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Shop Special

A touch of glam

What's the one thing that all James Bond movies have in common? Beautiful women draped in dazzling gems. The same goes for Bollywood movies and the likes. Even a mere couple of years ago, women at home could only dream of wearing such dazzling jewellery as they sat hooked in front of their television screens drooling over long chandelier earrings and rocks the size of Mars on fingers. But dreaming is a thing of the past as it is much more than possible for women to have their own sets of dazzlers and that too at very affordable prices right here in Dhaka. Gems Gallery, a concern of Kikco International opened in 2001 to cater to the costume jewellery needs of women all around Dhaka. Six years later, the now established company has seven outlets in Dhaka and one in Chittagong.

The company brings in all its stone studded jewellery from Korea. The bangles are imported from Mumbai and the watches are brought in from Thailand. And when they say they have everything as far as jewellery is concerned, they really do mean they have everything. Starting from earrings, finger rings, brooches, anklets, bracelets, bangles, sets and watches, there's something to suit each and every customer's needs.

They distinguish between the set items. The chain sets range from Taka 350 to Taka 2750 and the stone sets range from Taka 1050 to Taka 16,250. The individual items such as earrings, finger rings, brooches, anklets, bracelets, bangles and similar items start at a three-figure price and go up to about a four-figure range. And to make matters even better, all prices are fixed; so customers don't have to waste time haggling over the tag.

In establishing a brand, Gems Gallery has gone the whole nine yards and like foreign costume jewellery brands such as Laila Rowe, they too pack up their ware in custom made-to-measure boxes that make their trinkets ideal presents as well.

Drooling over costume jewellery is a thing of the past. For your own fix, visit one of Gems Gallery's many outlets at: Metro, Rifles, Bashundhara City, Pink City, Eastern Mollika, Mascot or Sanmar Ocean City in Chittagong.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop Talk

From Paris Hilton to Madonna, every celebrity has a sparkling piece of stone jewellery on their ears, neck or fingers. Stones make normal jewellery look extraordinary so if buying the real stones is too off-budget, why not go for less priced semi precious ones instead?

The most desirable colour of aquamarine is a rich, sky blue and it is available in oval or pear shapes. The green coloured aquamarines tend to be watery green without any trace of yellow due to iron components. Other possible colours are grey or violet. In Bangladesh aquamarines are usually imported from China or India costing around Tk 75 per piece while a necklace might be around Tk 3000.

Hard, tough and durable, onyx are ideal for carving and engraving or fashioning into beads, spheres and bowls, making paper weights, pen holders, book ends and boxes. Used in inexpensive jewellery and also for stone inlay work. With consecutive layers of different colours, they make excellent material for cameos and some variegated pieces are used for the carving of multi-coloured figurines. They come from both China and Afghanistan costing around Tk 50 per piece while a necklace might cost around Tk 1500.

Look like diamonds and shine even more. But unlike diamonds, they shine only for a flash of a second, after which they looks dull and pale. Widely used in astrology as a substitute for diamonds, zircons are said to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of a person. They make excellent ring stones and are thus widely used in jewellery. Prices of zircons are very cheap and vary according to size.

These are semi-opaque, very firmly inter connected, granular crystals. They are available in a wide range of colours such as white, pink, lilac, brown, red, orange, blue, black and many shades of green. They are used as gems, cut into cabochons or engraved stones for settings and as beads on other ornaments. They are also made into different types of decorative ware or small sculptures. A necklace with uncut jade stones costs around Tk 6500 while the stone itself costs around Tk 433 per piece. Jades are mostly imported from Jaipur.

The turquoise is an ancient stone, yet it recurringly finds itself back in fashion. Its shining sky blue colour is one of the most popular trend-setting colours in the world of jewellery and fashion. In many cultures of the Old and New Worlds, this gemstone has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman. It is usually imported from India or Iran. A string of turquoise costs around Tk 2500.

Violet-purple in colour, amethysts are gemstones with excellent luster and transparency. Found in a number of cuts like oval, drop mixed cuts and step cuts, the distribution of colour in striking patches and bands is characteristic. In case of amethysts, seen in a lens, they show inclusions and a series of discontinuous wavy parallel lines. Amethysts cost Tk 50 per piece while a line necklace costs around Tk1500.

The price ranges of the stones mentioned above may vary according to size and cuts, for example a diamond cut aquamarine might cost a bit more then an uncut one. These stones can be found in stores like BM Gems and Pearls in Pink City and stone shops of Gulshan-2 markets.

By Tashmia Zaman

On The Cover

As Ramadan approaches, the rising prices of food items makes going to the market little more than a sight-seeing trip. Check out our stories on Page 04 and the centrefold

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


The perfect setting
Food has this amazing ability to draw people together. But getting everyone to actually enjoy it together, the dining table is what binds it all in. People are drawn more to a meal when it is presented artistically. And a beautifully set table only increases the anticipation of a scrumptious meal tenfold. While Pottery Barn and Ikea bring in the millions by manufacturing perfect dining ware, all it takes for you is a little imagination to create something beautiful that will draw in your diners.

The perfect occasion
Your table and setting should reflect the occasion you are celebrating. A child's birthday demands a lot of candy-colours and scores of balloons. A formal dinner can be brought about simply by the addition of name cards. So make sure your table reflects the occasion you're celebrating.

The perfect tableware
A 48-piece dinnerware collection might be ideal. But if you don't have something so extravagant, don't panic. Try to coordinate what you do have with each other as well as the table linen to get that matched-up look. Often times, colourful but mismatched china and silverware add more fun and frivolity than a matched set.

The perfect location
There is no hard and fast rule that demands that a dining table always be set in the dinning room. Depending on the weather, often it is much more adventurous to eat on the terrace or in the backyard. So if you're in the mood for a little romantic affair or want to see the sunset as you eat, don't hesitate to set your dining table elsewhere.

A little imagination, some careful planning and tons of enthusiasm are all you need to create the perfect setting for a good meal. So the next time you plan on entertaining, go against the grain and try something new out.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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