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ebony and ivory

Baths have been linked to good health, comfort and relaxation for a very long time. From ancient Greeks and Romans who sought comfort in hot springs, to the Japanese and their hot baths, to modern hydrotherapy (water treatment), baths have received respect from the health conscious over the ages.

With that in mind, this week, we take a look at a small master bathroom. The concept of the master bath has come to be popular in the past decade. It is one of the most popular rooms to remodel and gives one of the highest returns on investment upon resale. The right decor can make a small room look larger than it really is. Paler, pastel shades are better for giving the illusion. It's where you can create that sought-after home version of a spa.

Compact saunas and whirlpools make it easy to transform nearly any bathroom into a luxurious spa. However, even a simple hand spray attachment will turn a basic bathtub into a source of deeply soothing pleasure.

Today we will describe an elegant black and white master bathroom. We used sleek, patterned Spanish tiles. We also used the black version of the same type of tiles for the border, creating a bold and attractive look.

The market is flooded with all kinds of bathroom fittings and appliances, catered to individual tastes. Jacuzzis are highly popular for home spas, and the bathtub Jacuzzis are most appropriate for small bathrooms. We placed one such bathtub type at one end, and a w/c in the middle of the bathroom. The cabinet basin went into a small punch, while a compact cabinet with marble top and basin, mirror and a small glass rack teamed up to create a good looking vanity.

We need an ideal storage for bath linen and towel and accessories, so when we began the layout work, we shifted the door two feet to the left and created a punch space behind it. Into this went a customised cabinet made of white board for regular storage. The laminated plastic board is ideal for bathroom cabinets. Hot humid moisture often creates dampness on the wood material.

Bathroom accessories also play a good role in beautification. We obtained a truly coordinated look by matching towel rails, toilet roll holder and soap dishes along with bathroom mats. The house owner collected smart and trendy accessories like soap case holder, flower and so on.

Mirrors also provide an eye catching back drops. We never used a simple mirror for viewing. A slight etching work similar with tiles in the mirror can make a bold impression. Efficient mirror lighting for shaving or make-up should be directed onto your face, not into the mirror. When light shines all around the mirror, it presents a shadowless image, much clearer and safer for make-up.

With the right accessories, and a bold black and white theme, you can have the mini spa of your dreams right in your own home.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks to Mrs. Kohinoor Sultana
E-mail: journeym@citecho.net



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