even ornamented ones that serve as both a photo holder and a showpiece.

Book collections or DVD collections can also make good gifts. Novels or a collection of a volume of books can be given, if the pair has interests in reading. A collection of a few great movies will give hours of relaxing entertainment. You can also opt for grand paintings that will adorn the walls of their house.

Glass and crystal showpieces are probably the most common anniversary gifts that are presented to people. Since they are very commonly available and usually very economical, they top the popular list of anniversary gifts. If you want to avoid the hassle of looking for an exclusive gift, you can always turn to these items. However, make sure that you choose unique designs of these showpieces and not the common ones that almost every house has. Flower vases, jewellery boxes, table-clocks, ceramic tableware are other common gift items that are easily available in various shapes and designs.

Not always do you have to spend a whole lot of money on purchasing a gift, you could try something different. You may plan them a surprise party with all their special likings, and let them enjoy it. Or you could cook them a tasty dinner comprising of all their favourite dishes. For your parents you could give them a day's break from their usual housework and let them sit back and enjoy the day. Also you could plan a special outing for them, such as a river cruise or a long drive. Getting passes for a gourmet dinner at a lavish restaurant or theatre tickets for their favourite movie are great ideas as well. A holiday package to a far away destination, away from the humdrum of their daily lives can be an ideal gift which will also give the couple some quality time to spend with each other.

An innovative gift idea for your grandparents' anniversary can be a family tree. You can make this from a branch of a real tree and hang miniature frames containing the pictures of all the family members, hanging from different branches. In this way you can actually give them something that they love the most- their whole family!

Flowers are an all-time favourite gift idea for any occasion. A large colourful bouquet of sweet smelling flowers has the magical ability to make anyone's day a brighter and happier one. So do not leave out this inexpensive, yet wonderful gift item from your top gift ideas. Along with these, a sweet message inscribed inside a colourful card, or a humorous line, can also bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

Of course, nothing can be better than a hand-made or personalised card or gift. Applying your personal touch to a gift will make it much more special to the people who you are giving the gift to. Even if the work looks pretty amateur and informal to you, it is still the thought and effort that counts. So let your imagination loose and make your own innovative anniversary gift for your near and dear ones. Using just household materials you can create your own photo frame and instead of putting just photos in there, you can put together a little bit of this and a little bit of that and opt for a more personalised look for the frame.

By Nusrat Khandker


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Hallmark tokens of love

1st Anniversary: Paper is the conventional gift for a first anniversary. The first thing that comes to mind is definitely books and a collection of a few classics would prove to be an ideal gift. Photo albums or paintings could also be on the list. A unique idea is a personalised wall hanger in the shape of a scroll, with pictures and an expressive poem or an associated quotation to go with it.

5th Anniversary: Wood is the conventional gift for the fifth anniversary. This can include furniture, but if that is not an ideal gift option, opt for small wooden showpieces. An ideal gift can be a small souvenir carved out of wood resembling a small figurine or likewise.

10th Anniversary: Tin is the conventional gift for the tenth anniversary. Though this may seem to be very unorthodox as gift material, many wonderful tin showpieces can be found. An ornamented tin basket can be chosen and used as a fruit basket in the kitchen.

15th Anniversary: Crystal is the conventional gift for the fifteenth anniversary. This theme opens a huge arena of gift options, from showpieces to tableware to jewellery. However, an exclusive gift item could be a crystal pendulum table clock.

20th Anniversary: China is the conventional gift for the twentieth anniversary. Dinner sets and tableware may seem to be typical wedding or anniversary presents but a ceramic mug with a photograph printed on it and a few caring words will definitely be an outstanding gift.

25th Anniversary: Yes as you have guessed, the conventional gift for the twenty-fifth anniversary is silver. While tableware and jewellery could top your list of options, our choice is a nice and sleek silver watch.

50th Anniversary: The conventional gift for the fiftieth anniversary is gold. Since this may be quite an expensive option, you may opt for small gold lined and gold plated objects. A photo frame with a golden border could be an ideal choice.

By Nusrat Khandker



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