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Beauty Dissected

Dear Dr Minu,
I have recently lost weight, and am suffering from sagging breasts, and I would like to know if changing our bra sizes would be sufficient to deal with the situation, or should we opt for some other solutions?

Hello Worried,
Please do not be so distressed about this problem. It's always good to wear a proper-sized bra, so that the shape of your breasts stays nice. If you wear a loose bra then there may be sagging of the breasts. Losing weight of course is also a reason. Sagging breasts can be corrected; first we have to see if they are only sagging or if there is any other problem. For example, with aging, some areas get atrophied and in that case you may need an implant to correct the shape. If it's only sagging then it can be corrected by plication of the muscles and uplifting the breast. So please don't be worried. We can help you if you just come in for a consultation. Thanks for the letter.

Dear Doctor,
I am a 45 year old man and I look okay for my age but I have very prominent folds from the sides of my nose until the lips. I think it makes me look older. Can anything be done about it?

Thank you for the letter. I think you are referring to the folds known as nasolabial folds. If they become too prominent it does make you look older. This can be corrected in several ways. A thread facelift can be done where a special type of thread is used to uplift that area or a facelift operation can be done in which the skin is uplifted and tightened. Also sometimes if it's not too prominent then just a simple procedure like undermining will help. So you have a lot of choices, but of course your cosmetic surgeon will determine which is suitable for you.

Dear Doctor
I know a girl who is 15 years old and lives in our village. She has a defect on her upper lip, it looks like a cleft lip but it's not the whole lip. The girl's family doesn't know if this can be corrected and also there is the superstition to just leave it the way it is. But I think she will look better if it's fixed. How long will treatment take and will she need to stay overnight if the procedure is performed?

It's probably an incomplete unilateral cleft lip. Sometimes people in the villages believe in not fixing this. But the girl will look better if she gets it fixed. This can be done easily. As she is 15, it can be done under local anesthesia. She will not have to stay overnight. The surgery itself will not take long, perhaps around 45 minutes. Please ask her family to consult a reliable plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Hi Doctor
I am 23 year old female and I have a very embarrassing problem. My nose becomes very dry and feels blocked and the crust that comes out is very smelly. If I don't clean my nose a few times a day I feel that people can also get this smell. I get very self-conscious and don't feel like going anywhere or telling anyone about it. Can you help me?

Yes, you need to consult with an ENT surgeon. It sounds like you have Atropic Rhinitis. You do need to keep your nose very clean or else it will get worse. You also need to keep your nose moist so that crust doesn't form easily. Your consultant will give you some drops to put in nose and a surgery may also be needed. Don't delay or it will get worse; there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Dear Doctor Minu
My eardrum in my left ear got perforated when I was a child and it used to get infected a lot. But with age, I have learnt to take care of it and keep it dry. I am now 26 years old and would like to know if it can be fixed permanently.

Of course you can get a tympanoplasty operation done. Here a graft made from your own muscle fascia replaces the eardrum. It's a very common surgery and also the success rate is very high. It sounds like you take good care of your ears so I think you are a good candidate for this surgery.

News Flash
Farzana Shakil's massage treatment

Massages are gaining in popularity in Bangladesh, and given the hype, the Farzana Shakil Makeover Salon is offering a new array of massages to sooth the senses and for beautification. The masseurs are Thailand-trained. The treatments include foot massage, aroma oil massage, Thai massage, scrub massage, slimming massage and head massage. Discounts are available from the 25th to the 31st of August.

Contact: Farzana Shakil Makeover Salon, House- 3/A, Road- 15. Dhanmondi, Dhaka; Phone: 9116057.

Exotic Ilish Parbon at Pan Pacific Sonargaon

Ilish the favorite of millions is always a treat. Keeping in mind this craving, Pan Pacific Sonargaon has initiated Ilish Parbon for the first time in Bangladesh. For the tag-line, it says: “A feast with complete treat of taste”.

