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Dressydale Eid fest
With the upcoming Eid season in mind, Dressydale is making use of flamboyant colours such as crimson, magenta, lemon yellow, orange, mauve, black, turquoise and pink, and a variety of patterns such as Oriental ethnic, Egyptian ethnic, Greek Renaissance and ornamental as well as floral motifs. They are available in georgette finish silk-cotton, crepe silk-cotton, pure voile, linen, jute-finished cotton and silk-finished cotton. For more information, please visit: www.dressydale.com; e-mail: info@dressydale.com

Prabartana embraces Sharat
Prabartana is celebrating the season's festivities, as the sky clears up and puffy clouds drift into the scene. The clothes are offered in a variety of fabrics and makes. Further, Prabartana is particularly highlighting the colours black, crimson and orange. So check out the Gulshan and the Mohammadpur outlets. Contact: 2/8 Sir Sayed Rd, Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207, phone: 9140812, 9118418; or Gulshan Pink City, Shop- 27 (2nd Floor), Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, phone: 01711400993.

Eid, the Menz Klub way
This Eid, Menz Klub has a especial arrangement for young men. It has brought forward a new range of shirts, trousers, panjabis, fatuas, coats, ties, belts, T-shirts, etc. The casual shirts are priced between Tk.650 to Tk.1350, trousers Tk.850 to Tk.1250, panjabis Tk.1200 to Tk.2000, coats from Tk.3250 toTk.3850, ties Tk.280 to Tk.1250, belts Tk.450 to Tk.1500, T-shirts Tk.450 to Tk.950 and fatuas Tk.650 to Tk.750. So make a point to drop by one of their showrooms. Telephone: 9673556.

Scour through Aziz Super Market for t-shirts and fatuas, you will most possibly wind up in Ponkti. This time around, the store is taking a moralistic stand with its primary focus being anti-corruption. The t-shirts titled “Durnitir Ghore Taala” are illustrated by Ponkti's artists and has excerpts from poems by Nirmalenda Gun. Apart from t-shirts, available are fatuas, caps and other accessories. Prices: T-shirts: Tk. 150, caps: Tk.103.

Sharat fest @ Rang
With the Sharat season well under way, the fashion houses are rolling back their sleeves and whipping out their new fashion lines. Rang is primarily using white, red and blue, and subsidiary colours including green, gray and orange. These colours find their expressions in the backdrop of cotton, in block, spray, tie-dye, appliqué, embroidery, hand paint, etc. Available are saris, three piece, fatuas, panjabi, skirts, T-shirts among many others. There are also sharat music CDs on sale. SO make a point in swinging by their showrooms. Website: www.rang-bd.com. E-mail: rang@bttb.net.bd.

Kay Kraft gears up for Eid

Kay Kraft has been gearing up for the Eid with the Ramadan around the corner. Its retail outlets in Baily Road, Malibag, Shobhanbag, Mirpur, Kamal Atarturk Avenue, Plaza AR, Rifle Square and the newly-established store in Banani Rd. 11 is ready with the new line, created by an assortment of new designers.

Since its inception, Kay Kraft has been working with handloom, and has its workforce spread around the country. In recent times, with the flood and deterrent weather conditions, the production of loom has hit the rock-bottom. Kay Kraft, realising the need, encourages people to stand beside these indigent people. Further, it is already working on creating a charity fund for these workers.

For its Eid line, the shops are featuring saris, salwar kameez, fatuas (for both men and women), shirts, skirts, men's panjabi, T-shirts, etc. These are available in block print, screen print, appliqué, embroidery among others, done on silk, muslin, dupian, georgette, etc. You can also find children's wear and home decoration items such as cushions, cushion covers, dining mat, trays, bed covers, wall mat, photo frames, candles, mirrors and pottery.


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