Starting from 19th August to 25th August Sonargaon will offer a comprehensive gourmet of food with up to 15 exotic ilish dishes. The menu will include Shorisha Ilish, Ilish Polau, Smoked Ilish salad, Ilish on Toast, Ilish Khichuri, Ilish Fry, Whole Ilish, Ilish bhorta, Ilish tock among other things.

And if you want to have the first hand experience of how these delicious dishes are made you can always learn and cook it live with the Chef from 1pm to 3 pm.

For those who want to enjoy both Ilish Parbon combined with an international treat will be happy to know Pan Pacific Sonargaon has a variety of menu selection for all the seven days of the week: Mondays- Thai cuisine, Tuesdays Arabic, Wednesdays Vietnamese, Thursdays- Chinese, Fridays Bangladeshi, Saturdays International and Sundays- American buffet.

For those whose taste runs high on the hilsha, you can just swing by and give a treat to your tastebuds. Further, even if you are not all that inquisitive, you can always fall back on the international cuisines.

Please call 01717037351 to book your table with a dash of hurry.

By the way
Car Painting Do's and Dont's

Do - Always use wet cloth for wiping the car. Make sure you do this after rinsing the paint surface with water first.
Don't - Never wipe dust off your car with a dry cloth or duster.
Do - Wax your car after it's been washed, to avoid sealing in the dirt.
Don't - Do not wash, polish or wax your car in the sun when the sun is hot. It could streak or stain the paint surface.

Under A Different Sky

By Iffat Nawaz

A quick embrace

She sang with her raspy, broken but terribly cute voice:

“I know of a dark secluded place
A place where no one knows your face
A glass of wine
A quick embrace”

And then she broke out into laughter and so did I. She was singing from an old Shirley Maclaine movie. A movie from her days and since I am not good with old movies, she told me stories of those old movies along with DC of the early 60s, her husband, her life and when she first came to the USA in the 40s from El Salvador.

I met her in the hall of my building. I caught her one day in the middle of her morning walk in her pajamas, walking up and down the apartment halls, usually startling people who are not expecting a little old lady moving quite fast with all intentions of staying fit. And she is quite fit; when she asked me to guess her age I guessed 70 and she smiled and thanked her genes and told me she is 84. We did cut a small cake and blew a few candles and took a few photos last November celebrating it.

Many have interviewed her and a journalist from the Washington Post used to visit her frequently. The journalist was doing a story on early immigrants from South America in the States- where they are and what they do. I walked in one day right after her interview was done; her apartment floor full of photos from her childhood, her younger days, of her husband who died in his 40s, suddenly. They met on a cruise ship in Europe and she had gotten on it from a port in France and he was already on it, a young Italian. When he saw her, he yelled to her “You know I am going to marry you.” If anyone else told me this I would find it extremely cheesy, yet in her life story, I find it to be utterly romantic. And they did get married a year later, he moved to the USA for her, first New York and then to DC and then they moved into the apartment building where I met her. She has been here for over 50 years, first with her beloved husband, then as a widow, then with her mother and now by herself. No kids, no pets, no relatives in the vicinity; just her own young spirit and a strong but small body.

I used to worry about her, like the way I worried about older relatives, grandmothers or aunts. But somehow I don't anymore. Her self-reliance and self-confidence stop me from asking, “Aren't you afraid?” or “What if something happens?”. But I know nothing will happen and if it does it will be something she embraces by choice. She is a realist and very independent at the age of 84, something I am not quite sure I even am at my age. I dream too much and I don't forget things that I need too, a bad habit. ”You need to forget to live longer”, she told me.

Some give her advice to move to an old home, but she knows better, as one by one she has seen her friends diminish as they moved into old homes. She knows better not to fall into that trap. Instead she is happy sipping her wine, eating her steaks and dipping into the swimming pool a few times a week, even hoping she will meet someone she can fall in love with all over again.

I know I can't be her. I envy her, I love her…she is amazing, not like you and me, but in a way we will never know to be…


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